HATONN: A second “sun” lies out in your atmosphere–that which is labeled the Ball of Redemption, even now in transit to your planet.

HATONN: A second “sun” lies out in your atmosphere–that which is labeled the Ball of Redemption, even now in transit to your planet.

It is guided by that which is outside your planet and those who have cast aside the knowledge of that higher world of God shall not be given the grace to observe the coming events.  When it enters upon your atmosphere, hearts shall be gripped with fear! Many shall run to hide themselves, recognizing the wrath of their Lord.  And I apologize to those who disclaim me as not being the “real” Hatonn–nay, I am that which I claim to be–the “REAL” thing and my Higher experience holds the strings through the Christos’ hands.  Make no errors as to my identification lest you blunder remarkably.

These events shall be gauged, measured and held in abeyance for the proper moment in the knowledge of Heaven, the moment deemed by the Eternal Father for the cleansing of mankind–and it shall come in the twinkling of thine eyelid.  The Creator has proclaimed that the Earth shall not end in annihilation for Creator has given His promise to mankind that the world shall never be made extinct again, as in the past with the time of floods.  However, your world shall be cleansed with a baptism of fire.  And the old shall rise from the seas and unto the new, and again shall grow that which is intended and the cycles shall again begin, and the old shall pass away into the newness of her earned placement and those who walk the path with the Great Spirit shall have peace.

You ones will decide which path ye shall tread–will it be the path of the Christ Circle of Infinity or the Serpent’s road of darkness? ‘Tis your very own choice.

more http://www.fourwinds10.net/siterun_data/spiritual/specific_channelings/creator_source/hatonn_-_aton/news.php?q=1360424143



4 thoughts on “HATONN: A second “sun” lies out in your atmosphere–that which is labeled the Ball of Redemption, even now in transit to your planet.

  1. Dear commander Hatonn,
    . is this Sun outside our solar system, planet nibiru? Aka red winged planet? Or in the same solar system with this sun you mentioned? Commander Hatonn I wish I could talk to you. I know you are very wise and truthful. This world is losing to evil. NWO and the Bilderberg group are everything but Godly. The Rothchilds, rockefellars etc. Strike a nerve in you. I know you despise Henry Kissinger with a passion. You also mention colloidal silver and gold for valley fever which I believe with California drought is already a silent danger and will not be reported to the people until its to late. I know I am getting off the subject but I really need your help. How can I spread this valuable information on to people if I don’t have the answers? I want to help even if its to late I can help at least try. I hope you respond to me. I never heard back from you when I asked for help with what nutrients would be helpful for my friend Carmen battling bread cancer. The only reason I came to you for that was because you had given several remedies for different diseases one being Lou Gehrigs disease. Forgive my spelling of it. I am greatful for your honesty and straight to the ugly truth instead of beautiful lies.
    . Yours truly,
    Melanie Valle

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