While the rest of the world sleeps on, you who have awakened to the call are being asked at this time to reaffirm your connections and to go within for your personal instructions.

Jan. 11, 2013


10/1/97 HATONN

Good morning.  Hatonn here in the Light of Creator and Creation.  Be at peace, my son.

I thank you, our team, for your preparation, for the greater part of the mission is at hand.  I must ask that you continue to carry the load a bit longer while adjustments are made in the casting of the play.  Remember to hold the Larger Picture foremost in your mind as the unfolding events of planetary evolution present themselves to your conscious awareness.

All shall unfold in proper perfection according to God’s Divine Plan.  Be open to “new” ideas and sudden change in focus, for if and when the need arises, we will play our “trump” cards.  Even many of our more aware Ground Crew members are limited by their own personal perceptions and beliefs that erroneously limit both God and selves.  Many believe that God or His Messengers must be or act in a specific manner to somehow qualify for the part.  This is a limiting challenge that you as Ground Crew must face and overcome.

These “End Times” will not be as you imagine them.  They will resemble, to some extent, the messages of the prophets and seers.  However, the emotional impact will cause many a great man to weep with horror and disbelief.  We honor those of you who effort day-to-day to connect selves with Source, for when the walls about your dwelling-place crumble and you are stripped of all of your physical possessions, this connection may be all that you have that will pull you out of the shock of the impact that is coming.

While the rest of the world sleeps on, you who have awakened to the call are being asked at this time to reaffirm your connections and to go within for your personal instructions.

If you find yourself relying upon others for your guidance and focus, then you have surely missed the lessons here.  Go forth and make do with what you have, and quit worrying about what you do not have.  When your heart and head are in harmony with your God-self, you will manifest what you need.  Note: I said need, NOT want!  You will almost always have what you need, regardless of what you want.

If you are reading this source for your insights and clues, then it is because you are connected by way of purpose to Command.  This is to say that you are Ground Crew.  Your general purpose is to ensure that a remnant get through (survive) the upcoming planetary changes; part of carrying out that objective is to aid in fulfilling God’s promise to the world that all lies will be exposed and that The Word will go forth, AGAIN, to the four corners of the globe.

This is not a single-handed task, and there are many all around the planet who are fulfilling this promise at this time.  Know that you of Ground Crew have brothers and sisters scattered far and wide.  Learn to spot them and assist where you feel drawn, from Inner Guidance and request.  Too many erroneously “feel” that their role is to be played out closet to this information source.  That makes about as much sense as the idea that most all the grocery stores of your planet should be located in any one particular town!

These are times of learning to hold the Larger Picture in your minds.  And certainly from where we look upon your globe, there is need for the assistance of Beings of LIght EVERYWHERE.

In that capacity, you act as our most appreciated hands and feet.  And you do that most effectively through efforting to sustain a constant conscious openness to the Inner Nudges which “come through” most clearly from the high-frequency condition resulting from efforting to connect to Higher Source in a balanced way.  (Yes, that was a mouthful.  But we often place much of our communication “between the lines” for the benefit of those truly efforting to understand, and call in The Light for help with same.)

On the other side of the coin, learn to respect the choices and decisions of those who turn away from this information source, for it is not for them, and causes them great discomfort.  Allow each unique individual the freedom to find their own way back to Source, as they see fit.  You may offer to help your brothers, especially where you have been asked to do so, but never insist or argue over who is right or wrong concerning PERSONAL beliefs, for it is futile and your time can be better spent.

Let your actions show the world who you are.  Teach by example through actions taken, for the words will only fall on deaf ears.

Many of you who read these messages have loved ones who disagree with what you believe.  As a result, you find yourselves in a difficult situation wherein you must try to find a balance point so as to not offend the ones you love, yet try to convince them that they need to prepare, or at best allow you to spend the family’s resources on preparation.  These challenges are the challenges that will naturally cause ones to weed themselves from the play at hand.

You must each be responsible for your choices and decisions.  YOU have chosen your family, and the pressures of going against them are inner pressures that come from fears (of rejection) which, in turn, come from personal insecurities that ultimately reach back to a state of disconnectedness from Creator Source.

Fear is not of God, and as your planet goes through her transition, the lower frequencies of fear, anger, and hatred will not be tolerated.  Much like the moth that flies into the flame (high frequency relative to the physical body of the moth), so too shall those of you who hold on to old, low-frequency habits of thought and emotion not be able to withstand the higher relative frequencies that are coming.

Find those fears, rooted deeply within and examine them for what they are–low frequency vibrational emanations that only exist to the extent that you are disconnected within from Creator Source.  We find that many of you would rather “go down with the ship” than offend or go against your family or loved ones.  If this be your choice, then so be it!

However, you will be less than satisfied when you make your transition back into the non-physical domain, for your plans for this experience were to face and OVERCOME your limitations and fears–NOT succumb to them!  Now would be a good time to consider well the consequences of any decisions your have made which may not be “sitting” too well with the nudges from your Higher Self.

The casting of the play is ALWAYS flexible and there is ALWAYS enough room to include any and all who wish to participate.  As ones come and go through choices and decisions made each moment, adjustments are made so as to maximize opportunities for individual and collective growth, while also utilizing the available talent pool to the fullest extent.

For those of you who walk this particular path of active, dedicated Ground Crew at this time, it is quite challenging, for the pace is rapid and there is little time to appreciate subtleties along the way.

Let us end and here for now, for my scribe needs to take a break from sitting in front of the computer screen.  Hatonn to stand by.

10/2/97 HATONN

Hatonn here to continue.  I come in the Light of Holy God of Light!  Be at peace.

There are great pressures for you ones in the physical at this time.  There come, with these pressures, increased opportunities for growth and self realization.  Many are, at this time, having difficulty with all the variables impacting their experience (both man-made and natural).

Perhaps the greatest distraction at present is the element of “time” as you ones perceive of it.  Time is a plastic, yet relative, quantity that only exists in the physical reality.  Plastic means that it is easily deformed and shaped; relative means that it is directly connected to your current environment and is a by-product of each person’s perception and agreement in relation to your planetary alignment.

When you ones move away from the surface of your planet, there is the observable “phenomenon” of variable “time”.  This is best illustrated by your astronauts who have taken their atomic clocks up in orbit around the Earth.  While these clocks should not lose or vary in accuracy more then a second over several thousands of years, they have been observed being several seconds “off” from their reference clock, after only a couple of weeks in orbit around your planet.

There is much your “scientists” do not understand about your “physical” universe.  The frequency shift as ones move away from your planet’s presently-darkened energy field will cause a speed-up in the “relative” surroundings of these ones, and thus the “time” shifts.  The decay rate of nuclear material also is affected by the frequency of its relative environment.  The trapped darkness (low-frequency energy), in conjunction with the intensifying high-frequency energies infusing your planet currently, cause localized temporal distortions which can be quite disconcerting and even disorienting to those of you who are wondering where all of your “time” has gone.

Moreover, there are major external factors affecting your current environment (relative surroundings).  Your planetary orb (starship) is entering into a relatively high-frequency energy field in space.  This is the so-called “Photon Belt” area that we have talked about prior (and which CONTACT will re-run from my 1992 lecture as soon as room permits).  This is a natural course of evolvement of your planet as she traverses space.  This is a time for renewal and cleansing of the old–a rebirthing and new beginning.  Like the catapillar that is ready to come out of its cocoon and be reborn into the next phase of existence, so too is your planet readying herself for transformation into her next phase of existence.

You each know that there are great rewards in the way of growth and realizations to be gained from going through this process with your planet.  You ones are being caused to confront the low-frequency emotional pains.  You will have need to let go of these things that cause you to be held in the lower vibrations.  It is time to face your fears and look closely at that upon which you focus your energy.  The lower frequencies of fear, hate, apathy, greed, and such will cause you ever-increasing discomfort in the times to come.

This should serve as a guidance system for you (a “bio-feedback mechanism”) so that you can learn to recognize the habits of thoughts that you ones are fond of holding onto that cause your vibrational frequency to lower.  These are like computer programs that at one time perhaps helped you to deal with a difficult situation.  Or, for some of you, you hold onto past pains that assaulted your perception of “reality”.  Physical loss of a loved one that you were not prepared to accept, is perhaps the most common type of thought that will cause your frequency to be lowered.

There is no death, and there is no time in the Larger Picture, and there is no separation–meaning that ones for whom you grieve are still “there though they may not be presently focused in the physical.  You each create your own worst hell.

The lonely hearts of ones who perceive of themselves as somehow being alone or without a mate, is perhaps the next greatest affliction that we find many of you of Ground Crew focused upon that lowers your frequency.  Your relationships are not working out for most of you because it was not your intent at this time to focus in that direction.  Yet, the “social” pressures of society, coupled with the natural biological urges, make this a difficult challenge to deal with.  We find many of our Ground Crew members embroiled in very difficult personal situations that will, again, cause ones to weed themselves from any great level of participation due to the pressures of family situations.

It is time to look within and find your inner convictions concerning who you “really” are and what it is you are wanting to accomplish in this life’s experience.  YOU are responsible for whether or not YOU will evolve with your planet, or be cleansed from the physical experience.  There shall be far more cleansed than not, and your choices, thoughts, and actions will determine your next environment of focused existence.  

Go within for your guidance.  Search the depths of your inner being.  Find first a point of balance within the Light, and from there see that which is pulling on you, trying to shift your focus elsewhere.  Almost without exceptions this will be a fear or doubt that causes you worry or consideration.  This is where you must find the cause of your fear or doubt and overcome the challenge if you are to keep up with the frequency shifts that are coming.

Fear and doubt are by-products of being disconnected from Source.  Effort to strengthen your connection, and the fears will show themselves to you, for the adversary does not wish to lose his foothold within you, and there will be a flare-up within.  Regain your point of balance within the Light and see the fear for what it is!  Reconnect and know that this is a challenge for you to face.

Fear of being rejected by loved ones who “just don’t understand” or fear of the embarrassment that you may have to face for making a “paranoid” decision like wanting to store up six months of food for the family in preparation for hard times ahead, are common challenges that you ones are being forced with.  Many will simply succumb to these fears.

The job of the wayshower is seldom a popular one, yet it is quite rewarding after the fact, in retrospect, looking back.  Many a wealthy person will wish they had been awake enough to see the clues staring them in the face.  The regret is a heavy one for the person of means who only later sees how they could have made a difference.

Let go of the fears!  You did not come into this experience to win a popularity contest; you knew that there would be these challenges to face and that you would have to make unpopular decisions and choices.  The way of your “modern” world is the way of insanity–where black is called white, up is called down, and wrong is right.  Confusion reigns supreme and ones are programmed about what to think and how to act, talk, dress, and respond, so as to “fit-in” and be “normal”.

As always, the choices are yours to make and we shall honor your choices.  Our promise to you ones reading this is that we would send forth the necessary guidance and instructions so that you would have the tools to overcome your challenges.  We never said we would force you to recognize or use these gifts!  We shall assist you each when the petition is sincere–made with the heart and not with the tongue.

I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Commander of this mission.  I come with the Hosts of God by way of Pleiades.  I come in and of the Light of Creator Source.  Salu!


Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, October 7, 1997, Volume 18, Number 7, Pages 13-14.





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