Hatonn: Universe Expands And Contracts, And Is Reaching “Exact Mid-Point”… What Happens Next, Is Incomprehensible!!

Pleiadian Commander Hatonn: Universe Expands And Contracts, And Is Reaching “Exact Mid-Point”… What Happens Next, Is Incomprehensible!!


It was pre-ordained that Creation would exist within a rhythm of expansion and contraction, since the first breath of God at the be­ginning of all the worlds.  Eventually there would come a time when the physical universe would stop expanding and begin to contract.  The process is re­ferred to by some as the breathing-in and the breathing-out of God—the action of breath­ing-out all creation and then breathing it all back in again.  It is a good con­cept for all flows in cycles of flowing out and flowing back again to source.

At this point in what we refer to as linear time, you are very close to the mid­dle of the cycle, soon to reach the exact mid-point between the out-breath and the in-breath of God.  The uni­verse be­gan to reach this mid-point when uni­cellular organisms were emerg­ing on the Earth; the exact mid-point is at hand but not yet fully attained.  It will coincide with what has come to be called the Second Coming of Christ.  Don’t get hung up on terminology for this is only a defini­tive term for reference.

When any vibrational system reverses the momentum of its direction, as a pendulum does at the uppermost point of its swing, there is a moment of complete rest before it resumes its movement in the oppo­site direction.  Since rest, or the total cessation of movement, constitutes the oppo­site of time, there is at the precise moment of its occurrence, a micro-interval of non-time, a moment of eternity.  This is the same interval of non-time that occurs many times every second as the atoms of the physical world vibrate back and forth.  This is an opening into the Nagual, a doorway into the Presence from which all Life-energy springs.



What happens when an entire cosmos reaches the exact point of di­rectional change and comes to a moment of absolute rest?  You will have the opportu­nity to see for yourself very soon now, for this event lies just before you in lin­ear time and that is why you have returned—to bear wit­ness.  It will provide an opening for the emerging of something incomprehensible.

We Are In Times Of Hopi Indian Chemtrail Prophecy!! Great Day Of Purification Has Begun… A Transformation In Human Consciousness More Fundamental Than Development Of Language, More Significant Than Shift To Agriculture, More Meaningful Than Any Historic Revolution, Says Pleiadian Commander Hatonn

more http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2018/02/we-are-in-times-of-hopi-indian-chemtrail-prophecy-great-day-of-purification-has-begun-a-transformation-in-human-consciousness-more-fundamental-than-development-of-language-more-significant-than-3595157.html?currentSplittedPage=0

I love it… basically… the whole universe breaths together, and is reaching a still point…what happens next, is not something the mind can know ahead of time.

Humanity may be experiencing this coinciding with the galactic pulse that is coming.

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