3/11/96 #1   HATONN


When you take up a subject for such as a newspaper or journal, it has to be realized that the resulting volume may well deviate as the activities of a day deviate.  But then, again, journals are entries of activities as revealed while books are often novels or revelations unknown.  We have “journals” so, if it appears to you readers that we deviate to miserable extent which produces non-continuity, we apologize.  However, we repeat: We write journals.  We will, however, attempt to stick to the topic of ETERNAL LIGHT flowing out of the ILLUSIONS OF MAN to the extent that we do not exasperate your patience.  I never name the journals until AFTER the writings, and my “forwards” will rarely be directly regarding the contents of the book but usually, just another writing, which is usually also written after the fact.

When speaking on the truth of what “appears” to be really in physical density we actually are opening a can of butterflies which scatter in every direction.  You pinch yourself and, surely enough, you hurt, you bruise, and you come to the recognition that you are!  But YOU are not a body of some lumped muscle, fat and bone.  YOU are the image of GOD; YOU are the SPIRIT within the housing you call body and readily available information is contained in your computer brain for the operation of the body and living processes.

Since the “temporary” state of anything is but a passing realization, we have to then consider as the REAL THING that which has no demise, THE SOUL INVISIBLE which has infinite and eternal existence.  Human physical is a passing experience on a play stage equally as manifested in that physical format for your quality of experience.  Therefore the play and the setting are the Illusion WHILE THE SOUL is the permanent resident of infinity.

This is no big deal except that what you do, and your intent to perform, is that portion of self that directs the interim journeys of soul.  You produce through “intent” the actuality of your eternal sojourn through experiences unlimited.

I will define at this point, “Illusion” and “Aberration” so that we can refer explicitly to a mutually understood definition of the terms. Your languages and those “changes” which come about through trickery are what moves you off into a wrong impression.  I will first compare what you believe to be the term “holocaust” as an example.  You will, in every time in this day and age, refer mentally to a something which took place against the Jews in Germany in WW-II.  The interesting point, however, is that few of the younger generations even know it was in World War II, or where is Germany of WHY anything took place other than Shindler with his list of some kind.

The fact of the definition is a different thing:

“HOLOCAUST: 1. Wholesale destruction and loss of life, especially by fire.  2. A sacrificial offering that is wholly consumed by fire.” (Dictionary)

This is certainly a true representation of what YOUR GOVERNMENT DID IN WACO, TEXAS to the Davidians, but does it fit the description of what happened as the “Allies” (you) bombed Germany’s Dresden homes and bedrooms, but NOT what happened in any concentration camps.  Death came, surely–but not through “holocaust”.  Therefore, you must begin to get the illusionseparated from fact.

You have the Illusion that you “see” “light”.  No, you can only visualize the presence of light as it reflects from (bounces off) objects.  Therefore, you SEE objects, not light.

So, how about another couple of definitions.


ILLUSION: 1. Something that deceives by producing a false impression.  2. State or condition of being deceived; misapprehension.  3. An instance of being what is perceived in a reality.  4. Psychol. A perception that represents what is perceived in a reality.  5. A very thin, delicate tulle of silk or nylon having a cobwebbed appearance, for trimmings, veilings, and the like.  6. Obs. Act of deceiving: deception; delusion; mockery.

Now, please pay attention.

Syn. 1. aberration, fantasy, chimera., etc.

An “illusion” is a false mental image or conception which may be misinterpretation of a real appearance or may be something imagined.  It may be pleasing, harmless, or even useful.

Now I want to define “aberration” as we will find it used in alchemy and other supposed circumstances:


ABERRATION (of image):  Distortion of shape, color, focus, and density of images caused by imperfect optical elements (i.e., lens, prism, mirror, screen, etc.).  Types such as coma, astigmatism, field curvature, distortion, and chromatic and spherical aberrations.

In “astronomy”, the apparent body in the direction of motion of the observer, caused by the combination of the velocity of the observer and the velocity of light.  You can go look up for selves the “constant of aberration, planetary aberration”.  You can also check and compare “parallax”.  In optics there is a specific deviation from perfect imagery, as, for example: spherical aberration, coma, astigmatism, curvature of field, and distortion.

You will have to work with all of these forms of aberrations as you move along and certainly you have to know when you have a distortion or a reality of, say, orbiting electrons, etc., around the nucleus of an ATOM or perceptions as presented for your mental viewing of false circumstances.

Now we can move on with an understanding of my meaning and your reception.


The reality of “Light” is fathomable to man only by first solving his two supreme illusions in misperception.  The greater of these illusions is regarding the universe itself.  Man has never known his universe for that which it is in reality.  He can only recognize it for what his senses have made him believe it to be.  Therefore, his senses deceive him and deceive him almost totally.

Looking now at it the other illusion we find that to be of Man himself.  With only a few exceptions, Man has never as yet known Man.  Nor has he known his relationship to the universe, nor to his still more unfathomable GOD CREATOR.  The little bit that Man does know of himself and his universe is what the eyes and ears of his body have told him that they have seen and heard about his universe.  But Man has eyes and ears of the SPIRIT which see and hear what Man’s sensing eyes and ears could and can never see or hear, for man is still too new in his unfolding.  He is still but in the incursion of his beginnings–which, by the way, is very near the “ending” as you pass into the greater universal expression.  [Emphasis added]


Man senses. Man senses motion, change, sequence, multiplicity, time, activity, life, death, good and evil.  Of these things he is most certain for he “feels” them, “tastes” them, “touches” them, etc.  His senses have made him most certain of their substantial reality.  In the face of the fact that he has lived with his familiar universe all his life, short or long, it is not easy for him to accept the statement that it has no existence, that it is all illusion, all of it.  Nothing is left upon which to even base the very illusion itself. He can accept the illusion of the railroad tracks meeting upon the horizon as the eyes offer depth perception to the brain, but the railroad tracks are real, even though their seeming “meeting” is not.  They, at least, still remain as a basis for their own illusion.

A MIRAGE of a city or an Oasis is comprehensible to man as some kind of illusion.  He knows it does not exist in “reality” but he also knows of the reality of the city which thus repeats itself, ghostlike, in the mirrors and lenses of light waves of the heavens above the city.  To tell him that the city, as well as its own mirage, has no existence is to lay too heavy a burden of realization upon his credulity and patience (mostly patience).  Yet that is what the very secret mystery of Light would reveal, and that is what you must tell, simply and convincingly, to others, churchman and scientist alike, and in a language standard and method which each requires for his conviction.

Whereat and in comes our work, readers, in the manner laid out that each might come into understanding and do so within his given realm of perception.  And, what does this mean? Well, you must come, therefore, to know God, His universe, and Man–with other eyes than your sensing ones.

The eyes of the Spirit are not “sensing” notions of perception but KNOWING visualization.  GOD has the reality of knowing and can focus on HIS “one” idea as is ultimately expressed quite explicitly.  Therefore, without realization and thought processing, that “one idea” could not become many “one ideas” which include YOU in the stage setting.

Next comes the perception of “motion” which is absolutely mandatory for experiencing.  Without motion His cosmic play could not be plays, nor could its actors be anything.  Without change His undivided One Idea could not unfold.  Without what you call “time” expression there could be represented no “sequence” of events.  Therefore, God has an idea and it is presented with you included, and it is expressed in manifested form.  YOU ARE THE THOUGHT PROJECTION OF GOD.  Without motion, time, change and sequences, the unfolding of God’s Mind imaginings could not have measured space for the stage settings.  In other expression, there could be no screen upon which to project His Light.

Learn to realize that perceptions in your experience are God’s imaginings.  But know that they are but unfolding patterns of His knowing projected directly through His thinking.  In this knowing can then come the perception of the necessary sensing to allow human physical to “think” in his environment.  In this realization you can begin to recognize that time is naught, nor are there moving things, which change; nor is there life, nor death, nor cold, nor heat, nor good, nor bad in that wondrous universe of Him within Himself.


You can’t actually “see” God because HE IS NOT THE REFLECTION OF YOUR LIGHT–YOU ARE THE REFLECTION OF HIS LIGHT!  In the beginning, God, the Father we lovingly call Him, is LIGHT of SPIRIT whom no Man can “see”.  The dwelling place of the Father is the Kingdom of Heaven, and it is without form and is actually what you might call, a void; an empty stage if you will. But in the LIGHT lays the seed and, further, in the Light IS Being.  The Father knows His own “Idea”.  He knows it as a unit of “one” idea which then goes forth to be expressed as ONE IDEA but with multiples of facets and, at the least, in a duality of energy expression.

But where does “man” fit into this idea?  The whole purpose of life is to learn how to manifest God in Truth and the Law.  The particular lesson is a hard one, for Man, himself, makes it hard by his unknowing of the Law itself.  As man gradually knows his purpose and the Law by knowing God in himself, life becomes more and more beautiful, and man more powerful in his own manifestation of power.  Man’s real power lies in “giving”.  He must learn to “give” as does Nature.  In every cycle, readers, is a giving portion and a receiving portion–half and half.  This is called giving and regiving.  Nature forever unfolds into many for the purpose of refolding into the one again.  Each individual must come to manifest this law for it is a universal law and will not just go away.  People are forever wanting to run another’s life FOR them.  IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO ACHIEVE.  You, no matter how hard you TRY to live FOR another, you cannot.  You are still expressing your life as trying to live for that other and the other is experiencing less but it is still “his” experience, which in this instance is to be deprived of doing something for himself.

These are the same principles which must be considered in warring games.  Man will forever war with man until he learns to give his all with the full expectation of equal receiving, and never taking that which is not “given” as an earned reward for this giving.  There is now not only giving and regiving but the act of power which TAKES and TAKES some more.  This unbalance will destroy any civilization.  [Emphasis added]

How do your achieve the success of KNOWING? You first have to realize that there is a “Power Source” and the definition of the substance produced we will call “LIGHT”.  Light can be brought forth onto the stage of actors to visualize the setting and Light can be poured forth on the secret actions and dialog as stashed in the unknowing portion of the play.  The LIGHT, however, that saves the SOUL is that which is allowed to shine forth on the reality of that which resides eternally within self.  This is then, in turn, called KNOWING.  Therefore, “knowledge” in TRUTH becomes the goal of experience. [Emphasis added]  Without knowing, you can have no “direction” of proper flow into the higher understanding of either self or universe.  You can escape disaster by not knowing how your TV works in receiving pictures which, by the way YOU have to decipher in the brain, but you cannot get by and into the higher dimension of expression without coming to revere and recognize and KNOW GOD.

I, Hatonn, come within that wondrous LIGHT of KNOWING, that Light which is shared upon us all, through us all and within us all as we are allowed expression in the Idea of God.  Ah, would it not be wondrous if we could simply express HIS “ideal”?

So, who might I be and what is in a name?  Nothing.  What is within a “being”, however, is ALL.  So, I express in LIGHT in service and in giving.  I will share what I AM, what I can and what you will receive.  Neither I, nor any, can do more.

Remember the old truth: “God is Light”? GOD IS LIGHT!  The opposing term is DARKNESS.  Note I did NOT say “white and black”–I said “light” and “darkness” (truth and lie, seeing and blind, knowing and ignorance, etc.)  You perceive “light” as being “white” simply because you have no other meaning available other than perhaps “transparent, containing all colors”.  Darkness is the same problem to describe, only it comes out “black” for lack of the description “absence of any color”, OR, radiation vs. lack of radiation.


Every descriptive term in ANY and ALL languages will reference GOD as Light.  God is recognized, as is LIGHT, with all-knowing, all-seeing, all-present, all-being.  These definitions serve our purposes well if we didn’t ever have further or higher realization.

Without light, all things perish.  Even in the greatest depths of the oceans wherein life seems to be, at the least, resting, there IS life and thus, there MUST be light.  To the human eye it may well be indiscernible at such depth but, nonetheless, light is there for God is there and with God goes and comes that which is projected as LIGHT.  There are many forms of illumination, readers, from the radiance of self-projected luminescence, to the glare of laser beams and, in further FACT, to that which moves BEYOND sound waves.  MOST of what is reality and presence, is unseen and unheard with the limited senses of Man.

We speak of that which is evident to our senses and therefore we speak of things great and small as descriptions, yet, ALL is most tiny compared to the vastness of infinite universe, that greater “All”.  Man comes forth and overlooks his most wondrous attribute: that he, too, is nothing except Light and he, being “Light” also, is as God in reflected image for God is Light.  Man searches, seeks and fails to recognize, calculates and figures while looking for that which is NOT in his hope to find God and Source for he longs to be with the ONENESS again from that of which he is created.  You are simply the great swirling infinity of spiraling light coalesced into wondrous manifestation that has taken FORM that you might experience, with your senses, the magnificence, for God, too, desires to share and experience all.  You can’t “shake” God.  HE is with you no matter where you might go and what you might do.

Consider what you do in your secret places!  If you put self into the gutter in despair or disgrace–you take God.  If you exalt God from the highest mountain top, you take God with you.  YOU CANNOT HIDE FROM GOD ANY MORE THAN YOU CAN SUCCESSFULLY HIDE FROM SELF!

Ah, but readers, there IS full explanation of meaning when you proclaim that “God is Light”.  There is physical (physics) proof of that statement in scientific FACT.  You are so steeped in mystical and mythical teachings by those who were ignorant or deliberate in their lies that you don’t longer know that there is PROOF if you would but look and hear.

The day, however, has now arrived when all Mankind must KNOW what is meant when the great teachers have said, “God is Light”.  Why?  Because you march to the drum-beat of disaster as you pass INTO the darkness rather than running into the lighted truth of LIFE.  The cycle grows short in sequence and your further dalliance shall undo you.

I realize we toss myriads of swirling words in our efforts to allow for understanding and you become lost in portions which yet elude your comprehension.  There is, however, no need for despair for Knowing simply IS, readers, just as God “simply” IS.  The “KNOWING” must also come.  It is the time, now, for bringing together, AGAIN, the fragments of explanations wherein those who are ready for knowledge can grasp the sensing and allow it to become “knowing”.  For those who are not ready in their journey, it will come if you do not turn away.  Continue on with us and we will show the way for that is our purpose in coming.

How can I offer examples of realization?  I can’t do a very good job of it for each person has his own perception.  I will suggest as example on a small scale the position of an author and writer who considers the impression of words on a printed page to represent his vision of a “play” unfolding or unfolded. It is his dream, his life work, his pain and his joy.  He considers himself a writer.

Dharma writes!  My, does Dharma write. She would win all records in Guinness’ Book of Records and yet she neither considers herself to be an author of a “writer”.  She will tell you that she is a secretary until her “purpose” is disclosed.  She will tell you that she writes her visions only occasionally and paints MY PICTURES on this daily type-and-pick every day.  Is there a difference? Indeed, but to all others the perception is very different from her own.  My perception will be different from the “others” AND HERS.  We cannot know for sure until the LIGHT IS SHED ON MYSELF and lessened on her stage!  Does this make sense to you?  I could even word that last question differently: “Does this shed light on the subject?”



All knowledge is held within the wondrous realization of LIGHT with its even more wondrous mysteries.  It is not hidden in mystical secret worlds of hidden intent.  In LIGHT all is projected.  Although it is all around Man, he cannot seem to see it for it reflects too many myriads of infinite other creations back into his senses.  That which Man cannot “see” is therefore, somehow, incomprehensible to him.  In this same circumstance God then becomes unseen as is the wind, but do not err in that assumption of absence for the wind is unseen but is definitely “there” and, yes indeed, the wind itself is comprised of LIGHT.

The next realization must be that Man still knows not what “matter” actually “is”.  He has advanced far in realizing how to deal with portions of matter but still there is not understanding of the true source nor the “why” of matter.  Our efforts are focused on showing you the “what” of matter.  I have, among others, made this effort prior to, most surely, this writing and yet only a tiny, tiny few have been able to transfer the realization of “knowing” into reality.  I do not bring forth puzzles simply to annoy you and frustrate myself.  I do have to face the fact that what you really want to know is THIS truth but your focus is more toward the possibility of money decline and earthquake predictions.  Most people don’t want to KNOW truth because with KNOWING comes RESPONSIBILITY and fear of erring.  And what is wrong with erring?  You can only learn by experiencing, error or otherwise.  Once you know truth, you will have less tendency to those prior errors of choice and yes, indeed, it does then become a DELIBERATE ACT, WHILE KNOWING, IF YOU ACT IN EVIL WAYS.  Therefore, it becomes the “fear of responsibility” which slows your journey to a full stop position.  [Emphasis added]


Unseen wonders abound about you and some you recognize, acknowledge and acclaim while not actually “seeing” them.  Usually, however, at upstart of offering, they are laughed at, denied and stoned along with the presenters.  You as physical Man have not begun to scratch the surface of the patterns known to you as energy, electricity, magnetism, gravitation and radiation. You have learned to play with them, change them into serviceable or destructive toys and partially locate a few of their actions, but you certainly have NOT the slightest TRUE KNOWLEDGE of them.  You can develop bombs of them and yet have no way to control that which you developed.

As we move on into the subject of octaves, elements and components of the “unseen” and “visible” world, you, for instance, don’t even know the purpose of the so-called “inert gases: of WHAT THEY ARE.  Even the most highly trained scientists do not have full comprehension, or at least “correct” comprehension, of those very “inert gases”.  I use this as an example only, for inert gases are the most MISUNDERSTOOD of all “things” on your charts and tables in the scientific fields of study.

I have to back up even further now and state that you don’t have the CORRECT structuring of atoms nor the gyroscopic principle which determines that very structure–nor the workings and movement which extrudes through deformed atoms the expulsion of electrons in monatomic atoms.  Is this too technical for you?  Why do you assume this to be?  Is it not that you simply have not had interest nor been exposed to the answer to the questions regarding these things?  Only a finite few on your place have even heard of the most important of all physics principles which is recognized by us as the VOIDANCE principle.  It can be called by other labels but “voidance” is the most suitable English word to describe the phenomenon.  We find that almost none of you know anything about the lenses and mirrors of space which are the very CAUSE of ILLUSION in all moving things.  You have no teachings to cause you to so much as consider the entire material electric universe to be the illusion which it is, there being no reality to it whatsoever; so you continue to play with your perceived bits of matter and miss the whole point.

You then have someone like Einstein comes along and toss off on you some theory regarding relativity and you go off on tangents of foolishness.  You haven’t the slightest iota of truthful knowledge of the cause of that perceived curvature of space, nor the space, nor the voidance of that curvature in planes of zero curvature at wave field boundaries.  Not a person knows for physical sureness how it is that crystals get their various shapes.  Your “old” world would be amazed to know that those shapes of crystals are determined in space by the shapes of the wave fields which bound the various elemental structures.  I do misspeak in one instance here for there are a minute few who have realized the truth and, therefore, recognize errors.  However, even these few continue to go forth and tinker and speculate on things which have no basis in reality nor TRUTH.

Man, in general, has not the slightest conception of what constitutes the very life principle, nor the principle of growth, nor the simultaneous unfoldment principle which repeats all patterns in Nature sequentially and records and voids them as they are repeated.  You can present and manufacture replicas; you cannot even begin to simulate true LIFE.  Neither are you aware of that recording principle by means of which Creator carries forth the sum totals of every sequential cycle in His unfolding and refolding universe unto the very end of its manifestations upon one planet and its beginning on a new one.  You just continue to pronounce and shout “big bang” or “creation of little fishes” or, or, or–all of which bear not the slightest connection with how it is.

“LIGHT” holds the answer to ALL of these heretofore answered questions, and all the rest, which the sages have not yet solved nor known enough to ask.  This revelation of the nature of Light is the inheritance of MAN in this time in which he finds himself experiencing, a time of great revealing and comprehension.  You want to “prove” God?  Herein is proof of God, through methods and standards acceptable to science AND religion alike.  It lays a spiritual foundation under the present material one is science, which you don’t understand any better than the invisible one, and allows for truth in religion instead of the mythological tales of inaccurate repetition built to control you.

Will Man understand?  Eventually. It matters not for it is OUR mission to commit the fragments of truth to you and it is yours to do with those truths that which you will.  If Man will but come to attention, the two greatest elements in civilization, religion and science, can thus find unity in marriage as you might define the coalition.  Will Man do it?  On your planet of earth matter, probably not, but at some time on some earth orb, MAN WILL.  Why do I know this?  Because it is the projection of God that it be so and, therefore, it will be so.  My intention is to make it so that you can understand if at all possible.  You who make the choice to NOT see nor hear shall be allowed the consequences of those errors in choice.  There are places abundant to allow for their onward growth, for ultimately EACH will know truth and come to act in truth.

All things progress in cycles.  This includes civilizations.  New comprehension periodically transforms mankind into higher beings.  A new cycle, of which shall take around three thousand of your years in counting, is now in its birthing.[Emphasis added]  God’s omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence are centered in the consciousness of every Man; but few there are who know of the Oneness of their Self-Soul with the Universal Self-Soul.  Even the most learned of Man will forget the absolute pattern of CYCLES.  Ah, but each cycle fulfilled brings Man nearer to his awareness of his Oneness with the LIGHT of his Self-Source.

Mankind will come to realize that truth itself is indeed simple.  He will also find that there is ultimate “simplicity” in balance. Rhythmic balanced interchange between all pairs of opposing expressions is natural and, in human relationships, is the consummate art of God’s universe of Light.  By the way, it is also the “law”.  It is this one fundamental Universal Law wherein lays the balanced continuity of all creative expression in God’s “electric” “wave” universe of what are two conditioned lights in what seems to be motion and which record God’s one whole idea of Creation into countless seemingly separate parts of the WHOLE idea.


Why the misperceptions?  Oh, Man drifts through without much thought or care to other than what he is told and what experiences are presented to express.  Then it comes that ages pass and more misinformation is absorbed and acted on, and thus this cycle of deepening ignorance buries, eventually, the mind consciousness of the individual as well as that of society. Many are the ages of preparation for worthiness to hear truth for Man’s consciousness is insulated from his Source by the sensations of his electrically conditioned body, that sensing body, which he wrongly thinks of as being his “mind” and his personal Self.  What he refers to as objective human mind is but the seat of electric sensations of his body.  What he mistakes for “thinking” is but an electric awareness of things sensed and recorded within the cells of his brain for repetitive usage through what is termed “memories”.  Memories have no more relation to knowledge of Universal Mind which is in Man than Capital Records Company is related to the source of the recordings they sell.

What Man refers to as his “subjective” mind is his consciousness, his spiritual storehouse of all-knowledge, all power, and all presence.  That consciousness is his Self, his eternal Self through which his omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence is expressed as he slowly becomes aware of their presence within him.  Remember that this can also be called “subconscious” mind and that portion of your being can be lied to as well as can your mind.  You are subconsciously being programmed by OTHERS, constantly.  When YOU actually take control of these programming responsibilities and open those robot minds–you can achieve anything you desire and it can be achieved in TRUTH.

As always, however, the choice of this opening opportunity is through ONLY your own choosing.

My parting words as we begin these lessons on “light”?  LET THERE BE LIGHT! Good morning, students.  May I be a good “cohan” (professor) and may you desire to learn so that you may be the adept “chela” (student) in this magnificent journey to truth and understanding.


[To Be Continued…]


Source: CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, March 19, 1996, Volume 12, Number 9.


Thank you, Rocky Montana, for transcribing this document into html




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