Most Bizarre Radio Interview Ever!  Pleiadian Commander Hatonn Interviewed Live On Radio January 5, 1992, On Jay Lawrence Radio, Phoenix Arizona KTAR

Most Bizarre Radio Interview Ever!  Pleiadian Commander Hatonn Interviewed Live On Radio January 5, 1992, On Jay Lawrence Radio, Phoenix Arizona KTAR

Pleiadian Commander Hatonn, sure has his work cut out for him… or do we humans have our work cut out for us?   

See the transcripts for one of the first interviews with an extraterrestrial in modern times…  Hatonn interviewed by Jay Lawrence in 1992, reposted here via Phoenix Journal #42.

As you can tell from the transcripts… it ain’t always easy being a Pleiadian commander… especially when you have to talk to a human…

Imagine having one million spaceships under your command, and you are talked to by an earthling, like you a child… or even… crazy…

Question period gets even more interesting:

Caller:  How long have you been apart of our universe?

Hatonn:  (pause) In one form or an other… “forever”.

Poor Hatonn!  He does pretty well, and holds in his temper…. Oh, and to add to the bizarre nature of this historical interview… this conversation represents one of the first publicly documented conversations with an extraterrestrial, in modern times.  

It’s clear there is intelligent life in this interview… but is it from the humans or Hatonn?

Read on and enjoy….

Download – 14.2MB
View PDF File – 16.1MB
By Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn
225 Pages (128)
Modern Medicine is but a religion based on empty faith in priests and rabbis (doctors) within temples (hospitals) which
are dangerous to your very life. The conspiracy is with the Elite. The conspiracy is against Man and Nations.

Hatonn: “You ones must he prepared to recognize the names, labels and places from whence comes your so-called ‘health’ care. I refer to the practice of medicine as the ‘Cut, Slash, Burn and Poison’ insult against a living life-form. I call this JOURNAL, HIGH PRIESTS AND RABBIS IN THE TEMPLE because that is what ‘health care’ has come to represent. The hospital (and research lab) is the ‘temple’, the practitioners are the priests and rabbis. ‘Trust me with your life hut ask me for no explanations,’ is the byline…’for I am God of your being’. Hippocrates has holes in his coffin from the continual ‘turning in his grave’. The two main warnings of medicine are both ignored, i.e., ‘First, gentlemen, do no harm,’ and ‘Gentlemen–wash your hands!'”

Many other topics are covered including Dallas flooding problems – The Kennedy assassination – The New Constitutional Law/Common Law Service Center – The Noriega trial – Te Profits of Cancer – The majority of people present on Earth are without God. – Jimmy Swaggart – Truth about Edwards Air Force Base – Reptilians and “Little Grays” – Poison water supply – Opium in cigarettes? – The Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) – CMDR Hatonn KTAR Interview.

More Hatonn:

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5 thoughts on “Most Bizarre Radio Interview Ever!  Pleiadian Commander Hatonn Interviewed Live On Radio January 5, 1992, On Jay Lawrence Radio, Phoenix Arizona KTAR

  1. The Planet X fly by in November 2017 which is a natural Catastrophy threatening the survival of the Human Race with possible help from our friends in the Sky ?
    What can we do on Planet Earth ?
    Thank you !
    Karl H. Goesele

  2. Reblogged this on gimixiblog and commented:
    I really like what i have read so far about Hatonn. I believe there is some truth to what is said as it does resonate with me. The phoenix journals are worth reading as well. Enjoy!

  3. Yes the 1992 radio interview with Commander Hatonn was awsome….Just thinking of some of the negativity that was thrown at one so compassionate in that interview. ….Now its November 1st. 2018 ….people are more open to information like that…..we are finally growing as a species
    to be proud of…

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