Who Is Hatonn?

Who is Hatonn?
“I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Commander in Chief, Earth Project Transition, Pleiades Sector Flight command, Intergalactic Federation Fleet-Ashtar Command; Earth Representative to the Cosmic Council and Intergalactic Federation Council on Earth Transition. You may call me “Hatonn”.

God Aton created a fragment of Himself called, “Hatonn” a 9-foot tall being who oversees intergalactic affairs throughout this Universe.

Hatonn is well known throughout the Universe.

Hatonn, has one of the most advanced computer systems in this Universe.

Hatonn has current up-to-date information available in realtime on what’s been going on, on planet earth…he provides humanity with Truth, so that we can free ourselves from rise up in the Light and Love of the Universe.

Who is God Aton?



  1. Hatonn Speaks The Truth….about how the Light wins!
    With God’s authority…information intended to free humanity from the illuminati, self-imposed slavery, serpent people, ‘jewish’ elite, and satan.




    • Happy to see this. I knew Doris and Eddie personally and it was the greatest experience of my life. This is real! I spent 8 years listening in person to Hatonn speak through her and grateful for the experience that opened me up to the truth of our being and the world we live in. It started my spiritual journey to greater knowledge.

    • Nati, I believe Hatonn was connected with them in the past….not sure how they are collaborating in the present.


  2. Dear Hatonn/Dieter
    Please include in your site/webpage a picture of an Intergalactic Federation Fleet
    space ship used by Hatonn in his travels.
    Thank you.

    • I’m not Hatonn by the way….we are collaborators, you probably are too as is anyone who checks out his info. and resonates with it. Dieter

      • I would like to know the correct way to mediatate and what chakra i should focus on. I was having trouble gettin on your mailing list. I have so many questions and want to be prepared.

      • Justin….Kuthumi has excellent advise on chakras….seek out his messages. What trouble were you having about the mailing list? Thanks, Dieter

      • Martin… why don’t you admit you’re belief is incorrect, your religion lies to you, you believe a lie, so that you can then let the truth in? Think about it.. you are actually saying that before Jesus, there was no way to meditate…. people who can’t read can’t meditate.

  3. I just viewed the Galactic Federation Scout ships on you-tube. Can we have pictures at close-up range so we see the features of the ship in detail.
    Thank you.

      • just want to say that i know now where we came from and where we are at and where we are going. it was all a matter of a little guidance thanks to the internet and to collaborators, lightworkers, and so on. the answer is in us. our dna which was altered by the evil ones. but we are waking up to the truth, atleast i am. this life is a big experience to me. by knowing the good and the bad things, we see the truth much more clearer. i know that this world is like a school but for kindergardners and i also know that we are soon to graduate to a higher level. i dont need to see a ufo to believe. dont get me wrong, i would love to see one, but i know i will soon. and i know i will be in one soon. i feel so happy and relieved now. and thanks dieter, for telling me to keep researching. it’s a lot of information but i absorb enough day by day and i’m seeing things in a different perspective. peace and love to all.

  4. I Love Your site & Music ! It is all Awesome. I do consider you as my Spiritual Brother. So Do We have any idea whether it will be day or nite that the event will Happen, So I can be sure I am awake & ready ! I already am AWAKENED & Dont even want to sleep any more! lol Also..Will My Loving Light PETS be able to come with us? Just A few thots, as I am Awaiting this Special Event. Also I would love to get there to be a Part of this Movie ! I just got to figure out a way, as this is a Dream I had & I must be there ! Well, please let me know if you do know any of these answers please. Much Love, & Light My Friend….”SALUMENTI” !

    • Not sure Star…could happen at any moment really….keep your third eye peeled to the heavens. Thanks for your kindred spirit. 😉 Dieter

  5. Oh, Thats all I do anymore! I see & feel So much So quickly , its all exactly So Awesome !I feel like yes, any day now ! You are wonderful, looking so forward to meeting you in person one day soon ! Love & Blessings, “Salumenti” ! Star*******

  6. “Hatonn Speaks The Truth….about how the Light wins!
    With God’s authority…information intended to free humanity from the illuminati, self-imposed slavery, serpent people, ‘jewish’ elite, and satan.”

    I don’t believe that the real Hatonn would make such a comment.



  7. Hi. Can anyone tell me .. who channels Hattonn? and how can we be sure the information or channeling is true and real? .. I dont mean to cast any doubts in here but just want to find as much info as possible.. who is this 9 feet tall being?.. and there must be more photos of Hatonn, full body shots, if there is photos of the face. Also, if Hatton has one of the most advanced computer systems in the Universe, surely he must be able to appear, is it because we all have free will and many choose to focus on mundane stuff that the Rainbow Masters amonge others can only communicate with us through our heads? if Hattonn is widely known throughout the Universe, I’ve never heard of Him. I am a Christ, at least i think I am .. in my Heart I am.. I suppose Hatton IS real and so are all the others but lately I’ve been feeling really low and I have a feeling that we are all going through a definate lull.. or a period of what seems like sheer nothingness.. or a blank spot.. apparently the <mayens talked of this lull.. this empty feeling… am I alone here? (in this feeling)

    • Pan,

      Please refer to the Phoenix Journals. http://www.fourwinds10.com/journals for more info on Hatonn….. yes there are other channels…what is real and what is false is still sorting itself out……there are no photos that I’m aware of…..humanity is being conditioned to accepting beings from the universe that do and do not look like us.

      Empty feelings come and go as we create a void in our lives, to fill with Creation. Enjoy the ebb and flow and times of activity and inactivity……

      Most people have forgotten that God has a name too….Aton….so it’s no surprise that other beings or extension of Aton are forgotten….we are in a time of remembering…..so we actually have forgotten much…..the journey is in the remembering….we were born into limited consciousness not full consciousness…..



    • Pan, Hatonn is nine and a half feet tall. Hatonn is also an etheric being, so it’s hard to take a picture of that .

      • Hi Kelly,

        Thank you so much for the reply, sorry I havent been in touch for a few days.. and yes, I love the link.. I guess I just hadn’t heard of Hattonn before.. so its all fairly new to me :o)

        I tried to reach you on facebook, I’ll keep trying until we appear haha.. hope you are well and speak with you soon :o).. Love to you sweet soul sister :o)..

        .. and thanks also Dieter, I appreaciate your imput also, I gather Aton is short for Hatton.. all of this is new to me in a way.. even though I am aware I am on an ascension path..

        kind regards to you,
        Pan :o)

  8. dieter, i have been searching the internet for a way to contact you and it seems as though this is just about the only way…i have many questions and would like to talk to you. i am young and still in the discovery process about the GFOL (federation of light)

  9. Your a fake 1 no has seen god even jesus said this n esu sananda crap should stop jesus talks about false teaching that many will come in his name all these false prophets are slowin pulling people to be damned

  10. you are a blasphemer of the Lord Jesus Christ. why do you slime sarah silverman when you are no better? this drivel of which you speak will be held against you on that day of our Lord.

  11. do you really believe that ‘jesus’ was white? and i am not one of those skeptical sarcastic people asking, but hatonn, are you human?

  12. I am new to the concept of Hatonn. I somehow escaped the veil of memory loss and remember quite a bit about my pre-incarnation in this lifetime. Sometimes I feel that I am in the wrong Karma. Is there a meditation to balance this illusion?

  13. Hello. I am the grandson of Doris “Darma” Ekker. I have recently decided to find out more about what she did when she was alive and have learned a great deal. However as i have answered many questions that i had before, i have been overwhelmed by so many new ones. I have been aware of “hatonn” since i was a young boy because i used to attend the meetings where my grandma channeled for Him. However it has not been until the last 2 week that i have learned what it was all about. My biggest question is now that she has passed away, who carries on the important work she did. I’m so glad to have come across this web site. As im sure you are aware, there is a lot of people online that say some very terrible things about my grandparents, but i have now been reassured of that which i already knew, my grandparents were great people and had nothing but good intentions.

    • Shawn thanks for your comments… the Phoenix Journals are my bibles of this age… more will realize how important they are, and those who share… I’m so pleased to hear from you! All the best… and hello to Doris and Hatonn!… Dieter

  14. He is a fucking computer, calls himself 666; what other evidence do you need he is the beast of revelations. He is not even the most advanced computer, and calls himself the creator god!

  15. The 2nd link mentioned on top of these commends, that should lead to indianinthemachine.wordpress.com, leads to this website (Hatonn).

  16. ‘he provides humanity with Truth, so that we can free ourselves from rise up in the Light and Love of the Universe.’
    Dieter, I don’t understand this. Shouldn’t it be ‘so that we will be free to rise up … etc) ? Or is my English that bad:)?


  18. People, dont be deceived, Hatonn or whatever his name is, is a fallen angel and a deceiver…the real God is Yahuwah and His Son is our saviour, Yahushua.

  19. Hi there.
    In one of the Phoenix Journals Hattonn is revealed as an incarnation of “Michael of Nebadon.” I believe this may be the same entity known as Prime Creator Adoni (Adonai). You could also look into “The Urantia Book” for more information on spiritual hierarchy and the joint incarnation of Michael of Nebadon and Sananda as the entity known as “Jesus”. The book is very technical in most parts, but the section on “The life of Jesus” reads more easily. There are some parts that are not true (in the Urantia book) because they wanted to protect some of the higher quality DNA lineages. (This latter part is also revealed in the Phoenix Journals).

  20. I was there in Tehachapi during the 90’s When Doris And Eddie Eker we’re there. She received as Dharma daily downloads of information from Hattonn. She compiled this information into over 300 books of concentrated knowledge known as the Phoenix Journals in just 10 years. No ordinary human as ever done this. Everything Hattonn told told us came true. This is real!!!

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