Speaking in behalf of Pleiadians I shall simply utilize first person in order to achieve brevity—I shall speak of positions of higher dimension at a later por­tion. You must now become familiar with that which IS as regards place­ments as you move from this orb—I speak in generalities unto some 6 1/2 bil­lion persons of separate fragmentation so, please, you must also generalize my lessons for we have not time to speak to each in formal format. You may go within, inquire and receive answer—but I find few who “listen” so this will suffice. You can confirm this truth from ancient teachers such as Little Crow, other contacts such as Billy Meier (in his early contact days), etc. First, it would seem appropriate to outlay that which happens as we make contact with ones of your races on your planet.

I hear and see the ones who stand forth and denounce the receivers as sta­tioned about your place, saying, “Why not me, I have been willing to make contact for years—why not me?” Be­cause usually those ones have only per­sonal interest and/or it is not yet time in the sequence for utiliza­tion and trans­ference of information in that particular sector. It is a true worker who is willing and patient to await that which is his purpose—in support of those who are in service presently. One job in proper se­quence is of no greater impor­tance than is another—only differ­ent and given differing times of projection.

Herein, I caution Dee that that which she is projecting regarding receiving from the Command be tempered with great wisdom. Do not misunder­stand that which you receive and perceive to be from Korton. You cwork out and recognize basic truths by himself, alone, without the help of fellow crea­tures or books or literature being re­sorted to. This does not mean these items will not be uti­lized for confirmation and focus—it means that they may have no impact of con­sciousness. A contact scribe is one who pens or writes exactly that which is projected as nearly to perfection as language translation allows. Does the receiver act in robotic fashion? Yes! When the space is in clearance it is a physical circuitry which comes into operation and opinions and re­flections must be put aside until such time as the conscious ego can again ponder a given subject. This scribe, for instance, regardless of how it ap­pears to you ones in presence, is specifi­cally from this place to fulfill this particular function upon your place. What is experienced in ego format re­quires great attention but that becomes moot for she is in complete justi­fication with our intent and purpose—having been sent for this specific mission. Of course human impacts are great but not to the ex­tent which might seem to present themselves. If confronted, there will be no devia­tion in behalf of Earth choices but in many ways she becomes as the child and then it is most important that significant others within her function­ing space keep absolute intent uppermost without swaying as to focus. It makes Oberli, for instance, need to be abrupt, strong and un­bending and ones working in this area must come to know as much and be not of­fended if he seems harsh and/or rigid. He will not even realize WHY he is unbending and/or without human allowances which are his usual atti­tudes regarding hu­man actions—it is required for when re­ceiving and scribing, Dharma has no ability in human format to respond or react in clarity.

If we initiate contact with an Earth human without these premises being ful­filled, then such a contact is a preliminary undertaking for special pur­pose, and usually after achievement of the objective the MEMORY IS ELIMI­NATED, as for example happens continually with Dharma herself—she spends the majority of her time with us, as do you other ones in this particular mis­sion—and you do not remember as much in your conscious­ness. This is for your security and the security of the mission—it is with total free-will and agreement. If you cannot seem to under­stand the re­quirements and cannot maintain this discipline, then others are placed within the “slots” of function. There are too many impacts of Earth expe­rience on ego consciousness, in some instances, to allow total participa­tion. This is not negative, this is simply the way it IS. Further, if this be the case, it is often of only temporary nature and the one in point is never of­fended nor slighted—for only the ego con­sciousness would be slighted—and therein, lies the an­swer each would seek. If ego consciousness is em­barrassed or offended—check most closely, for this mission is one of pu­rity and selflessness. You may have all the opinions you desire but if they differ from your ascribed and accepted mission—you will use the disci­pline to keep them to yourself except as discussion among your im­mediate family of brethren.

The human entities are set by contracted agreement and will be specifi­cally suited for a given objective, such as ones who are given to “find” or “discover” specific artifacts or information, etc. We often expect too much of ones, in our own perception, for we have a tremendous task to perform and ones sim­ply are lost to the physical format or are pulled tem­porarily from the intent by Earth impact or other human entities. We are patient as perceived time al­lows but sequence moves forward and this cannot always be accomplished. We must work within our own limita­tions as Cosmic brothers finding necessity to function within your own similar “time” frame of experience.

If we open contact with an Earth human, then we undergo this in accor­dance with higher autho­rization, and with the person specifically desig­nated for this—as with Aton, the Christed Energy, etc. At planetary tran­sitions there is al­ways the total direction from the higher Source—we act only as the prelimi­nary Hosts under total and complete Command of higher Lighted Resources. One very obvious reason is that too many hu­mans in the first position may up­set everything by even the slightest mis­perception input data and human opinion. It is simply as you put it nicely in the kitchen: “Too many cooks spoil the stew”.

We are not allowed to make ourselves visible to more Earth beings than cor­responds with our objectives. This precaution concerns private and military and official desires aimed at taking possession of one of our ships and other such objects of our contacts. Then, as always, discre­tion is not for the Earth contact to decide nor should he even be informed. You ones want all the “secrets” beforehand without thought of consequences to self or the mission. We are ex­pected to have higher intelligence as to that which is proper and that which is human curiosity. You will note that if we had followed that which you ones desired and required in the begin­ning of our contacts—you would all be blown away by this point in time! Ponder it before you ask your next “proof” of “purchase”. Because of this, we only cultivate contact with Earth humans known to us, sent by us for a given purpose and proven totally trustworthy in all respects. Some­times this is simply an agreement that noth­ing of meaningful content will be left within the con­sciousness to outlay. There must be total confidence in the security of the objectives in every re­spect from business instructions to strategy. We bring you knowledge to get you through the transition and to share as we give guidelines—not for you to toy with, gain great riches or dis­perse at random—we give specifically and ex­actly as for our special mission with you and your group and further instruc­tions will al­ways be given—usually privately within intended receiving minds.

Testing is intense—ones are expected to perform to the utmost ability of per­fection regardless of the task involved—in the upstart it will hardly ever be a task which the human desires and will always require great humility and self-disassociation. If ego-self cannot be set aside, the contact must be forfeited for the intent is still of Earthly physical need and the contact will not be fur­ther contemplated.

With the selected human contact in focus, we initiate communication in most unexpected and secret ways. This is why simply to sit with pen in hand is fool­ish indeed unless you simply try to contact higher intent of self. Our require­ments will be so difficult, disciplined and scrambled that ones of ego-orienta­tion will be totally discouraged. Most early contacts will fit into this cat­egory and will usually place meetings, writings, scrib­ing, etc., down the list of priority when con­fronted with human decision, especially physical choices regarding other ego-fragments. Sur­prisingly enough, transition of a species and planet, as well as oneness with God, is usually taking second seat to the lover or per­ceived physical gain or rela­tionship, especially as involves sexual involvements and/or acquisition of material “things”. Sometimes these things are to be first con­sidered—but it is important to see if that priority services God or YOU.

You ones who work with us would blossom at our presence—but most of the ones on your place would panic and be totally terrified, not to even consider the offensive measures that would be undertaken by your mili­tary and gov­ernment. If you think Saudi Arabia looks like an armada to end all armadas—forget the concept—at this point the entire world WOULD unite against us and that is exactly the point being projected by your world leaders.

Sometimes we allow bits of evidence unto the few—and very often it turns into negative response so we must be most cautious and in spite of that which you of our beloved workers desire, we must use higher and better founded intelli­gence regarding actions. For instance, we fully intend to participate in the filming of the first projected pictures—however, if at the time security is breached or attention is undue—we will not! Does that mean we are less real? If it means that to you involved, I suggest you had better look again at your opinions. If you are prepared in any event—what difference does it make? So be it.

With Earth human—”some” is never “enough”. If we parked a craft in your door-yard, you would not believe it is we unless we pour out all over your property and jeopardize the very crew you demand to see and touch. No, we must use good judgment to the perfection of ability—and we do have a great deal of ability in that measure. Hatonn has been known to err—Aton has not.







10/15/92  #2   HATONN


I am grateful for the “updated” more comprehensive schematic of the Conspiracy Rule of the World.  I ask that it be placed in the appendix of this JOURNAL and in the upcoming LIBERATOR, appropriately labeled.  [See next page.]  These visual aids are effective and allow the mind to comprehend the magnitude of God and Creation’s adversarial “teams”.  However, since you are going to read a volume herein that features Henry Kissinger, I suggest you not be either surprised nor annoyed to find it difficult to even find his name on the document in point.

You will have to realize at the ending of the puzzle coalition that he must come basically from the side of the diagram representing the House of Rothschild which includes the Marxian-Socialism, KGB/Mossad, etc.  The reason you can calculate this much is that Kissinger was instrumental in the “take-out” of the Rockefeller brothers and each replacement where appropriate as in the case of David, now running around seemingly in original format.  “The bunch”, including Kissinger, simply killed Nelson because they needed him out of the picture permanently.  Kissinger then gave a grief-stricken eulogy, took off immediately for a European trip and himself was “taken-out” on the journey back to the U.S.  He was missing over a period of months while it was claimed he and Nancy, his bride, were “vacationing”.  Actually a new Kissinger was being readied and programmed, for the demise was not timely and there “had to be” a Henry Kissinger to continue and finalize activities.  The organizations are so intertwined that it is difficult to account for the players.  But there are clues.  At any rate, they all come out of The Luciferians and are ALL totally humanistically physically oriented toward RULE OVER ALL PHYSICAL PROPERTY AND MANIFESTED HUMAN PHYSICAL.

We will speak again on these subjects but we did not have space to cover it all in this volume.

I have chosen the title, SEX AND THE LOTTERY, for one reason–ATTENTION!  In this day of incredible lies and corruption–everything from sex to survival is simply like the lottery–“you takes your chances” for it is intended you become dead of disease through sexual experience in looseness, and/or enslaved to later serve the puppet masters’ physical needs.  It will be through misuse of “sex” in activities, concept and practice which will bring you to your knees in destruction of self-respect and actual destruction of foundation upon which you structure your very lives.


The next portion I write as much for Dharma as for any of you other readers.

It is a lonely task here to write that which most of the world wants NOT to hear and see.  But THERE ARE OTHERS who receive and share Truth in a different thrust–a different presentation.

I make no comment on the following writing received from M.C. from his Commuter Bulletin Board and shared directly with us, other than to give confirmation of “other” capable receivers bearing the messages of Truth.  I won’t identify the writer/receiver because Truth is Truth–and it matters not WHO brings that Truth.  Satan himself could bring the Truth even among his lies and you can discern that portion which is of GOD SOURCE.  The following, however, is wondrous and loving support of the Truth of the “times at hand” and the purpose of the return of God unto your place–and without knowing one another, workers can serve, for each has a place and God is sufficient to all needs and all things.  So be it.

Please let us just copy the writing as shared.  Don’t get hung-up on labels–take “content” within and think upon the messages and balance will be given if asked within the LIGHTED INSIGHT.  Dharma needs to receive these things, also, and see beyond the keyboard and unto the infinite experience.

I thank you for the sharing of the document and blessings are given unto the receiver for the people of God of Light need this loving but firm pronouncement from our leader, the Christed representation recognized and translated in language unto the one recognized, by most, as Jesus. It matters not about other perceptions, for this would be the ONE destined to be recognized as the Being you can claim in human touch with–that Christed presence come to ALL physical experience and Guiding Lighted God of human manifestation on your Planet.




As dictated by Moses and Jesus, the Christ.

September 24, 1992

Oh, children of Israel, You have wandered long, scattered among the four winds.

The wicked state of Israel has come to be, but think not that you, the remnants of Israel, belong to this vile whore.

We, as God’s servants, have come to retrieve those of you left behind.  We beg unto you to follow the commandments of God, even unto the bitter end.

Eyes human do not see us, but hearts of God do.  Read all herein and believe for I am Moses, the prophet of old.  This is my messenger through whom I shall write, and I name her Rosah.

* * *

Beloved Child, we are entering a very difficult phase within the affairs of men, when confusion abounds.  Those decisions which you would normally leave to common sense will no longer be seated with the element of common sense.  That to which you would normally apply human reason will no longer work according to the principles of reason.  Little ones, the Antichrist plan does not work according to reason.

The lot of you will soon be left with your hands upon your hips, wondering how such destructive things could have happened to you.

Remember that the evil Antichrist is wise as the fox, and while you have been comfortably sleeping, you have been robbed of your chickens and your chicken coop.  The next plan is to rob you of your bodies physical and/or your very souls.  The plan of the Antichrist is to hunt every single Christian into extinction and to remove you from the face of the Earth.

This plan is already in action.  You will see more and more cases just like the Randy Weaver case and you will be able to do nothing, lest you be made an example.  So, does this defy common sense?  Well, there is nothing rational about the Antichrist plan.  The total plan is to destroy.  It is a plan of confusion.

You made an astute observation as you put together the pieces of that which you have read.  The battle of Armageddon is, indeed, the Plan of the Antichrist.  If you have fallen for this plan (and have accepted the destruction of man of God), then you have been mistaken.  God has given to each of you a free will to act according to the teachings of God or to act according to the teachings of the Antichrist, Satan.  The teachings (Laws of God) lead to wholeness, completeness.  The teachings of Satan lead to confusion and destruction.

The plan of Satan would have the lot of you to lay down and do nothing while the fox eats every last one of you alive.  This Antichrist plan would have the lot of you believe that you have no free will, and that you can not deter one whit the advances of Satan.  Little Ones, you have missed the whole point….the point being that you have the power to arrest the evil of the Antichrist machine in its tracks if you would but use your free will to follow the commandments of The Father God, Creator.

The plan of God is freedom and is positive and creative.  Do you not believe that your founding Fathers were inspired of God to fight the revolution for your country?  Well, of course they were inspired of God.  It is the will of God that you all be FREE, that you all have a free will.

Now, it is the intent of the Antichrist to take away your free will.  Does this sound like it is of God?  A plan to take away your free will?  I say not.  You have all read the destructive plan of Satan in your Book of Revelation in the Bible.  Does this plan tell you that you are to rise up and educate one another and to come back to the teachings of God?  Does it say therein that in these times God would flood the Earth with messengers in all parts of the globe?  Does it say therein that these messengers would come forth in great numbers that you, the masses, might be informed as you lie in the dark at the hands of evil men and under the foot of the Antichrist?  Does it say within the book of Revelation that God would open up the windows of heaven and pour out His blessings on the country of the United States of America if you would forsake your idolatry, your gross fornication and various perversions of the flesh?  Does it say within the book of Revelation that if you would all humble yourselves unto the teachings of God, that you would be saved from the plan of Satan, which is destruction?  A great number of you who have read the final book of the Bible all feel that you are left with no other recourse…that you all must lose your rights and be subject to numerous wars, plaques and such.

Blessed Children of God, hear me and hear me well.  Arise and take back that which has been taken from you lest grave suffering come to be a daily diet.  Destruction is the tool of the Devil.  It falls upon the masses, who adhere to the principles of darkness.  If you will do nothing about it, you give your permission for the Prince of Darkness to proceed to destroy…the guilty with the innocent.  When you are ripe for the picking, as you are now, it is Satan who destroys you, and not God.  If you pursue the works of Satan, you fall into the camp of Satan.

Satan knows that he and his army have no heritage within the Kingdoms of the Higher Realms.  He has no allegiance or loyalty to you and wishes to see you all dead physically and, especially, spiritually.  Now, you have been given the commandments of God to follow.  If you but follow the Commandments of God, you will not fall within the clutches of The Evil One and his followers.

I say awaken and heed the call of those sent among you to spread The Word, The Truth AND The Light.  If you will not listen and fight for your very lives, you will soon have no opportunity.  God has not left you.  You have left God.  The sooner you wake up and realize that God is not out there somewhere, but within you, the sooner you will renew your own kinship.  Quit, I repeat “quit”waiting for others to feed you: Go unto God in prayer and supplication and feed yourself.

Those who call themselves shepherds have lost the way.  They are as blind as are the lot of you.  THEY ARE THE MONEY CHANGERS, WHO GRAB OF THE OFFERINGS FOR THEIR OWN USE.  “Get thee from me, hence”, thus saith the Lord.  Throw out the money changers from your places of worship.  Quit the churches where the idea is to be seen of men.  Cease to go among those who are proud and haughty to partake of the word of God. The same is not of God.  You are better off alone than in the midst of such trouble makers.

Then, go into your government houses and throw out those who have sold your very souls.  Take back your government from the thieves, the favored of the Evil Prince of Darkness. …the ones who call themselves as Zionists are rogue murderers, who further the Antichrist plan of destruction.  It is these very ones who intend to hunt you Godly ones into extinction.

You do not have the time to waste on those who will not act.  You will either act or your freedoms will be forever gone.  Within the laws of the land, go while you have yet time and clean up your government houses from within, lest they be cleaned up by those from without for you are indeed ripe for the picking.

Rise up, precious children of the Light of God.  Take up your wand of Truth and go forth against the evil which threatens to devour you.  Believe no longer the lies foisted upon you.  Tear down the walls of secrecy within your very own government lest your land of freedom be lost forever.  Our hearts cry out for you.

I can only tell you that you must prioritize those things which are of immediate import and of God, the Creator.  You must take an inner determination and stick to the same.  Fight this battle to win it.  If you do not fight you will be inundated with that which you allow to be foisted upon you.  You, as a collective group, are responsible for that which you allow your leadership to throw over on you, the unsuspecting.  If you will not mistaken, then all of you shall suffer–the weak and the strong–the good with the evil shall fall simultaneously.  We can only hope that you all will do that which you must do to awaken the Power of Good within you to take charge of this once great country.  You are, in this sense, your brother’s keeper.  This does indeed place quite a burden upon the shoulders of you who are informed, who will listen and go forth with the Truth.  We can only weep if you will not do the same.

Now, let us go forth with an introduction to this material regarding THE DIVINE PLAN OF GOD, THE FATHER-CREATOR.  I address this material herein to those who seek and are lost, confused and seeking an affirmation of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  I address this material herein to those who seek and are lost, confused and seeking an affirmation of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  I address this material herein to those who seek and find not.  I address this material herein to those who take up arms against their brethren, but who do so under a great mass of guilt and confusion.  I address this material herein to those who labor long in the vineyard and who grow weary as the payment received does not buy the sustenance needed to feed the little ones in the individual family.

Let it be known that I am Moses, the prophet of old.  I am here as are a number of us in your very own midst.  We are come as the Divine Messengers of One Holy God, the Creator, The God of Abraham and Issac, the God of The Universes without end….the Creator of all, with no ending or beginning. We are come in the service of this ONE and Holy God and in the service of those remnants left behind, and we ask only that you forsake the things of this worldly sphere and that you be willing to release others of all indebtedness as your Father is so willing to do for you.  We ask that you be willing to take up the Word and the Truth of Your Holy Creator unto the forgiveness of all even unto the least of you.  We ask that you fear not that which may await you, for if you come with a humble heart, and willing to do the will of Your Father-Creator, then little ones, you are teachable.  If you are teachable, then all things are possible.  We cannot teach those who insist that the words of God be subservient to the words and works of man.  Thus, you who are of the proud and haughty must go your own way unto your own destination.  For within the fold of the ONE and Living God go those who will humbly submit to the WORD, the TRUTH and the LIGHT of ONE, TRUE, AND LOVING CREATOR.

We will not ask that you give up the material, the things of this world.  You will do so as you come to the understanding that LOVE of the material only leads to a greater unhappiness and a never ending desire for more of the same.  [H: Having, enjoying and using the gifts of God is not the point–the LOVE of these things is that which is deadly.]

Let it be known that we are here in your midst, and we come to take home with us those who are willing to submit to the will of God, those who are penitent for their wrongs, those who hold love and compassion for their fellow man, those who are forgiving and teachable.  We are your teachers.  We are many of your friends from long ages past.

Many of you walk as eternal zombies, as you have denied yourselves the taste of God’s eternal Truths for so long that you have no idea of that which is true.  You have numbed yourself to the Truth because you have chased the dark side for many, many ages.  You have hardened your hearts, such that they look as black and as hard as obsidian.  Yet, for even you, a desire to be teachable could awaken the memory which resides within you, that all of you were originally created of equal soul essence and that within your very being you have a soul memory of this soul perfection. This, I often refer to as, the Divine Blueprint.

Each of you has the Divine Blueprint, and you will come into the memory of this beautiful design when you will first break your own willingness, thus separateness from one another and the God within.  You will come to realize that you are all created of the Essence of God, and in the beginning created of equal and unique essence.  You will come to drop your hates and your prejudices as you will know that God lives within you and within your brethren.  No matter how low your brethren may have fallen, you will come to feel compassion for him, as you will know him to be a Divine Creation lost to his heritage.  Your heart will feel great sorrow for those who are lost.  You will find that you wish to pray for those and to help them find their way instead of cursing and blaming.

Know that all disorder and strife are of Satan, himself.  When you commune with Satan, you will become lost in a whirlwind of confusion.  Like the gingerbread house, Satan will make his causes appear very appealing.  The appeal is as the appeal of the poisonous mushroom.  You eat of it and you may be very ill before you know it is poisonous.  You will not be deceived if you will but follow the instructions God has given you.  But alas, be fearful of many who espouse the truths as the Jim Bakkers of the world, for they can be bought or sold for the monetary.  The same are not of God, the Father.

You must learn that you need no one to intervene on your behalf, and if someone of the cloth espouses the same, you are being lied to.  Do not be so gullible as to believe that you need another human being to intervene on your behalf.  In this way, many, many of you have landed under the foot of Satan.

Remember your heritage: that you are all, at the center, Divine, and thus Holy Beings.  Oh how sad that you have forgotten this Truth.

You must be appraised of those, however, who have become evil as they are almost totally lost to the Antichrist cause.  These have fallen deep into the Antichrist war and on the side of the Antichrist.  Be not deceived by the same.  You are the ones who must be wise as the fox, as it is the foxes’ game of which you must be apprised.  Go in the Light and shine Light on these evil and dark deeds and these ones shall lose power over you.

We weep for the lot of you.  You are our brethren of Sacred Creation, yet you wallow in filth and denial.  We hold great compassion for you, yet there is not one whit we can do to change you, as you must remember that, to each of you, there is given the right to choose.  Will your choice be to humble yourselves unto the Word of the Almighty Creator, and thus change your course of destruction?  Or will you, through your own choices, continue down the river of eternal darkness?  You must know that you will break yourself if you are to be broken.  You will break yourself with your own choices.  But even the wildest of horses cannot be broken at times.

Large numbers of you fight, when to submit brings peace and joy.  You continue to feed the ways you have entertained through many lifetimes, even though these have never worked and never will.  All you rebellious ones have to do is to cease to resist the loving hand of The Father, The Creator of all.

Why must you garner yourselves round about with all manner of darkness and hate, one for the other, in that you must entertain all manner of separateness?  You establish churches among yourselves about which church is greater or better than the other.

You are blinded by the reflection of the material world.  Love of the material has caused you to curse one to the other.  Love of the material has caused you to harbor among yourselves preachers, who preach not the word of God for love, but for praise from your fellow man and for the reason of gaining of power one over the other.  I ask you, “Are you not each a minister one unto the other?  Were you not created to love and minister unto the hurting in your midst?”

You, precious children, are created to be sacred and beautiful temples of God, the Creator.  For whom do you build giant edifices?  I say not unto your God, Creator.  Why is it that you construct such monstrosities when there are hungry and lost within your very cities?  Will you take such edifices to the beyond?  You have been told the futility of the same.

Have you not read your scriptures?  I say not!  The lot of you go hungering for The Word, and you wish to be fed from corrupted streams!  Do you not realize that you are what you take into your body?  If the food be rotten, then you become sick with the rot.  If the water be impure, then you will suffer.

You are lost, precious children, and the hour of your awakening is near.  The greatest number of you are very near to finding out the Truths about who you are.  And I say to the lot of you, and listen well–your earth awaits grave natural and man-made disaster.  The greatest number of you will not survive it.

Awake and take back your government from the most vile machine ever to invade the space of your earth within recent history.  You are all but gone. You must needs clean the government in Washington from top to bottom.  The lot of these evil men have sold your souls for a tinker’s toy.

If the lot of you allow yourselves to fail under this New World Order, then this you must endure.  While you could have done something, you have slept. Think not that you have not been warned.  The Truth has come to you from many sources.

GOD’S ARMY WILL HAVE ONLY, THEREIN, THE VALIANT.  The sleeping will not fight therein.  Will you continue sleeping, those among you who are sleeping?  And are you sleeping because you have not been given the Truth or because you do not wish to know the Truth?

Which are you, a sheep or a goat?  We know which you are.  Do you?  If you say that you will not fight in the army of God, The Creator, then I say unto you that you have already enrolled into the army of Satan, and you fool none other than yourself.  And thus you make your choice.  We have known that a great majority of you will wish to sleep.  Your choice is painted upon you.  “Those of you who suffer all manner of persecution for my namesake”, thus saith the Lord, “shall not go unrewarded.”

Precious Children, we are here in your service and thus in the service of Almighty God, The Creator.  You, who will listen, I beg you to listen. You, who will see, I beg you to open up your eyes and see.  We cannot do that for you which you must do for yourself.  Our love for you is indescribable.  We shall not say more except to remind you that we are come, and in our very midst is Jesus, The Christ.  To this end, you are given to receive thus.

Blessed Children, it is I, Master Jesus, as you call Me. I hold you in My arms when you know it not.  I reach down and I pick you up into My own bosom when you cry out to Me.  I rock your children when you know it not.

You have a decision upon yourselves.  It is a mighty decision.  Will you choose Truth and Light which is of God, or will you choose deceit and lies, which are of Satan?  You who curse Me, your cries ring into the heavens and beyond.  Do you not know that you curse your very selves, for within you I am?  We are created of the same essence.  We are created as we may all be, as the Creator–that we may all be free.  Why have you forsaken Me?  Did you not believe that I would return for you?  Oh, you precious children of little faith.

I cry unto our Father and I beg that you be given more time–and that you be given a greater understanding.  I cry unto our Father that We be allowed to intervene (in some manner acceptable unto Thee).  I shall tell you, My precious children, the 12th hour is upon you and many of you shall endure great disaster and tragedy, from within and without.  For those of you who have faith unto Me and My Word, know this: I am returned, and for My people have I returned.  Blessed Children, know that for you I have prepared a place.  Therein is a total peace.  There is joy and security.  You will grow to be a ripe old age, therein, with happiness and love in your hearts, one for the other.

But for those of you who will not love, who will not love the God within yourself and the God within your brethren, in no wise can you love Me, for I am within you and you are within Me.  Therefore, I beg of you, that you let go of all hate, malice and malcontent, that you reach out unto your brethren, and where there is hate give love, where there is malice plant joy and goodwill.  For I can tell you that if you harbor all manner of hate and animosity, I reserve no place for you within this new home.

I am Jesus, The Christ, Jehovah, and you must realize that I come quickly.  Blessings upon you little children.  Now, go and do as I ask and hold up and nourish your brethren.  Precious children, many starve for the love of a fellow being.  Share with all who will listen that Jesus, The Christ is come and among yourselves rejoice for the hour of reckoning is at hand.


(Updated with continuing information from Hatonn)

You who cannot seem to get away from the analyzing of each worD and phrase, each jot and tittle, let me assure you of someting herein:  if the word or label of, say, Jehovah, causes concern and confusion–know it for what it IS.  In the day of Moses (and Moses shared in this presentation) Jehovah meant the Holy God of ONE–Creator.  The label was battered and tampered by those who came later.  However, the label of Jesus has evolved, rightly or wrongly, to represent the Being of one Immanuel Esu who represented unto you people the Christed TEACHER of God’s instructions for living and actions.  You can get distracted by “names” if you so choose–but it is an error in wisdom to do so–for it is the INTENT WITHIN which presents the“ENERGY” sought or rsented.

Blessed be Rosah that his Word would be shared with thine brethren who labor long in the vineyards of God and may the sharing herein bring loving supprort to each who partakes and to you who “serve” that your hearts may be “glad”


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Indian in the machine




11/11/91 #1 HATONN

I have a return of inquiries: “I missed something, who are the Pharisees as used by you in recent writings? Most all, except the unindoctrinated children, know who the Pharisees were in the Biblical “times”. They were the “evil brood” then and they are the “evil brood” now. The Pharisees are members of an ancient Jewish cult (sect) that accepted the Mosaic and then the Zionist Talmudic law as well as the oral traditions and rituals associated with it, and emphasizing strict attention to the rituals of atonement, i.e., Kol Nidre (Vow of All Vows). These are considered “formal”, sanctimonious, hypocritical persons who were denounced in the time of Emmanuel by Emmanuel.
You must bring into consideration that the Pharisees have started most of your wars to help kill off “Christians” and other “believing ” groups and gain other things for themselves. You see, there MUST be confusion and wars in the illusion–the general people do not realize that Christianity is but a branch of the Pharisean guidelines as well. But let us consider more recent times when memories can still be recalled by “living” minds. For instance, World War I and World War II, and your sequential smaller wars and non-declared wars must be looked at. The “Pharisees” set up the League of Nations at the time of WW I but it failed. They had to bring about WW II so they could set up their United Nations, which is their world police state which will help give them complete control and make slaves out of the entire world. There had to be a “headquarters” from which to deceive the populace in a massive way under the guise of world peace. (How much peace have you witnessed since their structuring?) Continue reading “CREATOR GOD ATON/HATONN: PHARISEES–EVIL BROOD”

GOD ATON: “many of you place such great emotional certainty and energy into the lies that it literally pains you to have to admit you may possibly be wrong.”

GOD ATON: “many of you place such great emotional certainty and energy into the lies that it literally pains you to have to admit you may possibly be wrong.”

Choosing To Become A Wayshower For Humanity

Aton, August 22, 1998

Good evening, little one. It is I, Aton, The One Light. I am Creator. I am the Alpha and the Omega that make up the Infinite Sacred Circle.

You there in the physical are on a journey that begins and ends this infinite cycle. The experiences in between are the lessons of growth and responsibility that will bring you full circle. You will inevitably begin again another similar journey on other planes of “reality” and awareness. The journey is without limits and is TRULY infinite! Continue reading “GOD ATON: “many of you place such great emotional certainty and energy into the lies that it literally pains you to have to admit you may possibly be wrong.””

CREATOR GOD ATON/HATONN: What is called by the native Indians as the Great Day of Purification has begun. What happens when an entire cosmos reaches the exact point of directional change and comes to a moment of absolute rest? You will have the opportunity to see for yourself very soon now, for this event lies just before you in linear time and that is why you have returned–to bear witness. It will provide an opening for the emerging of something incomprehensible.

CREATOR GOD ATON/HATONN: What is called by the native Indians as the Great Day of Purification has begun. What happens when an entire cosmos reaches the exact point of directional change and comes to a moment of absolute rest? You will have the opportunity to see for yourself very soon now, for this event lies just before you in linear time and that is why you have returned–to bear witness. It will provide an opening for the emerging of something incomprehensible.

This is a rather relatively short but most essential cycle of division that will gather those who promote fear and violence and separate them from this season of the world as chaff is separated from wheat at threshing.


The potential of this universe is limitless. Her revelations of potential are infinite beyond number. But there are no star wars or advanced and fearsome civilizations beyond your own; because if civilizations are fearsome, they do not advance beyond your own. They simply become extinct, to rise up in the soils of another world, a little wiser, until they learn.

Our task today is to help you remove the blinders that historically have distorted your perception. Realize that what you feel in your heart determines what you see. Perception rides upon the expressions of the heart like a canoe rides upon the river. When your heart expresses fear in any of its turbulent forms, your understanding becomes jumbled, confused; you perceive through the waves of illusion. But when you love, you understand, for then you share the vision, the very perception of God.

You are going to have to return, like the salmon, to the place of your origin. You must begin to birth your moments of experience only in love. You can root your life in fear and know the predictability of granite, the strength of marble and what security there is in limestone’s patient changing. Or you can root your life in love and join us in helping to ease the human world through awesome changes of these times.

What is called by the native Indians as the Great Day of Purification has begun. This is a rather relatively short but most essential cycle of division that will gather those who promote fear and violence and separate them from this season of the world as chaff is separated from wheat at threshing. Continue reading “CREATOR GOD ATON/HATONN: What is called by the native Indians as the Great Day of Purification has begun. What happens when an entire cosmos reaches the exact point of directional change and comes to a moment of absolute rest? You will have the opportunity to see for yourself very soon now, for this event lies just before you in linear time and that is why you have returned–to bear witness. It will provide an opening for the emerging of something incomprehensible.”



Dec. 18, 2009

(June 6, 1998)
Good afternoon, little one. It is I, Aton, The One Light. Be at peace and relax, for I am with you always. I have come directly myself so that there be no misperception by anyone.

Wake up, little ones! Your reality of experiencing is fast approaching a massive shift and many of you are still awaiting YOUR sign from ME or one of My Angels. Consider this YOUR sign, for there is no more direct a sign than one of this type.

Calm yourselves, get quiet, and go within and hear MY voice for yourself!

I am your Inner Voice when you quiet the confusion of mental calculations, concerns, and worry. I am the Consciousness that allows you to perceive self. You each can and do hear Me, but very few ever listen, let alone pay attention. Quit awaiting another to hear on your behalf! Accept who you are and allow for My quiet Inner Voice to be heard directly.

Let there be no excuses!

You each have what is necessary and it is now time to accept responsibility for yourself. Quit taking for granted that you will always have access to this information source, for you will NOT! In the upcoming times on your planet, all will be in chaos, and there will not be a weekly newspaper coming to your mailboxes.

What will you do then? Will you claim to be a victim because you did not get your mail? Continue reading “CREATOR GOD ATON: STOP MAKING YOUR EXCUSES AND HEAR ME!”

GOD ATON: “Evil rules My planet I created for your use, and the time is here to reclaim that which is Mine.”

GOD ATON: “Evil rules My planet I created for your use, and the time is here to reclaim that which is Mine.”

08/7/07 from ATON-jonur
Good afternoon, Jonur. The testing for My ones is
going to be great. As you move closer and closer to
The SOURCE, it will seem that the problems ever
increase and that everything in your world is against
you. This is where it all comes together and the iron
is tested in the fire to determine its readiness for the
task. All that is human in you must die so that that
which is immortal within can come into being. Man
is an eternal idea of My thinking, which is pure light.
The physical body hides that light from you in its
compression as you learn the secrets of Mine
Universe. As you come back to the oneness within
Me, the responsibility of being co-creator becomes
evident, and the awareness of your true power is seen.
I come this day that ye shall be given to recognize My
presence. I AM the LAW, the TRUTH, and the
WORD. I have sent My Hosts to give you the Truth,
for you have been lied to about everything. I have
sent the Word as I have promised until the ending of
the cycle. It is time to see what you have learned as
(soon) the final act of My play of plays will begin. Continue reading “GOD ATON: “Evil rules My planet I created for your use, and the time is here to reclaim that which is Mine.””