HATONN: I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come as a Teacher, Messenger, and Wayshower in response to the heart’s call from you who read and apply these words. I come in The One Light of Father-Mother Source—Creator God. May these words help you to find your way along this current segment of your soul’s magnificent infinite journey.


1/1/02 – Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

Good evening, my scribe. Be still and allow the Light to fill you from within. I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come in the One Light of Creator Source.

We of the Lighted Realms, who come in service to you ones at this time are very busy as we continually reach out a helping “hand”. Most often the “hand” we offer to you ones comes in the way of the subtle thought, idea, or inspiration. We make great efforts toward assisting you ones in putting together bits of information so as to help you each, individually, to stretch your awareness of self and of the environment in which you now find yourself.

It is only through self discovery and personal awareness that you can grow beyond the need for physical repetition of lessons. You each, as individuals, must, in your own time and in your own way, come into acceptance of who you are and the true purpose of the physical schoolroom in which you now find yourself.

You SHALL find your way!

The events unfolding on your planet are of great importance, and continued survival in the physical is most desirable at this time so as to be an active participant in very unique challenges that are coming. These challenges will eventually bring about a renewed appreciation and love of the simple things in life—such as a lazy summer afternoon on the beach. There will also come a renewed respect for one another, and a strong sense of moral and ethical values as you ones realize that unity and peace are an integral part of the most powerful force in all of Creation—LOVE!

The events now unfolding [concerning the then-recent 9/11 event itself and what was engineered afterward, both in terms of stepped-up military action in the Middle East and legislation here in the United States through the so-called Patriot Act] will come as a great shock to the masses. MANY ones will choose to roll over, like a pet dog, and give their belly in a show of obedience and submission—not realizing that they are giving-in to the “beast” of fear and ignorance.

Meanwhile, the ones, who are beginning to hear the internal alarms sounding within their peripheral awareness, are becoming restless as they seek information from traditional news sources. They feel that they are only being told half-truths at best, and sense that the sorcerer-like hands of the master politicians are busily at work behind the scenes, as the rhetoric of double-speak continues to flow forth to create the hypnotic mantra of bloodthirsty battle cries.

This intuitive sense that is causing restlessness is what SHOULD be examined VERY closely and in fine detail. This awareness of Inner Communication, coming forth from within, is perhaps the most fundamental yet subtle lesson you ones can learn while in the physical.

We of the Lighted Realms have been placing great amounts of attention on this subject in our messages as of late due to its very fundamental nature. From a personal point of certainty that the INNER (non-physical) world is the greater reality, you can then go forth in complete knowing that there is NOTHING in the physical to fear, ever. This awareness will TRULY set you free because it is fear that is at the heart of what binds and controls you now.

The basic thrusts of age-old statements such as “Know thyself ” and “Know thy enemy” are simple ways of encouraging you to seek within yourself for answers that give understanding and purpose to your physical journey. When you truly answer either question, you automatically get the answer to the other.

Rapid shifts in perceptual reality will always cause an inner stirring as ones try to make sense out of the confusion generated. Perceptual values will quickly be distilled down to basic real values. Ones will be caused to go within and tap this “elusive” intuitive sense, and thus learn to listen to the “Still Voice” within. This Inner Voice is always with you. It always has been with you, and always will be with you.

Your world is playing out its destiny. The exact outcome has yet to be written. However, the general outcome is known. Remember that your planet is a schoolroom and your Mother Earth has made great sacrifices and endured great pains so that you ones might learn very fundamental lessons, such as what you ones call the Golden Rule.

The natural cycle of the physical experience is due entirely to the non-physical factors that affect you each. The non-physical factors are things like what you perceive as the stepped-up “cosmic” radiations and electromagnetic radiations bathing your planet.

What are these things exactly? They are the byproduct physical effects of activities in the aetheric sub-space that gives form to the formless and gives mass to the massless. The aetheric domain is, in essence, the foundation that makes the whole physical illusion possible in the first place.

Space (as in outer space) is not a homogeneous nothingness. It has varying vibrational densities, eddies, and currents—especially when viewed from the perspective of the aetheric energy dynamics. You, as individuals, respond to these non-physical aetheric energies, and likewise so too do ALL aspects of the physical-material universe.

These aetheric energy shifts are somewhat relative on the physical plane. This means that most physical matter will shift in relative proportion to all other matter, and therefore there will be a consistency and predictability in the perception of the physical substance.

However, you ones, as souled entities, have perceptual abilities that extend well beyond the physical, and therefore you will personally sense the shifts in the aethers. The more you rely on intuition and the finer senses, the more pronounced will be the noticed effects of the shiftings as they take place.

As we have stated in many previous messages, the most common perceptual awareness that you and the masses around you tend to notice is the “speed-up” of time. The perception of time is relative to (correlates with) the “density” of the space you occupy. As the density of space changes, so too does the rate of vibration of atoms and such, in relative proportion. You, as an entity who exists across ALL vibrational spectra, can perceive these density shifts, and therefore you will find that “time is speeding up”. In actuality, the “density” of the aethers is shifting in such a manner that the physical aspect of your experience must speed up its vibrational rate in order to maintain “unity and peace” in a condition of stable balance.

So why all the wars, fighting, and seeming chaos if the frequency of the planet is going up?

Change is often met with resistance, especially among those who effort greatly to deny their unbreakable connection to Creator God. These ones know that the Planetary Cleansing is underway and, as they do time and time again, they effort to find a way to keep their desired lower-frequency “reality” intact.

These “Dark” ones will do everything they can imagine to generate enough anger, fear, doubt, and uncertainty—all manner of low-frequency aetheric energy vibrations—so as to use the masses of the people to generate an energy distortion in the aethers that will temporarily buy them “time” to figure out a way to avoid the inevitable.

(“The inevitable”, by the way, includes an increased perceptual awareness by the masses, who grow to see beyond the illusion of the material world, and therefore the ability to be controlled or manipulated disappears.)

Do these spiritually “Dark” ones know what they are doing? Yes and no.

For the most part, the ones you can perceive as being “ruthless fellow humans” are operating as puppets, in an instinct-like manner in which they thrive, at an ego level, by hoarding, manipulating, lying, cheating, etc., in order to satiate a desire for power and control.

This disposition is often due to a strong negative overshadowment by very Dark non-physical energies who know EXACTLY what THEY are doing. These controlling entities feel most “alive” when they are causing others to generate strong negative emotions.

Often the physical puppets are simply going along for the ride, and are in constant battle to suppress any sense of conscience (Light) that may be left within them, having “sold their soul” to these Dark satanic entities. The deceptively subtle material-domain power of this combination is why so many ones cannot even fathom the depth of the evil operating on your planet at this time.

If you look at the Planetary Cleansing process much like dealing with an infection, where often the body has to raise its temperature in order to kill off the invader, then you will see that the wars, violence, anger, and such are actually signs that the healing process has begun and is well on its way.

Often you ones speculate on how things will be and just how events will unfold. But just as often you place limitations on yourself, as well as on Creator God and His many Angels and Spirit Guides. The greatest reason we stress the importance of inner recognition and understanding of the intuitive perceptions is so that you will more fully recognize the Perfection unfolding—as well as the innate perfect balance among ALL of Creator’s creations, including you and the physical schoolroom in which you now find yourself being tested.

There are no accidents, no chance happenings—only a sequence of events unfolding in Perfection. Even if you don’t see this right now, you will eventually see and understand.

Look WITHIN for the answers to the questions that burden your heart. Look WITHIN for the understanding of who you are and your purpose in life. (Have you ever considered that perhaps one purpose for you in this life might be to learn to interpret “gut feelings” and intuitions? Just a thought to consider!)

I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, come as a Teacher, Messenger, and Wayshower in response to the heart’s call from you who read and apply these words. I come in The One Light of Father-Mother Source—Creator God. May these words help you to find your way along this current segment of your soul’s magnificent infinite journey.

Blessings and Peace. Salu.

Reposted 4/13/11
THANK YOU  Rocky Montana

A CONVERSATION WITH ET COMMANDER HATONN: Tehachapi, California, 1993 ” GOD WILL DO EXACTLY WHAT HE WANTS TO DO! KNOW IT! Without your limitations—YOUR limitations limit YOU and YOU limit what God may do through you.”

A CONVERSATION WITH ET COMMANDER HATONN: Tehachapi, California, 1993 ” GOD WILL DO EXACTLY WHAT HE WANTS TO DO! KNOW IT! Without your limitations—YOUR limitations limit YOU and YOU limit what God may do through you.”


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[HATONN:] Don’t let all these stories that are thrust at you—GOD wouldn’t this and GOD wouldn’t that—

GOD WILL DO EXACTLY WHAT HE WANTS TO DO! KNOW IT! Without your limitations—YOUR limitations limit YOU and YOU limit what God may do through you.


I don’t know about all the rest of you in this room but Dharma intends to MAKE IT. So maybe she’s not a bad one to trip along after. You get far enough along, you UNDERSTAND this mechanism, and FAILURE is not among your favorite words.


We are going to have energy ABUNDANTLY and in the creating of this energy we will also SHIELD abundantly. And it all comes from the same simple source of cellular LIFE in LIGHT. Sounds pretty complicated. It is until you understand it and it is so simple that you cannot find those little FRAGMENTS to hook them up because you complicate everything. That’s fine, the time is not at hand. But, I’m going to say NOW in wrapping this up: Whether you like it, don’t like it, deny it, turn away from it—and each one makes that decision—it’s not mine. You don’t say, “Oh, hey, Hatonn…” You can say to Hatonn, “Hey, buddy, count me IN.” It’s still between YOU big guys. I’m the messenger.


I had a petition from one whose family is missing in India: would I tell them——is there death or is there still living? It’s very, very hard for me to respond as I have to. I cannot tell them—I am not a fortune teller. Dharma is accused and edicted in a court of law that she is me. Now, supposing these lips say, “Sabu is alive.” That may give some measure of relief. Supposing these lips say, “Sabu is dead.” The

hope is gone, the prayers are gone. Why would I do that? Because always as long as you are connected to GOD—THERE IS HOPE! Hope. Stranger things have happened, haven’t they, as they unearth a child after a week. Don’t limit God by limiting your own hope mechanism.


My journey here is not for fortune telling, not for causing her to be a psychic. There are great and gifted ones with insight—Maya here, Maya is ATTUNED to that as, as a, a GIFT. Dharma is a writer. And understand that I understand why these petitions come to her, simply because that is your way of knowing they GET TO ME. But if I respond through her then we have put it on a very human level. I will also do that often because I know that ones are not hearing, because you’re focused on getting your response from where you sent the message. And sometimes it is nothing more and I know that many, many ones write because early on I said sit down and write it and if you have no place to send it, send it to ME—because in the WRITING of it you have looked at it. And in THOSE INSTRUCTIONS TO YOURSELF you have the resolution. Don’t undersell yourselves. You are thereflection of GOD and YOU WOULD NOT BE HERE TO SERVE NOW were you not worthy andaccepted in that capacity—even if you do not know yet what it is. When the time is at hand—you willknow.And for some it may never materialize. That depends on YOU and what you WANT to happen. I, like all your other brothers and sisters in here, want you to want—the same—the same goal. That’s unrealistic. Every individual has its own metamorphosis.


Tell me…


[EJ EKKER:] Would you like another tape?


[HATONN:] No—unless we’re going to get some questions. [Pause, someone says, “I have—.”] Then let’s let him change it.


[EJ/EKKER:] Uh, Paul go ahead, QUICKLY


[PAUL :] Uh, you’ve got time on the tape—OK.


[EJ EKKER:] Let’s try.


[PAUL:] Look, Commander, when you talk about becoming one with GOD and the Creation, are you talking objectively? Like two, there are actually two objects, uh, me and you, that are distinct, separate beings now, that become one?


[HATONN:] NO. [sounds like a break in the recording, then laughter]


[PAUL:] Um, the reason I’m asking that is because I, I, I find myself often, in speaking of, objectively, as if we were separate and therefore the idea of—even the idea of BECOMING One carries the idea of, to me of, of not yet attaining, of having, uh, to ARRIVE, uh, one’s in one place and one’s in another place and, and the two have to get into the SAME place. And therefore it’s, it, it SOUNDS objective and yet it, it seems to me that it must be the subjective under it where we’re already ONE. GOD IS ONE. THE CREATION IS ONE.


[HATONN:] Keep going, you’re doing fine. [laughter]


[PAUL:] Um, and if, if, um, if GOD and the Creation are one, then I can assume that God and the Creation is inherently and perfectly SUBJECTIVE rather than OBJECTIVE. [baby cries]


[HATONN:] Well, it becomes BOTH, just as you have gone through this rigamarole. There are different  ROLES to be played, different EXPRESSIONS and experiences to be GONE THROUGH.


[PAUL:] Yes, but is that not IN the OBJECTIVE REALM?


[HATONN:] Well, we could talk objective/subjective, you know, and, and NEVER come into a oneness with

the concept because the TWO do not REALLY merge and what you’re asking is something that says, “It’s either-OR.”


[PAUL:] No, I, no, I, maybe I sound like I am but I, I don’t think it’s either-or. I think the one comes out of the other.




[PAUL:] I think the objective comes OUT of the subjective.


[HATONN:] The entirety of everything is the ALLness of it. Now where you get into a BOGGLE is trying to make some kind of SENSE out of this EXPERIENCE. And when you try to figure out the EXPERIENCE of a physical expression on a given planet, is where you go into trouble because you have to WASH THAT OUT before you can be ONE with Creator and KNOW this was an ILLUSION of an experiencing/expressing Creator. And within the CREATION there is only ALL-ness when God

CREATOR is expressing as Creation also. So this is highly, highly complicated in its perception to HUMAN consciousness because your CONSCIOUSNESS is all of THIS that appears to be but is only a MEMORY the moment that you—in the moment of experience it

becomes the memory, you see.

[PAUL:] So, then everything in the objective realm



[HATONN:] Right—THOUGHT. It is the thought expression projected, manifested by GOD. So, Where ARE you? WHERE ARE YOU? You ain’t HERE. [laughter]


[PAUL:] You’ve got to be PRIOR to that—to ALL

of that.


[HATONN:] You’re also AFTER that, aren’t you. And you’re not HERE now. Well, you try to explain that to… [laughter, someone says, “… answer the question, ‘Who ARE you?’”]


[GUEST:] I have a question.


[HATONN:] Lets hear it, I’m tired of that one. [laughter] If yours is, is like that, I, you know.


[GUEST:] It is but it’s a little bit different. My question is this, uh:  Can you correct me—um, uh,

something which you wrote which said that, uh, “Dispersion of an entity’s physical body—by nuclear blast affects the spirit PART and, or, and/or SCARS it.”


[HATONN:] Yes.


[GUEST:] For ETERNITY. Is that correct?


[HATONN:] It doesn’t necessarily have to be throughout ALL eternity, but yes, and …


[GUEST:] Of, a, a scarring nature upon the spiritsoul entity?


[HATONN:] Damaging, yes. Does that make …


[GUEST:] For at least for a period or a blocked period. And if that be true then, eh, ah, to have any, even one spirit-entity soul fragment of God reflection- LIGHT be harmed in such MANNER, uh, nuclear

blast and so forth, would be kind of like, uh, in MY eyes, personally, letting, uh, the enemy’s darkest

forces WIN by doing the scarring of a soul-entity because death by any other means, might—to my knowledge of reading and so forth—is not harmful except for the nuclear blast, right?


[HATONN:] No, there are other things, too, but nuclear blast is what you can RELATE to. What we’re talking about—and maybe it’ll make it a little more SIMPLE to consider in your thinking process: There are other things that are more DAMAGING or more DISPERSING to the energy form that is your SOUL. Now, we have to go BACK to this being ILLUSION. So, what have you basically done?


This one always gets me in trouble when I say, “Alright, let’s assume you now are GOD,” and yet there’s NO OTHER WAY to express this particular thought: YOU ARE NOW GOD. God THINKS— THINKS—you and you become manifest. Now where is this thought going to EXPERIENCE that is now manifest? Well, if it is in a CONSCIOUSNESS it’s going to be in basically a PHYSICAL realm, where CONSCIOUSNESS can perceive and make choices. So this becomes the soul-growing-lesson phase of God’s EXPRESSION. Have I CREATED myself out there into a situation that I can PROPERLY control through the LAWS—ALSO structured—and become working creation?


Particle beam blasts will disperse that SOUL energy, if it is drawn from prana energy which is life RESOURCE—everything around you. ALWAYS when you are getting into these massive subjects of, “Who am I? Who is GOD?”—you have to stop thinking in terms of ANYTHING that you recognize around you.


You are talking now about WHAT IS GOD. And GOD IS LIGHT——FOCUSED. There’s no, even, you know, there’s no REALLY going out and coming back. There is the PERCEPTION of going away from and coming back, that is the life-perception cycle. What is actually happening is, you are going NOWHERE, everything is going like this: constricting, compressing, expanding. God is BREATHING, lets say. So, you will FIND an EXPRESSION in which to EXPERIENCE. Obviously, you want to experience something that ones around here are experiencing or you would be in Lower Slobovia today. You might not think that an alternative but you see EVERYTHING is an alternative, your next BREATH is an alternative. So when we talk about the damage to the soul, you also have to understand that in the manifestation or the CONDENSING of this energy form—let’s get into physics. This always makes Dr. Young moan, groan and, “Oh, GOODNESS, he’s going to get into physics and—nobody ever tells it like THAT.”


[laughter, someone says, “It’s ok, he left”—more laughter]


He knew I was going to get into physics. [laughter] You are about six ounces—YOU. That’ll be a relief to all of you always on a diet. [laughter, someone says, “Just tell me WHERE”—more laughter]


Well, after you have a baby there is a bit more— you know, you’re feeding two. [more background comments, unintelligible]


But there is legitimately a way to measure that— at death—if you could measure body, you would find it to be approximately six ounces lighter after the spirit has withdrawn. So you literally have a traveling, pulsing, living energy form.


Now do you really GO anywhere? No. You will STUDY all of this that is manifest AROUND you for awhile. You MAY sever that cord and go home. You may travel around for awhile. Once that energy form is SEVERED from the body, RARELY, rarely will it take a presence in it again. For that reason, MANY won’t let go of that body for quite awhile just in case you change your mind. And depending on the LEVEL of your PROGRESSION and understanding and KNOWING, is how attached you will be to that physical FORM. Most of YOU would be very happy to cut out—just, “Well, I remember now and that’s enough.” But you won’t do that because of the responsibility accepted by that energy form to help OTHER fragments—also, EQUALLY, little manifestations beginning their journey—so that God can express in His THOUGHT.


Now, what happens? You have six ounces, give or take a little, floating around integrated with ALL THAT IS. So you are now a part of that magnificent ALL. But it still has direction, it still has identity, it still has its DNA IMPRINT—in each energy MOLECULE, each energy ATOM of YOU there is blueprint. Prana energy under FORCE can cause a chain reaction that will BLOW APART your ENERGY FORM. That does not mean it cannot reassemble because you cannot—you cannot destroy.


You are like a hologram: you blow up a hologram, each PARTICLE will bear your blueprint or the blueprint of that whole that you were visualizing. NUCLEAR blast will SEVER—very frequently, SEVER—parts of your genetic BLUEPRINT. Does that mean that it cannot recover? If it is ALONE out here in this mass with nothing for it to—to associate with of its own SELF, it will drift around—much like the little mitochondria—until it finds the REST of itself. And when you have NUCLEAR destruction, it HURTS you. It treats, it treats the soul very much as an EXPLOSION of physical form would treat the body: it blows it apart. And it sometimes just takes infinite, infinite amounts of experience for it to reassemble. CAN it be reassembled? Of course, because with Creator form it WILL be. But part of the experience is to allow that to RE-FIND itself.


Now, you’re talking a long time, but I want to tell you: in infinity there IS a long time, NOT AS LONG AS YOU MIGHT THINK FOR ACTIVE PARTICIPATION—BECAUSE THERE WILL ALWAYS COME AFTER THE MYRIAD CYCLES A PERIOD OF VOIDANCE where expression has gone out there and it will pause, before it returns completely back, within itself. And in that time of voidance there will be rest—of ALL. Maybe you’ll call it re-creation, maybe you’ll call it sleep. But everything in a moment of time—or perceived time— will REST.


It IS the reason for the downfall of civilizations. Nuclear holocaust will always bring a finalizing of the play. Now why would that be? That is because it’s bad enough when man learns to create LIFE. You can now create and duplicate. You cannot breathe life into what you duplicate but it’s close enough that if it can rise above its programming it can REGAIN ITS BREATH OF LIFE, its SOUL expression. When man can CREATE DEATH, it’s unacceptable—and you’ve been able to do it. When you can create the destruction of SOUL ENERGY, you damage GOD and it will not be allowed. And at THOSE times we mop-up crew always get sent in.

[GUEST:] Before or after?




[GUEST:] Thank you.


[HATONN:] so you can be there AFTER.


[GUEST:] I, I can see how that would be ACCEPTABLE to GOD to have that happen. And the second part to the question—I didn’t mean to interrupt you—would be how often on placements does that HAPPEN? Does it happen very infrequently, often, sometime, not too often, TOO often …?




[GUEST:] Too often …


[HATONN:] EVERY civilization does it. EVERY CIVILIZATION does it! You have a larger cycle change: you are moving into an INCREDIBLE cycle change, where, seven years ago—you’re into the

seventh year, actually—you literally, Mother became a breathing, thinking entity of her own right. You have—I, this—and I’m going to sound like, you know, one of these——.


You, GOD prepares a place. Actually, you prepare it for self. And there IS A PLACE—and you will very much perceive it to be a duplicate of what you have here on which to express, because

you see, you are in a cycle that many of you will not change energy FORMS. You’re working to make that transition in some kind of recognizable FORM. That’s an experience that you want to do. It also means that you are—as guides and leaders, etc.—moving into an area where you must also be the leader—the teacher. And you must have some of that same FORM recognized by your STUDENTS, if you will. This is—I’m trying to make it simplistic, please understand that.


[GUEST:] Thanks.


[HATONN:] And this is the transition point at which YOU’VE arrived—in this expression. Don’t for ONE MINUTE think this is your only expression. You’re OLD HANDS! You would’ve thought you’d LEARNED by now. And the facts are, you DID. And the follow-on to those facts are something that bothers you—and bothers you and bothers you— because at some level you KNOW. And yet you are TRAINED and you are accepting a ROLE in which you must consider that that could not be, that far-out thought on my part. I must not somehow considermyself GOD to the, to the POINT that I think I can CONTROL these things—because once you KNOW that that is true, you have a tendency to WIPE OUT. YOU’RE THERE. It’s OVER. There’s no POINT in any of this other MISERY going on. And when you came back this time, you of the COMMAND came back KNOWING that you knew and agreeing not to DO THAT: not to bring damage, not to bring instant gratification.


It is very, very HARD for me to watch YOU ones—who LITERALLY have been MY teachers— going through some of the CONSCIOUS confusion and agony that I know I could fix. Just like the mother and father, I don’t want my children to blunder out there in front of that train, it’s going to HURT them! And yet my JOB is to teach you not to GO in front of the train or at the LEAST get out of the WAY of it. So, you are EXPRESSING. You’re NOT young, new souls.


These babies are not young, new souls and they KNOW it—and they’ll make you dance a jig [laughter] before they succumb to that FINAL CURTAIN that you always pull down over them, so that they cannot MAKE their journey. And yet, the largest error that all parents make is in ALSO coming to the realization that they ARE KNOWING and let them become little BRATS with no discipline— because let me tell you, for every little, good angel on their shoulder, you’ve got forty-seven over here: “Go

ahead and do it, it’ll really tick her off.” I give up. “I’m going to stomp that cat … I’m going to squash that bird…”


A child has to GROW, but you cannot have invisible angels running your WORLD. You’ve got to do it. There had to be the physical expression on YOUR PLACE—to do the physical work. It all may be in the SPIRIT as far as what you are efforting to accomplish, but confound it, it requires hands and feet—and you’re “it”. All these other ones around you are experiencing in the PHYSICAL. And if you can do it, you can show your brother the way. If you just want MIRACLES—and magic— you have gained nothing. And I know that most of you get weary and you’d just as soon not gain any more. But you would not still be here if at some level—you know, and you wouldn’t miss it for anything.


􀂾 33’20”-34’46”

[At this point there is an interruption in the flow occasioned by an extraneous question from an unidentified individual: “To become a minister in this church, do you need to go to divinity school or go through that stuff, or how do you go about doing that?” I have chosen to exclude this 1’20” diversion from the transcript for readability.]


􀂾 34’46”

[GUEST:] Alright, thank you. What I wanted to ask is, I’ve heard you say many times over again that nuclear war will be coming, it IS coming, it WILL be there, it WILL HAPPEN and so forth but [expels breath] my confusion here is, uh, the “mopping crews”—I mean, they will come, they are HERE or it will happen—will it, will it or will it not? I’m not, I’m not exactly sure.


[HATONN:] Nuclear war?


[GUEST:] Yes.


[HATONN:] The way you’re headed in the, in the hierarchy of the world, you are marching along, number one, to the prophecies. Uh, Dharma may not remember specifically your letter. I do. And that was a very humble question and I’m glad that you would speak up and ask that question again.


[GUEST:] Thank you.


[HATONN:] I am not a psychic. I’m not going to tell your fortune and yet I make a statement that says you are GOING to have a nuclear war. Why do I think you are going to have a nuclear war? Because I see no SIGNS of it being OTHERWISE and you are ON THE RAGGED EDGE OF IT NOW.


When YOU, when and IF you rise up in the United States and say, “I will not TAKE a Russian [RK: Bolshevik/Neocon] hierarchy. I will not TAKE an ANTICHRIST as MY leader.” That’s one thing— put that aside. You are structured so that every radical, extremist nation—and of course the nation is not “nations with LEADERS”—having been bribed, promised, GIVEN AWAY, SOLD OUT their people.


When THESE ones come into conflict and you will see WHY it will be in the Middle East that the conflict will start, because this is the seat of both the Anti-christ at this moment AND the CHRIST

perception. It doesn’t matter whether they’re THERE or not; this is the PERCEPTION. And SOMEONE— WHEN THE TIME IS ABSOLUTELY APPROPRIATE AND PROPER—WILL PUSH THAT BUTTON. And once you have LOOSED MISSILES—then comes the RESPONSE. You don’t have even to physically respond. Once they are released—say, those missiles aimed at you from the UKRAINE, once out of their HOLDERS—triggers these over here of yours and they’re going to go. So, it is just a matter of WILL YOU BE ABLE TOCHANGE THE THOUGHT travel of the ones who have this power in their hands? And I see no signs that it lessens—it worsens.


There WAS a time not too many years ago that had ones gathered in and gone up and insisted—but I have to remind you, the Plan 2000 has been in ACTIVE OPERATION since LONG before the turn of your century. And I want to put it there because the BIG first step to this One World controlling order under literally SATAN’S rule—and I use that as the total absence of godly behavior, nothing else. I don’t want to get into moralistic things. I’m talking now about ones who SAY they do not believe in God, are basically your adversary if you DO. And when we speak of GOD, of course the most EVIL monster SATAN IS A “GOD”. So what are we talking about?


I am talking wholly about the positive LIGHTED GOD OF CREATION. You see this other GOD over here cannot CREATE. He can only DESTROY and MANIPULATE that which has already been created. So, all ones will come and they’ll play—back and forth, back and forth. It is now time to come into the alignment WITH. Are you going to come into the alignment with CREATOR—regardless of what you think of His messengers or anything else—or are you going to continue locked in this illusion of physical limitations, where you can only deal with the manipulators and manipulations, whether that be through cloning, reproduction of human, reproduction of animal. You cannot be Creator of Life. You can only be creator of THINGS. [pause]


The BEST thing that you can do for EVERYONE around including self is to UNDERSTAND that. Well, you don’t have to understand it. Acknowledge it, so that it’s always there as you witness and watch what happens. When you get the players, you get the picture and you see what’s happening.


And then I’m going to repeat what I’ve said over and over again and—NOBODY feels Godly enough to accept the responsibility. ONE energy fragmentcould change everything—if you take the POWER. But you WILL not take the power until you have GROWN into the responsibility of that power that you take. That is the difference in GOD CREATOR and SATANIC HIERARCHY. They

will always get you by FORCE, one way or another: BRIBERY—TRICKERY—OR FORCE. God will never do that. Therefore, you’ve got to learn your lessons. You’ve got to EXPERIENCE what’s going on. You’ve got to know your enemy—even if you don’t recognize him. And then one day, you will take that responsibility and you will say, “Change this thing.”


[GUEST:] It’s just that, how, how will that person know?

[HATONN:] You will know. You will KNOW. YOU WILL KNOW. There will just not be a question of not KNOWING. And until then, you live your OWN experience in your own expression, as well as you can WITHIN those concepts, knowing ALSO that you’re in a bad position. All of you are because you are the most compassionate of all the beings expressing. And to think of those children— this is WHY they can manipulate you—this is WHY your enemy can manipulate you, because you cannot leave that starving child in Ethiopia, or Sudan or Somalia. It, it bears on your soul. And as you make this journey THROUGH you’re going to have to KNOW, if they bring down the population of this planet—WHICH THEY WILL DO—this planet was created for 500 million beings, walking beings. It will be reduced in number—if it SURVIVES.


So, KNOWING that, YOU know that you’re going to have to either succumb also—hopefully to get away from this experience coming—or you will have to BLIND YOURSELF and KEEP GOING. ALL of these ones off to the side, this is—THIS IS THE LESSON OF NOAH: NOT A BOAT, NOT A BUNCH OF ANIMALS—they DENIED GOD when he gave His instructions. It DOESN’T MATTER what you’re going to go through. It matters if you can HEAR THE INSTRUCTIONS.And it was not TIME that Noah and his bunch just simply learned to express in a higher dimension. THEY HAD TO DO THEIR PHYSICAL THING, TOO. And it was no more unrealistic at THAT time in the evolution of the planet to think there would be water to wipe them out because once again you would be TILTING.


You’re going to have WATER where there is LAND. Water will seek its—you know, it’s going to run, it’s going to run downhill. And sure, they were all lined up—just like they’re going to be by the silver craft—only the silver craft is going to be like NOAH’S ARK: It’s going to be “out there, somewhere” and you’re going to have to be able to get from here, OUT THERE.


Does that mean that all those nice craft will not be visible? NO, THEY WILL BE VISIBLE—to receive VISIBLE, PHYSICAL form.  That means there are going to be so MANY that they will not be able to get down here. CAN I get YOU—I, Hatonn, get you THROUGH that light beam? YES. But the SERVERS must get THROUGH THE LIGHT BEAM and be able to function and that impact of that kind of energy will probably cause MOST bodies just to transition right there.

So, we have a very physical job to be done and you’re going to have to do it while all those are clinging to you now, “TAKE ME, TAKE ME, TAKE ME!” Have you changed your mind about the way it is? “No, but I want off of here! And you’re my mother (my father, my brother, you’re my friend)! I know, I stomped you and I hurt you and I sent you to prison, and I cut your throat— but I changed my MIND now. And you’re Godly, so you’ve GOTTA take me!” NO. There will beno evil brought into the kingdom of GOD. THAT journey MUST be made into the next expression. That is the LEVEL OF YOUR GROWTH and if you have not grown enough yourself to be able to LET GO and take up your responsibility where it lies, then you will be here with them. You will not yet have LEARNED. And unfortunately for ALL OF YOU—and this is why…



[Tape 2b ends]

􀂾 931009 3a

[HATONN:] The Journals were written and brought forth were for ones like you. I’m not interested in the UFO group sitting down there in San Diego trying to decide whether I’m real or not or Whitley Streiber’s visions, you know, were—. They were produced right out of the UNDERGROUND not far from right HERE. And if you cannot come into the understanding that has taken place, then you are not well enough educated and THAT becomes your responsibility. THAT’S WHY it’s all written down, not to go make ten billion dollars off of selling books. I said that from the beginning, this seems to be what was not understood. The WORD of God is not going to be your resource. It DOES need to at least pay for itself because MAN can only seem to appreciate that which he works for.


[Guest:] I have another question regarding ah, ah, nuclear subs off the coast. If that, if it takes just a few MINUTES for all the coastal cities, is there enough time for evacuation/liftoff or however you may say it [unintelligible] coastal cities? Uh, those other [unintelligible] team, crew and so forth? [long pause]


[HATONN:] Time is in the perception. I worry about my crew. You’ll be where you need to be at a given time. If you pay attention, you’ll know when it’s time to not be there. If you are perceiving, “Is there time from the time that a nuclear sub would launch missiles?”—no, there’s not. And it will not, you know, regardless of what I want, no. [background noise, EJ says something about “an extra copy”]


In a way that’s what I’m talking about. This is part of the de-population plans. On the other hand, when you are concerned about nuclear subs off the coast it becomes almost insignificant compared to what will happen when the coast GOES.


Now, I’ll say this for Tracey. Because there is PLENTY of evidence on your place of what these plates are doing underneath you, whether they are man triggered or, or nature just finally spins itself away. The lower part of California is going to BREAK AWAY. This is why I don’t get too CONCERNED about ones in the family, for instance, in San Diego. San Diego’s going to drift out there and head North. Now you may have to SWIM awhile but when THAT kind of massive upheaval comes, this place will be an island anyway.


What about ALL THOSE PEOPLE ALONG THE COAST in Los Angeles, San Francisco? They will go according to their PRE-FLIGHT TRAINING. If they have more service to do for GOD, they will be brought into safety. MY TEAM, because of MY PROMISE TO THEM, let us take Dharma, MY

PROMISE TO HER—but she has to be mature enough to understand exactly what I’m saying—we don’t snatch bodies, but on that DAY of such UPHEAVAL I’ve got to have my people. And if she is going to be WORTHLESS TO EVERYBODY because of her ones over on that coast and “Oh, God what is happening?”—it will IMMOBILIZE you by TOTAL FEAR. So, in those times—and I am not going to write this out and spell it out for you—as you come into your knowing you will know, accept and understand this and release it. There are ones there, THEY need to begin to make their CHOICES. It is not so imminent that they don’t have to make them TODAY, they may have to make them by a day after tomorrow, but at some point you’ve got to do this anyway.[RK: “Are we ‘there’ yet?”]

What are you going to be when you grow up? And if you wait until you’ve grown up and died and never decided, then what, what are we talking about anyway? So, at some point you’re going to have to come into the recognition, “Oh my goodness this may be true, and I’m getting a warning. I better really begin to consider.” But in exchange for you ones who SERVE in THOSE TIMES, I’ll bring your people into safety—if they are kicking, screaming, cursing, every inch of the way. Unless you understand they have the right to make their choices and you have the RESPONSIBILITY to release them. But, because I know the emotional makeup of the human character will not allow that to be happening that day. So my agreement is, I will take them off, I’m gonna take the children anyway. I don’t care what you think about

it. Now, I cannot put an age limit on that because there is the recognition which means MATURITY IN

THE CHOOSING. All the children—the little children—will be taken into security.


Does that mean that all will be taken in physical form? NO, and you’re going to have to leave that to God. ALL of YOUR people will be taken aboard into what I will now classify to you as PHYSICAL SAFETY. Then OTHER decisions will be made after the MOMENT because we are working in the constraints of your TIME PERCEPTION. Doesn’t matter what mine is, it only matters at that moment what YOURS is and what YOU perceive must be done—and this is the experience. And just like yesterday, it too will become the memory.


Now, what are you going to do with energies you brought aboard and the memory is that they have not grown enough to be anywhere. NOW what are you going to do? YOU are going to have grown enough

to realize they can have other placement—plenty of places I mean, literally just they won’t even know what hit them—they’ll just be experiencing at the same level of growth somewhere.


You’re not locked to this place because of the inability to have other places, you’re locked to this

place because you have no perception of being anywhere else. There are myriads—as many as God needs out there—places to put already experiencing individuals in their physical form.


[Guest:] There’s another part of the question, I don’t want to keep anybody over and I want to thank you for your response …


[HATONN:] Everyone is enjoying this. Anyone who NEEDS to go certainly may.


[Guest:] Ah, the other part of this, ah, question, that was in the letter—some of the others would know—a thought of mine was take up those that, uh, say aren’t, uh, say, ticket-holders, are doing evil, and

place them on other placements—because my personal opinion is that surely other people, most people, even those that are absolutely ignorant, blind, or deaf and dumb even by choice and even loving every minute of it—surely, uh, are pliable enough to eventually be, have at least some insight that more to reality and perception than they believe. And that they can learn truth and learn to love truth and, you know, they can, then can change, let’s say—to just say take up those who are good or souled beings and, you know, eventually when we see that, all of the glories that, that the, ah, hosts and so forth have to offer, they surely will change their mind and then find them other placements and let those instructors down here, you know, have everything——destroy each other eventually and then come back here after they’re all done.


[HATONN:] Well, your perception is very nearly what happens. The only thing wrong with your perception is you think that, that has to be done in a human, physical way.


[Guest:] Ya, that, that’s …


[HATONN:] There are no souls lost. There are ZERO souls lost. When we talk about a mass evacuation, it may appear to you that many ones are being lost. There will be no souled beings, no SOULS will be lost—NONE, zero!


[Guest:] Or, or fragmented?


[HATONN:] I can’t promise no fragmentation, that depends on what happens on Earth, but no SOUL will be lost, and when you, you’re talking about—get them off, let them go ahead and explode the world or whatever—you must know and if you haven’t known this before, I’m going to repeat it: over two-thirds of thepopulation of your planet are SOULLESS beings


[Guest:] You see way ahead of us.


[HATONN:] That should ease your mind considerably. When you consider that, you know, only a third of what you see out here is in question at this point. And those are things you’re going to have to leave to God. Every soul is attached, every soul is numbered, every SOUL has nothing to worry about. It will be placed somewhere else. There was already the period of time where ones could make that evacuation.


There are very few floating energies and when I say floating I mean Earth-bound energies—some, yes. But of the Godly, souled energy forms out there in the Astral plane, we’ve already evacuated almost all of them and we can get the rest to move them out of that danger area, if you explode your atmosphere. Because NEVER again will it be allowed, even the perception of the destruction of, say, Maldek.


You move your finger, that motion travels throughout the Universe. A PLANET in destruction—

especially from a light energy form that explodes it or causes this intense disintegration of the MASS, as perceived—leaves a GREAT VOID. That will not happen in this instance.


If it comes right to the deadline and you are going to explode this planet, we can evacuate all souled

beings within fifteen minutes of your counting—and will do so. And that’s why there is such confusion

WITH Commander Ashtar’s command and my business.


You have brothers from all of your Universe that is within traveling knowingness here to help you. Because the only thing going anywhere anyway is that soul energy. You need a place to park it. And if you can make it in the physical form you will continue your journey and all souled beings will be placed at the level of their progression—in family units. It’s prepared, it’s ready, it’s waiting. And this is what

God will not allow, and that is the dispersion of soul energy on such a massive scale.


[Guest:] You’re saying that, uh, that, that in that case that the soul energy will be, uh, taken up, those that transition will be taken into place.


[HATONN:] Oh, ALWAYS those making transition. I’m talking about that there will be MANY ones lifted off IN HUMAN FORM that will MAKE that journey.


[Guest:] I hate to burden you with so many questions but I have a lot of them …


[HATONN:] How are you going to get the answers, if you don’t burden me? [laughter]


[Guest:] That’s true. That just brought me up a point: There are two-thirds souls that are six billion from the [requests from ones in the audience that the guest use the mike] there are two-thirds that are soulless beings, say six billion, that means there are what, four billion that are soulless? And I’m sure that a lot of them, you know, around and about that we see. How is one to know? We just know, we shouldn’t, we don’t have to, doesn’t matter, don’t worry about it, doesn’t matter, just curious …


[HATONN:] Yes, you have to worry about it. I wish that I could just say don’t worry about it. And technically speaking, or casually speaking, don’t worry about it. You can SEE that you are dealing at a level of out grown soul—God soulness—in the hierarchy of these manipulators that would be the anti-God, if youwill. And these ones are bound to Earth, they’re not going to go anywhere anyway. You know, they are— this IS their domain, this is their kingdom, thisphysical world.

YOU have to bother about them because YOU do not know who they are. And if you lose your compassion and you say, “Oh, well, get rid of that one anyway, just blow him away. We don’t need him anymore, he’s not a souled being anyway.” What has that done to YOUR soul? You have placed judgment and death on another BEING that you do not know whether he lives or dies. So the importance of this is never to make that judgment.


Now in defending yourself, if that one comes against you and is going to take your life or the life of your souled being next to you, you not only have the right, you have an OBLIGATION to defend self. And interestingly enough, by the time we get to having to make some of THOSE choices, you ones will know how to defend yourselves without touching a gun. You may not be able to do that TODAY, but the gun will become your DEATH KNELL if you rely on it for your security. And so will thinking that “I can just handle myself according to Spike training.”


You are going to have to take your power of control over those energies. They are lesser energies

and I’m telling you, 95% of all them in your, in your realm—as they come against you—will fit this category. And the ones who will actually confront you will go away when you produce God because all of those who would kill you are living in that perception that that is alright behavior—and that is not alright behavior. And therefore, you can know from this moment forward, you still—no matter what it appears to you to be—you still have more power than your enemy, as long as you call upon God in RIGHTEOUSNESS.


If you are no better than they—“But now I don’t want them to hurt me”—you’re in bad trouble. But you can grow into that knowingness that they cannot touch you, all you have to do is your energy form pronouncing, “YOU WILL GET THEE FROM ME.”


[PAUL:] Commander, where did all of this twothirds of our population soulless come from?


[HATONN:] Part of them are replicas, part of them are simply cloned creations of test tubes, uh, MOST of them are birthed.


[PAUL:] From …


[HATONN:] They have just grown away from their soul, their soul has departed, that …


[PAUL:] In other words, they …


[HATONN:] That soul has already gone. It’s already in security. It has left this, this mechanism.


[PL:] What would have been the occasion for that? Because of …


[HATONN:] Any occasion.


[PAUL:] Choice, freewill, choice I don’t want to be here?


[HATONN:] Being caught in a situation where you are birthed into a situation where already you have ones with NO intent toward God at all. They birth another and another, and so down through the eons of time you have produced soulless beings.


[PAUL:] So, are you saying by “birthed”, by the chain of, uh …


[HATONN:] Procreation.


[PAUL:] Are you saying by a being who had a soul, say, in a child-abuse home, for example, and doesn’t

see any other way in sight, he want s to leave, the soul body stays and soul goes …


[HATONN:] Well, that sometime happens, but SOUL goes.


[End of Tape]


􀂾Tape 931009 3b

[HATONN: ] … what you need to do. But the ENTICEMENT and this is EXACTLY what the MAJOR, major battle is.


YOU are an expression of GOD and the ANTIGOD wants you: “Come on over to my team.” And you’ll get in this human physical shroud and you’ll get lost. And it’ll look so GOOD over here and this one’s up here TELLING you in the ear how good it is: “Don’t go with those frauds”.


“Uh, well, what’s wrong with the frauds?”




“Well, but what are they REALLY doing? What have I got to lose to go with them?”


“Well, you come on over here I’ll give you a piece of the BUSINESS and a piece of the ACTION and I’ll get you a woman or a man,” or whatever it is that will PULL TO YOUR WEAKNESS[RK: Would, say, $30 billion turn your head? Grab for it and you will LOSE.] And it will always be the EGO! And if you can experience—especially coming down from the ALL-KNOWING and EXPERIENCE—YOU ARE MAKING YOUR GRAVE.


SOMEBODY had to have once been LORD MICHAEL. SOMEBODY had to have been— GABRIEL. You see, I’m having to search because ALL of these are known to you. Many of them ARE you—polishing off one more facet of that diamond. I come back to experience because I’m polishing up my OWN diamond. And I can HELP you polish YOURS.

Some of you have been my, quote, SUPERIORS—in other expressions and experiences like this. GOD WOULD NEVER ASK YOU TO DO SOMETHING HE HAS NOT DONE. I can’t EXPLAIN that to you more in your consciousness than that, simply BECAUSE some of you may be experiencing NOT in that form. But when you really run into TROUBLE is when you have a nice, cute little perfection of a son called Lucifer. Taught GOD a lesson, too. And yet, without that NEGATIVE energy there would be no way to EXPRESS the POSITIVE—and there must be both.


[Guest:] One last one: Well, what more can I do? I’ll ask another question besides that. [laughter]


[HATONN:] You’ll know. You’ll know—and part of the biggest pain that you will have is trying to figure it out. I know that.


[Guest:] Yah, it’s very painful.


[HATONN:] It’s that SEARCHING within. And it, you know, you KNOW you could fix it. I, I relate to you. I relate to ALL of you. You KNOW at a levelbeyond even your breath that you could fix it. And you get so frustrated: “I know and they won’t listen. I could just SHAKE them and they will notLISTEN. They won’t HEAR me.” And they won’t. And you’ll have to move on—through it. But you will. You will. Ones either move on through it or they fall away and there is never any peace again ON the planet for them.

If you come to the realization that your journey does not INCLUDE this, then you may very WELL be able to come to peace. Only you will know that. It’s not for anyone else, it’s not for me. It’s not for me to say to you: “Do this, do this, do this, do this— and the door will open.”


I can tell you NOW that except through the CHRIST expression of GOODNESS—I didn’t say even PERFECTION. When he SAID TO YOU: “Except through ME shall ye come into the Kingdom,” that’s exactly what he meant—not through a MAN but through CHRIST.

There are ALL sorts of OTHER places you can go but if you want into the KINGDOM OF GOD you must take that ROUTE—and that choice is YOURS.


“Well, maybe I would like to just stick around this old human form awhile longer.” Fine—fine. You will DO that—even if you transition from THIS place this DAY, you will DO that. But MOST of you are tired now—as souls—of learning these lessons: “I’d like to go express in a higher place of perfection.”


You see, there are a LOT things to do EVEN IN A HUMANOID FORM that YOU guys, you know, stick around here thinking this is a great thing. You haven’t even BEGUN to express in the WONDERS of the technologies of Creation. You LIMIT yourself worrying about this human form and this little human soul. JUST WORRY ABOUT YOURS—and God will take care of all the rest.


Ones say “How could you do this to the children? What about all those dying children? HOW COULD GOD LET THIS HAPPEN?”


God didn’t let ANYTHING happen. Guess where all those children ARE. I HAVE THEM. YOU KILLED THEM! God has TROUBLE every now and then in FORGIVING you, those STUPID things that you DO. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t DO it. He allows you to grow THROUGH it—or you DON’T. And THOSE are the consequences that MUST come TO the individual—only the individual—at the moment of Judgment and transition. And there IS NO ALLKNOWING on this side of the veil. You’re stuck in THIS side without knowing for sure. You can be

confident, you can TRUST. In your gut you can KNOW. It’s not your GUT, IT IS YOUR SOURCE.


[Guest:] How can I slip, how can I slip under the



[HATONN:] THAT IS THE SECRET. [Rick Martin laughs]


[Guest:] For another time? [light laughter] I want to thank you very much. I appreciate.


[HATONN:] Thank you for ASKING. These are the LESSONS we’re here for. All the rest is simply expression. And yet, how can I go and write all of this and expect ones to UNDERSTAND. So, you have to start at kindergarten and work up. We’ll get there. Hold to the truth and there is no way you … [shrill feedback from the mic]


Making a little noise … [laughter]


May you GO now. I think it’s a good idea. [laughter and voices saying, “Thanks, Commander!”] I’m going to end up with a zombie here on my hands anyway. [light laughter] I appreciate this from the bottom of your seats. [laughter]




[Audience:] Salu!


Source:  Contact Newspaper, Sept. 26, 2007, from a tape made of a radio transmission through Doris Ekker.

Reposted March 10, 2011




Wake up Call: Hatonn Nov 17, 10

Wake up Call: Hatonn Nov 17, 10

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