11/11/91 #1 HATONN

I have a return of inquiries: “I missed something, who are the Pharisees as used by you in recent writings? Most all, except the unindoctrinated children, know who the Pharisees were in the Biblical “times”. They were the “evil brood” then and they are the “evil brood” now. The Pharisees are members of an ancient Jewish cult (sect) that accepted the Mosaic and then the Zionist Talmudic law as well as the oral traditions and rituals associated with it, and emphasizing strict attention to the rituals of atonement, i.e., Kol Nidre (Vow of All Vows). These are considered “formal”, sanctimonious, hypocritical persons who were denounced in the time of Emmanuel by Emmanuel.
You must bring into consideration that the Pharisees have started most of your wars to help kill off “Christians” and other “believing ” groups and gain other things for themselves. You see, there MUST be confusion and wars in the illusion–the general people do not realize that Christianity is but a branch of the Pharisean guidelines as well. But let us consider more recent times when memories can still be recalled by “living” minds. For instance, World War I and World War II, and your sequential smaller wars and non-declared wars must be looked at. The “Pharisees” set up the League of Nations at the time of WW I but it failed. They had to bring about WW II so they could set up their United Nations, which is their world police state which will help give them complete control and make slaves out of the entire world. There had to be a “headquarters” from which to deceive the populace in a massive way under the guise of world peace. (How much peace have you witnessed since their structuring?)
It was in 1945 that the U.S.A. signed the United Nations Charter–overriding the Constitution and making you a servant, as a nation, to the United Nations and no longer the united states of America. At that time you lost your sovereignty, and became just a part of this United Nations over which you have no control at all, as it is controlled by a small group of “Pharisees”, and is the law of force. In 1913 the Pharisees established, in your country, the Federal Reserve CORPORATION (privately owned–not Federal) which is not a branch of your government but as stated above, is privately owned by them, and in which they make money. Since 1913 they have profited on this up into the BILLIONS of dollars. They completely control big business, which includes the labor organizations, and also all radio and television, and their programs are thrust solely toward the influencing of the thinking and belief systems of all men and women–and especially the children.
As I was speaking prior to this of British Israel, I should have pointed out more clearly that Political Zionism was hidden in the secret base in Britain in the form of Freemasonry–which, of course you all know, was established in Britain. It claims there is to be a “NEW AGE” and this is perhaps their way of saying “KINGDOM OF GOD ON EARTH” since Pharisaism promotes this by way of premillenial preachers and teachers. This, of course, makes Masonry also “Pharisaic”. This was undisputed through the ages–until now that we bring attention to these hypocrisies and cause the evil gnats to squirm in their hidden dens. The secret chambers and rituals, not to mention the “priests” thereof, shrink in the light of attention. The lineup of facts speak for themselves regarding the historical truth of this writing for British Israel World Federation is Pharisaism and Pharisaism is Masonry, and Masonry then becomes controller of the world; then you already have a world Pharisee order. “A rose by any other name is yet a rose!”
I suggest you who do not understand these connections get a book, if you can locate it, called INTERPRETATION OF FREEMASONRY, by Martin L. Wagner. Moreover, do not take exception to this commentary if you are a Mason of a “club” which does “good” in your community! How could you know that the establishers of the “order” were evil in intent and eventually planned to rule the world? This is a part of THE DECEPTION and how could you possibly know these things for you will NEVER be told truth in any of the media, and the books regarding the matter are destroyed along with their authors. It is clearly seen that while masonry pretends religious neutralism, it is promoting its own”devil religion” which is to become the universal religion. Masonry, being set up by Pharisaism, has gained world power and controls all parties and ideologies, but keeps everyone unaware that they do this and how they do it. Masonry is NOT an innocent brotherhood as its many dupes suppose for it works every angle or phase of World Revolution for the Pharisees. You who are members of that group and have worked your way through the “degrees” recall your “vows” and recall your rituals. Did they not have to do with death and secrecy? If they did NOT, then your group will be disciplined and discarded as not following the proper instructions–now, I suggest you members be HONEST in your appraisal of some of those rituals! I know, you”…thought it was sort of ‘in fun’ and didn’t REALLY mean anything.” So be it.
Remember that the Pharisees and the so-called “Jews” are two words applying to one people, and they promote an earthly kingdom (premillennialism) and set up organizations which help spread their religion of a kingdom of God on Earth. The Bible teaches that Christ has already established His kingdom of God which is “spiritual”, never to be on Earth, and that He now reigns in heaven from His Throne. When He returns, it will be to “judge” the people, and frankly, sort out the present world which may well be in destruction, taking His people unto safety into the places He has prepared to receive them.
The Pharisees” idea, of course, is to get you to believe that there are really JEWS there in your midst, so you may give your thoughts to them and not realize that the Pharisees (also called the Khazar Zionists) are there doing their conspiring against goodness and God’s doctrines. They appeal to the conservative for they bring in a few Truths, but they will NEVER mention kingdom of God or premillennialism and this is the way you can check their stories for Truth. The Jew Baiters promote the Jews as real, and your hear that Russia may take you over someday and all that, but if you look closely it will be the Communist thrust of the Khazar Zionists behind the facade–EVERY TIME.
It was the British Pharisees that took over Russia many years past, and many people were killed at that time. The Pharisees intend to blame everybody, anybody or the Russians for many things, but especially for setting up Communism–which they themselves established. (Of course this “communism” is not–and it is pure Zionist Socialism in its most heinous form of conspiracy and debauchery.) Under this “idealistic” facade it assists them in their plot to gain world rule–for if people can be taught that all would be fine under one ruler, then the lambs move easily to the slaughter. You, of course, are the lambs in point! For if you are one of the Pharisee “JEWS” reading this document, you will shred and burn it–again proving the Truth of the message!!!

Resource: The Phoenix Liberator, November 1991, Volume 17, Number 5.




  1. Lucifer is my Spirit/physical Father!! He is Hatonn just a different Life and Agenda! Even the Gods shrink from Hatonn!! He blew up Atlantis, a mother colony from Andromeda ! The Warriors of all Worlds and Universes Caught Him and Froze H for 2000 years!! Someone released h in 1995! He is Not The Creator! He used the Quventelleurs-apes to Rape Earthlings to make Hybrid-reptiles!! He took over millions of innocent Red Race Indians! He appeared to them as White God, Quetzalcoatl!! He is a Devil, vampire, child ritual murderer and is trying to take this World!! He is over the Child Ritual Murdering Church called the Mormons!!! I was his daughter Lilith and Daemon was and is my Twin and Twin Flame!!!! I rebelled because I will not Be Sodomized as Adam tried!!!! Hatonn is Metatron who was Ted Bundy murdering 37 girls by bashing the head in with sodomy rape!! Fight these Alien Channellers!!! Avoid any one called St.Germain!! He is Lord Satan!!!!’ They have no right to this World!!! It is Mother World!! Mother Eve is Christ!!!

  2. I am ready to go public! I will speak to groups of 500! I have the Keys to the Final Kingdom of the Aquarian Age! There will not be an evacuation of this World!! The people are Innocent of the Sins of the Gods, Masters, all still here as walk ins and Guilty of all Earthly Sins!! The gods, Saviors, Masters, Reptiles, Snake/ crocodile Kingdoms ruling all Hidden Governments, Churches, economies will be Judged by the Lamb who is NOT JESUS!!! He is a Phony Proxy and suffers from acute alcoholism!! He was Drunk in the Garden of Gethsemanae!! Do not get on Space Ships and get dumped into outer Space!!!! That is Jesus/ Ashtar’s Plan!! And phony St. Germaine-Lord Satan sitting on the Holy Roman Empire Throne as the Jesuit Pope!!

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