Speaking in behalf of Pleiadians I shall simply utilize first person in order to achieve brevity—I shall speak of positions of higher dimension at a later por­tion. You must now become familiar with that which IS as regards place­ments as you move from this orb—I speak in generalities unto some 6 1/2 bil­lion persons of separate fragmentation so, please, you must also generalize my lessons for we have not time to speak to each in formal format. You may go within, inquire and receive answer—but I find few who “listen” so this will suffice. You can confirm this truth from ancient teachers such as Little Crow, other contacts such as Billy Meier (in his early contact days), etc. First, it would seem appropriate to outlay that which happens as we make contact with ones of your races on your planet.

I hear and see the ones who stand forth and denounce the receivers as sta­tioned about your place, saying, “Why not me, I have been willing to make contact for years—why not me?” Be­cause usually those ones have only per­sonal interest and/or it is not yet time in the sequence for utiliza­tion and trans­ference of information in that particular sector. It is a true worker who is willing and patient to await that which is his purpose—in support of those who are in service presently. One job in proper se­quence is of no greater impor­tance than is another—only differ­ent and given differing times of projection.

Herein, I caution Dee that that which she is projecting regarding receiving from the Command be tempered with great wisdom. Do not misunder­stand that which you receive and perceive to be from Korton. You cwork out and recognize basic truths by himself, alone, without the help of fellow crea­tures or books or literature being re­sorted to. This does not mean these items will not be uti­lized for confirmation and focus—it means that they may have no impact of con­sciousness. A contact scribe is one who pens or writes exactly that which is projected as nearly to perfection as language translation allows. Does the receiver act in robotic fashion? Yes! When the space is in clearance it is a physical circuitry which comes into operation and opinions and re­flections must be put aside until such time as the conscious ego can again ponder a given subject. This scribe, for instance, regardless of how it ap­pears to you ones in presence, is specifi­cally from this place to fulfill this particular function upon your place. What is experienced in ego format re­quires great attention but that becomes moot for she is in complete justi­fication with our intent and purpose—having been sent for this specific mission. Of course human impacts are great but not to the ex­tent which might seem to present themselves. If confronted, there will be no devia­tion in behalf of Earth choices but in many ways she becomes as the child and then it is most important that significant others within her function­ing space keep absolute intent uppermost without swaying as to focus. It makes Oberli, for instance, need to be abrupt, strong and un­bending and ones working in this area must come to know as much and be not of­fended if he seems harsh and/or rigid. He will not even realize WHY he is unbending and/or without human allowances which are his usual atti­tudes regarding hu­man actions—it is required for when re­ceiving and scribing, Dharma has no ability in human format to respond or react in clarity.

If we initiate contact with an Earth human without these premises being ful­filled, then such a contact is a preliminary undertaking for special pur­pose, and usually after achievement of the objective the MEMORY IS ELIMI­NATED, as for example happens continually with Dharma herself—she spends the majority of her time with us, as do you other ones in this particular mis­sion—and you do not remember as much in your conscious­ness. This is for your security and the security of the mission—it is with total free-will and agreement. If you cannot seem to under­stand the re­quirements and cannot maintain this discipline, then others are placed within the “slots” of function. There are too many impacts of Earth expe­rience on ego consciousness, in some instances, to allow total participa­tion. This is not negative, this is simply the way it IS. Further, if this be the case, it is often of only temporary nature and the one in point is never of­fended nor slighted—for only the ego con­sciousness would be slighted—and therein, lies the an­swer each would seek. If ego consciousness is em­barrassed or offended—check most closely, for this mission is one of pu­rity and selflessness. You may have all the opinions you desire but if they differ from your ascribed and accepted mission—you will use the disci­pline to keep them to yourself except as discussion among your im­mediate family of brethren.

The human entities are set by contracted agreement and will be specifi­cally suited for a given objective, such as ones who are given to “find” or “discover” specific artifacts or information, etc. We often expect too much of ones, in our own perception, for we have a tremendous task to perform and ones sim­ply are lost to the physical format or are pulled tem­porarily from the intent by Earth impact or other human entities. We are patient as perceived time al­lows but sequence moves forward and this cannot always be accomplished. We must work within our own limita­tions as Cosmic brothers finding necessity to function within your own similar “time” frame of experience.

If we open contact with an Earth human, then we undergo this in accor­dance with higher autho­rization, and with the person specifically desig­nated for this—as with Aton, the Christed Energy, etc. At planetary tran­sitions there is al­ways the total direction from the higher Source—we act only as the prelimi­nary Hosts under total and complete Command of higher Lighted Resources. One very obvious reason is that too many hu­mans in the first position may up­set everything by even the slightest mis­perception input data and human opinion. It is simply as you put it nicely in the kitchen: “Too many cooks spoil the stew”.

We are not allowed to make ourselves visible to more Earth beings than cor­responds with our objectives. This precaution concerns private and military and official desires aimed at taking possession of one of our ships and other such objects of our contacts. Then, as always, discre­tion is not for the Earth contact to decide nor should he even be informed. You ones want all the “secrets” beforehand without thought of consequences to self or the mission. We are ex­pected to have higher intelligence as to that which is proper and that which is human curiosity. You will note that if we had followed that which you ones desired and required in the begin­ning of our contacts—you would all be blown away by this point in time! Ponder it before you ask your next “proof” of “purchase”. Because of this, we only cultivate contact with Earth humans known to us, sent by us for a given purpose and proven totally trustworthy in all respects. Some­times this is simply an agreement that noth­ing of meaningful content will be left within the con­sciousness to outlay. There must be total confidence in the security of the objectives in every re­spect from business instructions to strategy. We bring you knowledge to get you through the transition and to share as we give guidelines—not for you to toy with, gain great riches or dis­perse at random—we give specifically and ex­actly as for our special mission with you and your group and further instruc­tions will al­ways be given—usually privately within intended receiving minds.

Testing is intense—ones are expected to perform to the utmost ability of per­fection regardless of the task involved—in the upstart it will hardly ever be a task which the human desires and will always require great humility and self-disassociation. If ego-self cannot be set aside, the contact must be forfeited for the intent is still of Earthly physical need and the contact will not be fur­ther contemplated.

With the selected human contact in focus, we initiate communication in most unexpected and secret ways. This is why simply to sit with pen in hand is fool­ish indeed unless you simply try to contact higher intent of self. Our require­ments will be so difficult, disciplined and scrambled that ones of ego-orienta­tion will be totally discouraged. Most early contacts will fit into this cat­egory and will usually place meetings, writings, scrib­ing, etc., down the list of priority when con­fronted with human decision, especially physical choices regarding other ego-fragments. Sur­prisingly enough, transition of a species and planet, as well as oneness with God, is usually taking second seat to the lover or per­ceived physical gain or rela­tionship, especially as involves sexual involvements and/or acquisition of material “things”. Sometimes these things are to be first con­sidered—but it is important to see if that priority services God or YOU.

You ones who work with us would blossom at our presence—but most of the ones on your place would panic and be totally terrified, not to even consider the offensive measures that would be undertaken by your mili­tary and gov­ernment. If you think Saudi Arabia looks like an armada to end all armadas—forget the concept—at this point the entire world WOULD unite against us and that is exactly the point being projected by your world leaders.

Sometimes we allow bits of evidence unto the few—and very often it turns into negative response so we must be most cautious and in spite of that which you of our beloved workers desire, we must use higher and better founded intelli­gence regarding actions. For instance, we fully intend to participate in the filming of the first projected pictures—however, if at the time security is breached or attention is undue—we will not! Does that mean we are less real? If it means that to you involved, I suggest you had better look again at your opinions. If you are prepared in any event—what difference does it make? So be it.

With Earth human—”some” is never “enough”. If we parked a craft in your door-yard, you would not believe it is we unless we pour out all over your property and jeopardize the very crew you demand to see and touch. No, we must use good judgment to the perfection of ability—and we do have a great deal of ability in that measure. Hatonn has been known to err—Aton has not.





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