The Great Purification Has Begun… What Is It?

The Great Purification Has Begun… What Is It?

IITM:  Hatonn is an ET Commander from Pleiades… his words of wisdom hold much respect from others throughout the Universe, who are able to recognize the truths he speaks of… read this one message and see for yourself…. btw he has thousands of messages via the Phoenix Journals, and they are coming out to this day via various channels… I don’t channel Hatonn, but I certainly listen when he shares.

Keep promoting fear and violence… this is a sure way to separate yourself from all the goodness to come… including the full and complete restoration of planet earth and the ascension from 3D to 5D… choices… choices…this is why I don’t mind ‘going against the grain’… sharing the messages of the Heavenly Hosts… fear and violence are not comfy in this lifetime or the others to come…

Hatonn: “What is called by the native Indians as the Great Day of Purifica­tion has be­gun.  This is a rather relatively short but most essen­tial cycle of division that will gather those who promote fear and violence and separate them from this season of the world as chaff is separated from wheat at threshing.”

 No God would create a creature without the wisdom to chart its course! “

“Too much thinking about oneself is the greatest thing that keeps human iden­tity from being fully present, for when you are con­stantly self-reflecting you are too caught up in past and future to notice the presence around you. ”

“Certainly there is nothing wrong with human individuality; it is as necessary to God as, say, leaves are to a tree.  But you have made a god of leaves and have forgotten the tree at the source of life.  If you truly wish to channel God’s blessings, then begin thinking of yourself less as an isolated self and more as one of a tribe. ”


more wisdome from ET Commander Hatonn:


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