A Description Of A Galactic Federation Of Light Spaceship Landing – by Omega Drekx

A Description Of A Galactic Federation Of Light Spaceship Landing – by Omega Drekx

My most recent mission has been arranging a Galactic Federation diplomatic protocol with an afpac conflict resolution peacemaker, at his 40 acres of mountain top property ranch, in the US…
He is going over this contact initiative with some permanent members of the UN Security Council, but needs to be reassured that the Galactic Federation are fully trustworthy….
I have arranged the preliminaries, but still require his preferred GPS co-ordinates for a touchdown t-mat at his desired location….Read the venue agenda:


I’ll provide some gentle facts about the diplomatic mission that will allow a more settled prior-event imagining:

Upon seeing the glowing plasma mist you should wait until the craft fully materialises and you will note that the ionisation field around the hull will remain very bright white light for a few minutes, in which it would be better to avert your gaze, or wear sunglasses for the interval. As the colour tone changes from white to blue to turquoise to green, it will eventually stabilize as a soft violet hue and remain active as the door opens on the ground level side of the hull. This craft will be spherical, with a slightly protruding “skirting foil” around the centre, power units at the base and stand about 100 feet in height…
The hatchway will seamlessly open and out will step the Commander (Vashtar,) who will beckon you to approach the craft and the 9 foot high embarkation hatch. Do not touch the glowing hull as you enter, or you may feel some static electricity effects (nothing dangerous) upon hair and clothing.
Commander Vashtar will be wearing a blue shiney “jump-suit,” boots and gloves. He is 7 feet in height and wears long golden hair. Although over 1000 years in age, he will appear to you to be in his early twenties…
He will introduce you to his flight crew, who serve in the diplomatic mission also.

As I intimated in my previous post, and a reminder, that when you meet with Federation personnel, you will not be presented with non-humanoid representatives, but rather the Sirians within the Scout Ship, four-man crew, who will welcome you with the telepathically relayed words; “Selamat Balik!!” which is a customary welcome. Upon receiving this message inside your mind, please return the courtesy with the SPOKEN response; “Selamat Ja..!!” clasping both flat palms together, not unlike the Hindu greeting..

Then the Commander will move forward and invite you aboard the spherical (100 feet diameter) scout-ship, where you will be shown to a reception hall, within which, a seat for transit will be offered. This seat will be high-backed, round and fully adjustable to your body’s shape, height and any imperfections and/or ailments, rendering PERFECT comfort for the brief journey into space…..
At this stage you will be presented with a small device which allows spoken and clearer telepathic communication, which is a universal translator. It is circular, flat and 2 inches in diameter and will be attached to your clothing..Indeed, you will hear your own voice from those communicating with you, in perfect English, unless removed.

The trip from scout-ship to mother-ship will take less than a minute and will be part teleportation, part space-vectoring and entry through the top embarkation port of the much vaster, mothership…

Then transit, no g-force stress, no inertia, no violent shocks will be experienced, at all…
An instantaneous T-mat jump to the ionosphere and then a re-materialisation and quick higher atmospheric transit made to the Mothership in space, where you will be moved from the hanger bay to the visitor receiption room and there, allowed to meet other Federation personnel, including Andromedans and Pleiadeans…who are also humanoid in appearance…
But primarily, you will be negotiating with the Sirian Star Nation “Akanowai Dajoie,” within the conference facility aboard the vast 300 miles diameter mothership, in Earth orbit and for the duration, cloaked. A point of interest is that each mothership has capacity to store 500 fully operational scout ships.

In spite of all your described ailments suffered, while aboard the ships, you will enjoy temporary relief and no pain at all….
And in spite of the conference duration continuing for some hours, you will be subject to a higher than usual oxygen content and find that you do not tire at all….The conference completed, you will be returned to your ranch and a duration of 2 minutes will have elapsed only, in relative Earth terms……….

Regards, Drekx

When Drekx Omega and Richard Speak You May Wish To Listen….MORE ON BLUE LIGHT DISPLAY OVER NORWAY by AA Metatron


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