Earth Mastery and Self Mastering ~ Hatonn

I come to you to speak on MASTERY. Now alot of you ones seek mastery thru another being or thru a book a movie etc… What you are missing is an VERY important point which is SELF MASTERING, which is finding ones TRUTHS within and BELIEF in SELF, which becomes Grounding as a center within the whole. That you may call perfect harmonic balance. A Balance which Creator gave in pure at the Birth of EVERY SINGLE BEing and ALL THAT IS. Your SELF/SOUL BEing was birthed upon Earth Plane (EARTH MASTERY). Your Soul was in Direct Movement to this Earth/Shan/Gaia/The Green Emerald….many a names for our Mother.

When you have SELF Mastery it automatically connects and harmonizes you with EARTH MASTERY. Once you learn to LOVE and care for and respect thyself in unconditionality, as Creator sees you and you were “Created within” = Pure Unconditonal Love! This will infinatly reach out to all of your other brothers/sisters upon this plane, as you realize ALL are connected and granted the SAME in EQUAL. Chelas NONE were ever born higher, nor lower than another. YOU upon your Earth Plane have “Created” this seperation and division amongst yourselves! You all hold “Creator” Abilities and Power AND and are givin by Creator “FREE-WILL”. Its what you “Choose” to do with this “Free-Will that will be ULTIMATLY the deciding factors and or Love/Understanding/Compassion//Forgivence/Radiance/Wisdom/Knowledge or – Splits/Divisions/Wars/Strife/Conflict…….we can of course build from those 2 sides/split for awhile.

You tend to lean towards others for your support, however what when those are not around or you disagree in what they have to say. You ones are on a SELF REFLECTIVE journey for your OWN soul growth and realization.

It is imperative that you look upon your own looking glass to find your true BEing! YES you all come from the ONE creator however you are each on a seperate or inDIVIdual growth stage upon your paths. NO TWO ARE ALIKE on this growth. Each are having different lessons for their expedential soul’s growth and realizations in these times. It is NOT for you to turn to each other and say it MUST be this way nor that way. Truely there are NO rights nor wrongs in these lessons. They are ALL in the learning and in the soul’s growth and recognition. Creator does not nor will ever divide one from another, you are all held cherished and very much loved unconditionally by creator!

When you turn outward from soul self being to find YOUR truths….this leads you astray from what it is you are to be doing….Which is to LISTEN WITHIN for what your soul craves and desires! It will not understand anothers ways as that is just that THEIR ways and understandings. When you turn to a book of reference, you may find some things that can help you along your way….however keep in mind those words are from ANOTHER being and is THEIR journey in their words! This is a “Sharing” not an instruction… open to this. What works for one, will not work for another necessarily! Do not be harsh upon self those whom take notes within books or sharings of others INCLUDING channelings from “Higher BEings”. For these too are as “Outlines” of preceived things upon their enlit paths. NOTHING IS WROTE IN STONE……….ALL THINGS CAN CHANGE!!!

Lets talk a bit on your recent energies from the allignment of 11-11-11. Now some of you experianced things greatly whilst others not so much and some not at all. There is NOTHING wrong with anyone, and NOBODY has been left out nor forgotton! That will NEVER happen. Think of things a bit more lightly be easy and loving with self in understanding what “soul” growth is. As your soul grows it “recognizes” more and more… have more “understanding” more of those AHHH HAAA moments that come in. The planetary allignments in these times are cleansing out past old energies and allowing fresh and anew to flow inward to your plane……which is adding more clarity than before. Do not be harsh on self at anytime!

As you all in soul mature and grow to a FULL Blossom as Loves delicate petals on the most delicate/fragile and beautious flower as a Lotus a Rose a Daffodill etc…ALL are beautious as is EVERYTHING in Creation that was made in Pure Unconditional Love for GROWTH and Evolution to ALL things and BEings upon this Grand Emerald Ball you all at this time call “HOME”.

This Earth/Shan/Gaia……. holds ALL things you need for PERFECT Balanace Growth and Harmony. ALL the nuetritian your body needs, the hydrants, herbs….She holds and provides ALL things with NO judgements seperations or divisions. She contains LIFE ENERGY SUPPORT to and for ALL of Creation – Unconditionally! What do you suppose you could do to “Improve” the Earth existance/your existance/the existance to ALL Living things? Remember Chelas…….all of you are born in a different soul growth stage. Hence some of you may say you recall several lives and others may say this is their first etc… You see you can not “Judge” another upon their soul growth journey path. ALL souls as do ALL things created start out from a “Seed” or planting….and they stage in growth. A flower starts from a Bud or a Seed then starts its growth until it reaches its “Blooming or Flowering” stage of FULL GROWTH….it shines off its reflection of PURE beauty created, roburst aroma, intricate design/patterns etc…. I think you can see the evolutional growth stagings in this beautious flower and ALL that the flower can and will endure upon that growth as well. Your Soul or BEing is of no different. ALL things grow!

Once you become Whole or Complete “WITHIN” you become whole and complete with ALL things/BEings in and of “Creation” This is where you hold KEY WITHIN is also called “Pure Complete Unconditional Love and Acceptance”. As you “Release” Past old rundant cylonic energies and come to a growth understanding you can then more begin to “release” and Unblock that Natural Energy Life Force Flow you carry within. This Chelas is your “PURE BLISS” stage. Do you have a 3d existance that meets 5d +++ at this stage you suppose chelas? This is perfect harmonic balance. You become a Cohan/Teacher/Mentor to your other brothers/sisters upon this grand bearer of life/creation – Earth. I know it seems at times unfair and unjust to see your brothers and sisters choose some of the things that are chosen thru their actions and re-actions. You are of givin Free-Will to move about freely in choice. How you act or re-act within stones upon your path. Is not to be of wise to cast a stone upon to another for pain or discomfort – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you chelas….if you are not comfortable in a situation you have that freewill to freely move away or re-position yourself upon another set path of your souls journey and growth! YOU ARE THE DRIVER OF YOUR OWN VESSELS – HOW WILL YOUR HANDLE / DRIVE / and CONTROL THEM?

To “GIVE” power unto another is giving up ones “OWN” Life Force Energy! This will eventually over turn your NATURAL BALANCE and disrupt your souls evolutionary growth. By doing or allowing this to occur it will cause DISease and DIScomforts to your BEing, which Chelas you all know what that all eventually leads to….Cancer/Depression/Anxiety/Hyper-tensions…..STRESS…..and you all know the list can go on and on…… FORGIVE thyself and you can find that forgiveness upon an due to ALL things. As you find that harmonic centered balance within and an more “Complete” knowledge and wisdom that ALL things are in growth stages here upon earth. ALL things were created out of PURE LOVE and ENERGY UNCONDITIONALLY!

Most of you can not honestly say that you have not of crossed certain “Lines” in your lifetime/times upon this Earth. Rather it be something simple as a Lie to more serious of things that we will not mention, I think we can all picture these just fine. With that being of said, you also find a “Appreciation” within the “Not” so comfortable experiance and or BEings upon this journey. BUT it is also soul growth THRU and with ALL things and BEings created by Creator. ALL things are COMBINED as ONE when you see a full spectrum or as a WHOLE within. The ONLY seperations and divisions are of what YOU upon this Earth have seen/created/allowed/accepted/manipulated/forseen…….and the list goes on……… ONLY you have the FREE-WILL choices to “CHANGE” these things. Chelas you cant rush Fine Art! You are ALL grand artists/creators painting pictures, making harmony, rhythm, succession etc……… upon your OWN paths!

Now you all are having MASS flow of movements of Energies now. The planetary allignments we are experiancing and the solar flares, the earth gravitational pulls and pushes…..thrusts and heaves etc…. have you stopped to think Chelas IF all things are of “LIVING” energy and I do mean ALL THINGS here. Then that would have to mean ALL things are feeling and flowing THEIR energies and movements “INdiviDUALLY” in these times and in ALL TIMES for that fact!

Think about your “Movements” at this time. You are seeing MASS people making “Movements” are you not? Lets speak for a short on the “Occupy Movement” . Chelas imagine if you will for a moment……You take say atleast 200,000 people into a party or a group. Imagine the “ENERGY” emmisions coming from those combined people….the flow or push it may have or create. The party or group has nothing more in mind than peace/harmony/love/serinity….etc…. and are “Pushing” that flow of energy. Now lets glance at the “Other” side that they are “Moving” to or against in the “Push” for change flow etc…. THEY automatically put up a “Defense” sheild or barrier etc…. They “Feel” the energy move but may not understand it…..SO its like a combat type of movement to them in their view or feeling. Hence why there is Re-jection or push from side to side. IS this in true helping Chelas? Or can this be causing indeed more “Friction” Resistance, blocks etc….then what you are “forseeing”?

The “Other” side as some of you have pre-ceived it to be and some even call it the “dark” side or oppositional side may it be. See these “movements” in a challenge, strife, war move…etc…. by this you are playing into THEIR HANDS, ringing the bell of truth to their feelings or views. They then feel they need MORE control of you and your movements! You see Chelas, you are playing as I say into the hands of the “Dragon” Which I compare to “FIRE” energy.

Why must you continue to think you need to “RISE” against the “Machine”. The “Machine” only breaks down when you “REMOVE” parts and pieces it needs for its “OPERATIONS” to sustain its life force and needed energy to sustain its existance. YOU ARE THE MACHINE…….the machine is YOUR VESSEL….YOUR SOUL…..YOUR BEING….YOUR EXISTANCE…..YOUR LIFE FORCE ENERGY!

Chelas try to Re-iterate your pattern thinking, which is “SET” into you upon your growth stagings via it be by schools, tv shows, movies, OTHER peoples views, ideas, suggestions, etc….. it goes on and on. This is a PREempt pattern toning and ALL go thru this, there is NO rights nor NO wrongs upon ones growth cyclery. There is a very big bell ringer in the saying “Do as ye will, but ye harm none”

But the cyclery of “Combat” or “Challenge” to RISE against brother/sister must be brought to light to reflect the game of what you label or logo as the other side/dark/negative etc….

You can “MOVE” or form “MOVEMENT” in other fashions/cycles/ways and NOT give anyone a ahhh haaa I told you so an affirmation so to say with your choices/decisions etc…. So maybe instead of “moving” toward them, re-direct and center yourselves and NOT feed into that type of machine. Move in another fashion/way and move to AID the very thing you are moving for….which is what Chelas? YOURSELVES! YOUR BEING! ALL souls and I can GUARANTEE ALL SOULS find this time, these ways and this path….because ALL things are GROWTH and MATURITY…COMPLETION WHOLE!

You have your FREE-WILL movements, RE-direct those and TAKE AWAY from the draining energy flow of AGAINST the salts or ways of another. Let them be! Take your beautious Life Force Energy in your movement and HELP and form together those that are upon your same stage of growth….or the very “cause” of what you move for or towards. Via may it be homelessness/hungar/unemployments….etc…we know the list here Chelas dont we? What I AM suggesting to you is to CHANGE your “thought/vibrational feelings and directional flows of that pure energy and apply it DIRECTLY to your “CAUSE” thru by doing of such you will more of an immediate see the “EFFECT” of that energy exchange within this group of cycled energies.

You ones speak of wanting the “Monetary” system to fade or to end completly. HOW can that be of such IF we dont “COME TOGETHER” in “CORRECT and PURE” wholeness, will this be of done. By this I AM speaking of such as: You form a “Movement” to a big bank for foreclosures…….how much of your “Time and Energy” is of spent in front of that institutioin….while others sit inside going on about their day? How much “Energy” does it take for your BEing to do this? You are “SENDING OUT” your energy to a SHIELD to those that either oppose and or just dont understand! There is of NO return of this energy. HOW is this a Do unto Others as you would have THEM do unto you? There is of NO GAIN by of doing this now is there truely Chelas? Are you beginning to see a bit more of the picture here I AM trying to put upon a writing canvas for your eyes to open to see.

SEE thru your HEARTS/SOULS when choosing “MOVEMENTS” and directionals of your energies. Instead of NO RETURNS think of how much more “movement” there would be in directing your FLOWS/MOVEMENTS to JUST what you are trying to “CHANGE”. By this it means: IF you are trying to save peoples housing from being “Foreclosed” on then DO JUST THAT….. SAVE THEIR HOMES! This can be done by ALL of your gatherings can it not? Say for example there was a news story in your MSN news not long ago of a foreclosure of a 101 year old woman. The police and movers decided, THEY, decided to NOT follow the direct order of the bank, which was to Evict her from the dwelling/property. This IS a “Big Bank” involved here, I will not go into details at this time. However you see by a FREE-WILL choice those whom were involved made, this woman is still living inside her home….They “Stayed Off” the eviction and foreclosure by doing and choosing of such action….that was the Reaction they received. You see Chelas there are FAR better ways of use of your energies. You see THEY directly “Helped” this woman herself with their choice of Reaction/Action they took. It was a DIRECT MOVEMENT! To the DIRECT SOUL and CAUSE they were trying to help.

Imagine if you will Chelas what 200,000 and I AM saying JUST 200,000 people could do with “direct” empowerment to “HELP” their “Cause to see an Effect” and not so much seeing a “Sit and Spin” redundant energy spin or combat.

Why do we suppose the “Barter” system faded away as it did? Was it do to people becoming greedy/controlling/manipulating maybe? This created what? Lack of Trust/Faith/Belief/Seperation/Division and Return? Causing a INbalance to the Natural given Balance?

You ALL have Free-Will, Freedom of Speech, and Movement. Time to pull together to help one another by forming “Movements” that actually SHOW the effect NOT against the flow.

Imagine in the 200,000 people that come together if EACH one of those people pulled out $1.00 for another soul to save a foreclosure how that would eventually END the crisis of housing that you see going on around you. THIS Is the VERY CAUSE you are pulling together for is it of not? I know there will be of some whom can see this in a deeper injection of you are still promoting the Big Banks in their ways….However change has and always will be a gradual step towards ALL things….Remember Chelas you can not rush “Fine Art” or “Growth” Of those 200,000 people I AM sure that some of those own their “own” business or have opportunity to “Kick Back” some things into this movement in other ways as well. Maybeit in exchange for work done for food/shelter/clothing etc….THIS is barter chelas. A give and receive type of existance you see. As this circle forms and builds it momentums it gets larger and larger in its expansion and growth……and it touches more and more as it travels.

This is what private charities and foundations set out to do as such. YOU chelas ARE the PRIVATE charities and foundations within yourselves, do you see. It is how you grow and extend out to another brother or sister that will repair the damage to the tapestry or it is you whom will continue the tear or rift in that tapestry.

The “Other” side whom likes that control/manipulaton/greed etc…. that you all see as shackles or chains that you also feel you are “Serving”. Serve yourselves in a RESPONSIBLE loving caring wondrous ways and YOU release your OWN shackles and bindings from those whom you preceive to have hold of the rein or control. For if you “control” ones self there is of NO NEED for another to try to preceive control of another is needed. You simply do not end up crossing paths with those whom you see in these fashions.

So far these ones whom claim to hold rein are not of seeing much of “Change” in their opinions. As there are still those whom “MOVE” forward towards them doing JUST what they are moving against which is DEMAND for change or Control of that/those changes.

Example: There was a story in your news on a politician making a speech, and there was some members of the “Occupy Movement” present. Whom were in “Their” opinions “Exercising” their “Freedom of Speech and Freewill Movement”. As this politician was making her speech, she was “Interupted” with chanting of announcement of the “Act or Movement” of the “People” that were present for some “Change/Changes”. What truely did this do possibly however Chelas? Think for a moment on this one….One must put themselves upon anothers path or shoes persay. IF you were speaking and someone outburst across the top of you, interupting you and DIS-honoring that place you are in and coming from. What do you suppose “YOUR” Reaction would be? Lets be open and honest in our feelings here in the NOW Chelas. This only leads to a confortation which is truely a “Combat” a bicker backer back and forth…is this really going anywhere? What momentums of energy are possibly created in such ways?

I am simply suggesting to you to RE-iterate on your forms and patterns just a bit if you will to try to explore “Other” channels to your direction and where you truely want to see change and how to bring forth such changes. There is SO MUCH each and every soul can offer in our world of existance in the here and now times. You see all the time people not able to heat their homes, feed their families and the list continues from there. OUTREACH directly to those whom you are so desiring to help and assist. DONT limit your energies to bicker backer back and forths that have now taken so much of your “Time” and not seeing much Effect as of yet. TAKE YOUR POWERS BACK within self and DIRECT them in TRUE FORM thru your movement and deliver them where you want to see the Cause and Effect from that action.

Now some more things to ponder on, IF you want the barter system back then there is not much of another way to effectivly do it, to bring forth that change. For what IS barter….but an Exchange between for each to hold or have what they need to sustain life expodentially! Oh you say, but you want the “monetary” to drop away and HOW will this be of done in such fasionary movement? Simplicity Chelas, You lessen the grip of “Supply and Demand” If you ones help one another step by step little by little that makes the wheel run in another direction than what you have been seeing does it not?

If Sam owns a store and Sally is unemployed there is NO LAW stating that Sally can not do an “Act” of kindness and thru that act of kindness Sam can not gift to Sally something that she may need or want etc… You see Chelas there is NO TAXATION to Sam nor to Sally in this form of movement! As there are More and More “Acts” in this form of movement, you lesson the grips of the VERY things that you Initially set out to change, only in another way a different movement….that by the way Chelas CAN NOT be seen nor felt as a Challenge or a Combat move for those ones to take up “Arms or Shields” against! You also EMPOWER yourselves an combine that power with others as you move forward in your paths of helping others along the way. This is a DIVINE re-sewing of the torn tapestries of seperations and divisions that have rifted throughout times gone by. This will END poverty, END strifes, Controls, Judgements and the list goes on. Remember as Times change People and ALL things change, this is the Growth. I AM only re-iterating what your soul already knows and contains in its PURE FORM.

So when Jacob says to you “I AM going to strike and picket on Big Banks or on Poverty etc” you say unto him as are you and several hundred other folks whom join your movement as they reach in their hearts and move in loving and TRUE peacefull ways…….by going DIRECT to the SOURCE of what is the need…..which is THE PEOPLE! More and more will jump into this circle and it truely will gain momentum 10 fold faster than that form of stance of stubborness and demand. WALK YOUR PATH DEAR ONES to see the EFFECT. Your paths are ALL inner connected at SOURCE/CREATOR level which is where you are ALL wanting to be and head to, is this not of but correct?

You have a Holiday coming up most recognize as “CHRISTMAS”. Most associate this time as a time for Giving/Gifting to another….Donating to a cause or place or being that is in need. WHY must you wait for a “SET” or specific date for this. Chelas EVERDAY should be thought of as CHRISTmas.

You can see a larger picture to this “date or holiday” or to ANY date/holiday for that fact…..maybeit Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Independance Day, Labour Day etc….. ALL the holidays that you all celebrate and or recognize. You see there IS a CAUSE and EFFECT for recognition of these days/dates….Things fall in price for short times……its like a HOOK and PULL. IF we turn each day into these giving loving thoughtful times you will also deminish the extreme price gouges that you all notice as well. You see a rise and fall in pricings on material things….This is a PRIME example of the cause to the effect you see. Remember Chelas, SUPPLY and DEMAND. Supply and Demand keeps your large corporations “Feeding that Machine” in order you see. There are a multitude of ways to Fix, Change or RE-design this forseen machine.

In your book you call the Holy Bible, there is Script that says “SUNDAY” is the “Holy Day”. Now whom do you suppose viewed that as such? Whom wrote most of the “words” in that preceived holy book? Mankind? As they “Preceived” it to be of such? EACH DAY should be a work/rest day in true when you look upon things a bit more into “Creator/Creation” there should ALWAYS be work of done and Rest to be of had…..there is NO SUCH SPECIFIC DAY/TIME/PLACE for such…..EXCEPT that in which your soul being directs for YOU in its growth and need. What if you were to HOOK and PULL into this holy book and you are a “Farmer” whom has livestock to tend, crops to water/harvest etc….DO these just WAIT and do without on that day you call “SUNDAY” the day of rest as directed in your holy book? Livestock surely WONT understand the waiting and some may die or wither away in that waiting you see. EACH DAY should be considered work/rest/play……your being will bring in as it needs what it needs in the time and ways it needs. When you are hungry you eat, thirsty you drink and so on…… As in ALL things of creation DO NOT STOP……it is a continual flow at all times. This is ALL Progression of Evolutional Growth and Movements.

Lets move to “Levels” or “Competitions” how do we END the strifes created in those and where were and how was these “created”? Again turn to self to see the constructs of the creations here. You are shown in growing up these “Levels” or “Challenges” each day within everday life, work environment, schools, etc… how these levels are formed…..ALOT teach or say BE THE BEST…..Reach the TOP……proove to yourself YOU CAN DO IT. BUT what in true is this showing and creating. Its Competitions Chelas…..which are “Levels” of “Highers/Lowers Better/Worst” etc…. can you see. THIS is where the rift or tear of Judgement sets in of someone being better than another, which is FALSITY! Creator did not sit atop a mountain nor a cloud in creation saying ” I shall make you suffer and pillage for your survival and say to another I shall make gold out of you” You see ALL ARE EQUAL……ALL are just on seperate times of their GROWTH STAGES…..NOT leveling stages! Those whom are not in of the understanding or the growth of recognitions of these levels are the ones whom pit one to another and create the “I AM BETTER THEN YOU ARE EFFECT FROM THE CAUSE” you see. Its not that I AM saying they are in the wrong nor they are bad/negative nor dark, that is simply NOT the case. It is simply that they have not come to the “recognition” to that growth stage to clearly see that there is NOTHING to be fighting or pitting against. As you have ALL been provisioned for EQUALLY! There is MORE than enuff to go around 10 fold for and to ALL BEINGS OF CREATION! Once this is known in full to center of soul, it releases the need to control and the set of greed and controlled direction of these provisioned life sustaining things, that were FREELY given to ALL and CREATED FOR ALL!

As each soul reaches a climatic point in expodental growth it outreaches and shines its new found lights of balance and love not only to the inner being but it also reflects outward as well. It acts as a lighthouse leading or lighting a way. Others believe it or not will follow these lights as they see the EFFECT it is CAUSING or Creating whilst upon this journey.

You ALL need to RELEASE in FORGIVENESS to thineselves to truely start moving forward within these new movements. For if you can not forgive thineself, how must you expect to forgive another? To carry ones bondage and baggage thru lifecycles is to tie or harness one self to a matrix of redundancy.

Alot of you belive in “Karma” and there is Nothing wrong within this thought, however, with the thought of Karma…..contains MANY CONSTRAINTS and TIES. Meaning you ones are harsh on self, which keeps you LOOPING in a redundant cycle of on-going karmatic redundancy. This is why we say to you DROP your pasts and LIVE IN THE NOW! For you ones CAN NOT un-due what has been of done, it is simply that OF DONE! BUT you can however CARRY with you the lesson of those times and continue to move forward upon your life journey in acceptance these things happened and are coming to a close even in the NOW times. IF you do not do this you will bind yourself within the shackles of redundant patterns that cause cycles to be ever looping in re-peat fashion. To ERR is human, however to Err again maybe redundant in repeat fashion, which takes away your time and your energy to REPEAT that cycle again. To recognize that ALL things happen for a reason, accept that reason or lesson and say or hold that you have “learned or grown” from that reason or lesson and continue in your FORWARD growth is the FREEDOM you ALL search for, but often times feel you do not deserve of such! You see Chelas FORGIVNESS is a MASTERY as well, which EACH and EVERY one of you HOLD THAT KEY as well.

You are ALL Master Creator Chela/Cohan in your journey. NONE are of different, just in different times and lessons/stages. Please love thineselves you ARE your temple to your INNER purity and perfect harmonic balance that you were created in, by your Creator in perfect unconditional love. Within your “Temple” holds ALL KEYS and ALL ANSWERS to your soul journey path that you have chosen in this life and times. This is why often is said to you “look within, all things are there” you carry creator in PURE in WHOLE within your soul at ALL times and ALL ways. There is also a saying I like to say “CHANGE THOUGHT, CHANGE ALOT!”

You ARE the DIVINE driver of YOUR OWN VESSEL/Body/BEing. Its how you choose to drive and follow the “inner” direction from pure heart/center/harmonic flow that will ultimatly show you what you seek. Please have Respect and Love unconditionally upon another BEing that is not quite to where you are upon your path, for there naught be a iota one of you that has not been of in that soul’s path, in some form of a same lesson as well, I assure you. ALL is in growth and of creation by Creator, and ALL are given life to sustain life force energy by that purity given the chance of continual growth and illuminous inner beauty back to the whole of creation.

I should not hope that you would “scorn” on a child just learning and developing finding his/her way upon their birthed path and tresspass upon judgement on saying there must be rights or wrongs in a FREEWILL freedom given by CREATOR zone or plane! This is UNCODITIONAL non-controlled growth, is this NOT what you all desire? TOTALITY of freedom? This earth plane is Creators given for Growth/Play/Healing/Learning TO ALL OF CREATION. Hence we have said in prior times “PLAY NICELY CHILDREN” for this is your realms of growth, exploration, maturization, and TOTAL freedom and or RESTRAINTS of your contructs. As Above So Below is of been said to as such in past times yes? You are ALL here to make/mould/ and create YOUR souls journey and experiance to of such as you have “chosen” and created it to be.

Much LOVE to ALL upon your paths of self journey and Totality to freedoms of fullfillments of your souls joy. May the rainbow touch the shoulders of EACH and EVERY single Life Force Energy BEing upon this journey.

Blessings to ALL thru Rainbow Eyes upon your Golden Paths

Hatonn, Commander
GFL (Galactic Federation of Light)





  1. Dear friend, Im not aware if you know but the movement is caused by the evils side so people will forget and give up their rights.. they are doing it the wrong way.. this is only helping the fema camps to continue.. there is one way to work as a people but the people arent a people. if you know about this then you know that this is helping more to give up our rights just like 9/11.. look at what the mayor of the new york did and to be frank about what im saying.. the people are u.s citizens which means under the law they only have civil rights and priviledges and they arent going anywhere but no one does not want to listen.. and myself has spoken to master sananda and he has showed me a way.. these visions has come true and come to pass.. people are just resorting to violence and ignorance in this…

  2. sorry for the typing.. im really tired and if you have common sense then you can understand if you have questions on what i mean ask and i will reply.

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