I “share” as a teacher and a messenger. We call that “cohan” because it is our language—nothing
more. “Chela” means “student”, nothing more. I do not believe that as a student of physics you
would expect to WORSHIP your professor. However, you might well RESPECT him if he/she be
of quality and TRUTH. Keep it simple, chelas—when the student is ready the cohan (teacher) will
be at hand.




  1. Dear Hatonn:
    In the picture above with your signature, you have ears. In the picture to the left of this frame, you do not have ears. Do you shape-shift?
    Thank you.

    1. Nati….Hatonn doesn’t answer on this website…..he is humanoid but is very tall (9 feet), pale and practically bald….Dieter

  2. Dear Dieter:
    The website says, “Hatonn speaks the truth”. How does he answer queries about who he is. Why does Hatonn have to speak through another…The pictures of him shows he has a mouth … though one picture shows he has no ears…Does he communicate through sign-language as the deaf do ?
    Thank you,

    1. Hatonn doesn’t have to commmunicate through another…..keep reading contact newspaper….you’ll figure it out. D.

  3. Dear Dieter:
    Who publishes the Contact newspaper.? How does the contact newspaper communicate with Hatonn? There are other websites claiming relationship with Hatonn.
    Have you seen Hatonn personally yourself, Mr. Dieter?
    Different groups claiming relationship with Hatonn confuses me. Hatonn should authenticate his group otherwise the credibility of every one suffers.

    Thank you.

  4. Dear Dieter:
    Anyone claiming to have relationship with Hatonn but with the latter not authenticating or acknowledging such relationship would be open to question. Ergo, their credibility suffers. We the audience suffers from confusion.
    So will Hatonn please respond in real time to clear things up.
    Thank you.

  5. Dear Dieter:
    The very fact that I am asking questions shows my limitation. Will you please help me overcome my limitation being confused about:
    1. I cannot understand why one picture of Hatonn shows him with ears while
    another picture of Hatonn shows him with no ears in your webpage.
    2. You stated that Hatonn is “humanoid, 9 feet tall, pale and practically
    My question is “Have you seen and communicated face to face with Hatonn personally?”
    You are not under obligation to prove anything to me. Only direct answers from you can help me out of my confusion.
    Thank you.

    1. Nati…. we are all guided by our intuition… artists who paint Hatonn for example…. maybe if you can just receive the information in gratitude and then you are able to receive the gift…..then as you process that gift….only YOU and nobody else will decide what to keep and what to discard.

      I’ve left several months of reading material which can answer many questions for you…..do your reading!


  6. Dear Dieter:
    One artist, “guided by intuition” painted Hatonn WITH EARS . Another artist, “guided by intuition” painted Hatonn with NO EARS. This proves that neither of them were guided by their respective intuitions factually.
    You did not answer the question,”Have you seen and communicated face to face with Hatonn peronally?” My intuition is right that the answer is negative.
    Thank you.

  7. Nati,

    No I haven’t….he’s on a spaceship, and no, this isn’t negative.

    You’re welcome, okay I’m done with your questions. Keep on educating yourself!


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