Hatonn Confirms Mass Decloaking in NYC on Oct. 13, 2010

Indian writes: Well well well…..things are getting very interesting on this planet…..I’ve included a Hatonn link if folks want to clue in on who’s been assisting humanity behind the scenes. If you don’t know Hatonn OR God Aton by now, you probably aren’t paying enough attention….then there’s SaLusa, Hathors, Archangel Michael, Hilarion, Metatron, Galactic Federation of Light, White Brotherhood and so on….meet the neighbours! Dieter

Hatonn Confirms Mass Decloaking in NYC on Oct. 13, 2010

OCTOBER 16, 2010
by Steve Beckow
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Suzy Ward


I have confirmation from Commander Hatonn that a mass decloaking took place in New York City on Oct. 13, 2010.

Cdr. Hatonn is director of multidimensional communications for the assembled space fleet that will be assisting us with restoring the planet, bringing in the abundance program, and preparing for Ascension.

Yesterday I wrote Suzy Ward, who channels her highly-evolved son, Matthew Ward, as well as Hatonn, Ashtar, and others.

I asked Suzy to ask Matthew whether the objects seen in New York were balloons or not. I’m afraid I didn’t phrase my question very well so Suzy responded that  neither Matthew nor Hatonn could confirm or deny whether the objects sighted were balloons.

What I didn’t ask was were they then spaceships? (Silly me.)

Suzy also responded:

“They said that ships around the world are decloaking at various times and this will continue happening with increasing frequency, all part of the ramped-up activity that will result in official recognition.” (1)

Today I wrote Suzy back, tail between my legs, and asked her to ask Matthew and Hatonn again if they were spaceships. Hatonn responded:

“Steve, this is Hatonn.  You are being very conscientious about presenting accurate information — thank you.  We need more sane voices like yours to offset the pure hogwash that’s circulating. Yes, of course there were ships over New York City that day.  We’re showing up there and many other places all around Earth. As Suzy wrote you before, this is part of ramping up our activity to hasten the time when we’re officially recognized.” (2)
So there you have it. Confirmation of the decloaking from very reliable sources.

For new readers, I regard Suzy, Matthew and Hatonn as the very best among sources, along with Mike Quinsey’s SaLuSa, Atmos, Ag-Agria, Diane, and Ker-On, and John Smallman’s Saul.

Of Matthew and Suzy Ward, Ashtar, commander of the Galactic Federation fleet, which is itself just one among a number of fleets that are here today, has said:

“I want to tell you why you can trust the information we transmit to Suzy Ward. We know Matthew [Ward] – all highly-evolved beings in the universe know this soul – and his soul and his mother’s vibrate at the same high frequency, where only truth is passed between beings wherever they are, and she is known by us as a uniquely-clear receiver.” (3)

I’m a lightworker, not a scientific UFOlogist. The scientists together with the skeptics and much of the general population will not hold my sources in high regard. But I regard information coming from Matthew, Hatonn, Ashtar, SaLuSa and Saul as being highly reliable. I really don’t care what the scientists or skeptics say about it.

So there you are. Hatonn has confirmed the mass decloaking over New York City.


(1) Suzy Ward to Steve Beckow, Oct. 15, 2010.

(2) Suzy Ward to Steve Beckow, Oct. 16, 2010.

(3) Suzy Ward to Steve Beckow, Aug. 3, 2009.







October 10, 2010
Hatonn: ET update; perspectives; Obama. Matthew: economy, 9/11; light absorption indication; peace, love; guidance to overcome addictions; karma; diet; animal souls; changes in education, learning abilities
September 11, 2010
Media control lessening; light source, purposes, receiving; ascension requirements; spiritual preparedness; detachment; Pakistan flooding, Hurricane Earl; law of attraction; partisan politics; ET presence, option to TV program
August 13, 2010
Effects of ascension’s late stages; suggestions to relieve symptoms; weather technology; ascension data, who will go along with Earth; animals; 2012; Gulf oil spill; Obama, law of attraction; media, discernment; delayed announcement of ET presence, landings; economy
June 23, 2010
Note from Matthew’s Messages Yahoo Group administrator
June 2, 2010
Current events in the context of Earth’s ascension
May 19, 2010
Gulf of Mexico oil spill; grassroots efforts for “green world”; truth disclosures speeding up; Earth’s energy field of potential; Illuminati, clones; astrological influences; history, new direction of religions
April 26, 2010
SEC vs. Goldman Sachs; Illuminati—composition, past and current activities; reptilians; lawsuit against pedophile Boy Scout leader; Iceland’s volcanic eruption; plane crash, death of Poland’s president, et al; tea party movement; economic concerns, resolution; presence of spirits; music in Golden Age; effects of gun use on soul growth; life forms designed with malevolence; enough souls for fetuses; Global Love Day May 1
March 29, 2010
Chile earthquake manmade; Illuminati failings; positive developments in many areas; effects of goddess energy; women’s self-perception; opposition in political arenas; timeframe determination difficulties; the Vatican; various destinies of souls
February 14, 2010
Earthquake in Haiti – cause, effects; sending light to dark-hearted individuals; power of negative thoughts; global economy, debts; answers within; vegetarian diets; stargates; no “second Earth”; reincarnation
January 11, 2010
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December 17, 2009
Light of sharing; Norway phenomenon ET produced; Obama; energy for change growing worldwide; life in Heaven; the soul, soul reunions; prayers; universal law of attraction; karma; Earth humankind origin; whales; animal evolution; message from 9/11 souls; love, fear; convictions create; peace coming; direct connection with God; synchronicity; ET helpers
November 19, 2009
Energy of anticipation; ET disclosure TV program, background; “V,” “2012” and other fear tactics; illness in Ukraine; power of love; god/goddess soul essence; children’s bodies 3D to 4D; intuition, thoughts; duality’s challenges; soul contract, pre-birth agreement
October 19, 2009
Public acknowledgement soon of other civilizations; other truths will emerge later; “open window” for ascension; changes to come; physical death of those who refuse light; Golden Age government; moderate temperatures; emotions, bodies in higher densities; relationship of soul, fetus
September 21, 2009
Duality, reason for resistance to change; Illuminati Plans A, B and C; effects of “time” acceleration; status of the economy; false channeled information sources; effects of light absorption; prayer; Earth’s axis; long hidden truths soon to be disclosed
August 21, 2009
Duality ending; steps to rid Earth of dark influence; radiate your light; mandatory swine flu inoculations; results of fear; specific help from other civilizations
July 18, 2009
Outpouring of love for Michael Jackson; mandatory swine flu inoculations; contrived appearance of stable economic foundation; spiritual evolution underway; “dire predictions” false information
June 24, 2009
Obama administration activities; Illuminati complex power base, hierarchy; space family; conversation with reptilian fleet commander
May 26, 2009
US Memorial Day; variables in ascertaining timing; Illuminati obstructing Obama’s intentions; Cheney; global economy not stabilized; vibratory levels, consciousness; Susan Boyle; misperceptions about NESARA; swine flu; mental disorders no bar to physical ascension; souls reincarnating in same country, religion; Earth’s ascension
April 28, 2009
Swine flu outbreak an Illuminati failed plan
April 9, 2009
Third density energy playing out; Earth’s ascension progress; simpler lifestyle compatible with advanced technology; evolving human nature; “time” in the continuum; life in the Golden Age; multiple lifetimes for balanced experiencing; psychics’ information sources; recap of messages’ content
March 10, 2009
Importance of collective consciousness; dark forces altered human DNA; signs of cellular changes; ways to ease adjustment to changes, higher frequencies; sending light to dark souls; directing light, love; DNA repair of shattered souls; Obama’s administration, changes coming; truths that will come forth; global economy status; “grassroots” movement; fires in Australia; chanting; fourth and fifth densities
February 7, 2009
Description of highly evolved civilization; collective consciousness, Earth’s and the universe’s; ascension, individuals’ and Earth’s; life mission; light absorption; global economy reforms needed; technologies; whales; stasis; reasons for differences in channeled information
January 20, 2009
High vibrations of inauguration; event in universal context; Earth speedily regaining health; global economy, individuals’ contribution; NESARA, what it does not include; Gaza, Zionists; aspects of karma; walk-ins; “station” explained; plane sabotaged
December 21, 2008
Effects of hope, optimism; feelings during holiday season; patience during transitional stages; soul-level preparedness to deal with economy; proof of off-planet assistance; active involvement in change processes; “harmonic wave”; density’s two meanings; human DNA; methods of “dumbing down”; divisiveness of labels; consciousness of everything in existence; importance of art; effects of music; aspects of Christmas 2008
November 21, 2008
Significance of Obama’s election; planning of Earth’s Golden Age; global economic situation; accelerated manifesting; Bush, Illuminati roles, results and consequences

October 22, 2008
October 14 lightship-reason, reactions for non-appearance; other civilizations’ previous contact with Earth; global economy removal from Illuminati control, weathering economic turmoil; some souls’ life purpose; universal law of attraction; US presidential election; proposed new Ecuadorian constitution; what to expect of Golden Age, transitional stage; succinct guideline for spiritual journey
September 24, 2008
Global economic situation, greed, corruption led to “meltdown,” ultimate outcome; Sarah Palin; why Obama will be US president, other national leaders; perspective of “Impending Event Alert”; predictions that won’t materialize; bad dreams; chiropractic philosophy; diet, health, Golden Age; energy of ascended masters, others; only off-planet light beings near our solar system; “behind the scenes” of Gustav, Ike; Pakistan suicide bombing a “black ops” event
August 29, 2008
Feelings of light beings in spirit worlds; duality in humankind ending; importance of synchronicity; acceleration in all aspects of life; responsibility to Self; Hatonn: October 14 appearance of large space ship; telepathic communication; preparation for ascension; diet; addicts; world transformation on steady course
July 27, 2008
Reformation of US, world economy; Barack Obama; evolved souls apolitical; overview of Illuminati history, current status; “red flag” in channeled messages; mainstream media control cracking; leadership changes worldwide; 2012, Mayan calendar; ET landings
July 4, 2008
US Independence; university graduation ceremony, example of global happenings; Barak Obama; food shortages, ethanol; weather technology; Tree Peoples’ message; Tim Russet; Mideast situation; Zimbabwe; drugs; Jesus, Mother Mary/Christed light energy; 2012
May 21, 2008
Higher meaning of Myanmar and China disasters; negativity reduction; examples of duality; global economy, sharing; third density karma; sources of light; Obama in US presidency, ending of “secret government”; don’t fear dire predictions, claims; life missions will unfold; care necessary in telepathic communications; “homework” assignments
April 19, 2008
Assurance vs. fear-mongering; no nuclear war; duality winding down; a staged “space invasion”?; prepare children for the future; Earth happenings affect the universe; chemtrails; reforestation; animal extinction; animals’ angels; souls helping others in financial adversity; a “heavenly” birthday
March 23, 2008
Golden Age view of Earth; dark plans won’t reach fruition; effects of frequencies/pollution, ways to relieve symptoms; global economy, national leadership reforms; energy field of potential; soul, cumulative soul
February 24, 2008
Mother Earth; discernment, intuition; guidance for awakening souls, lightworkers; obvious changes; no Iran invasion; state of the economy; reasons for increased spacecraft sightings; no evacuation needed; Do Not Fear!
January 27, 2008
US primaries; the economy, changes; Illuminati group, control crashing; ethanol; Internet; importance of sound; turmoil, violence in third density and universal contexts; other civilizations’ help in world transformation
December 31, 2007
Matthew’s “Essay on 2012,” Chapter “2012” from the book And Then God Said…Then I Said…Then He Said…
December 23, 2007
Holiday season emotions; overview of changes during 2008; increased need for precautions in all undertakings; necessity of learning discernment, trusting intuition; new approach to questions and answers
August 1, 2007
Presidential order re: Iraq war dissenters; “Fire the Grid” and “7-7-7” effects. SPECIAL – Message from God
July 9, 2007
Fire the Grid July 17th!
July 2, 2007
Foreign media reporting more accurately than in US; legal processes against top officials in US government; cars with explosives in London a “black-ops” ruse; discernment, intuition; resistance to the truth about religious dogmas; ego; possible energetic reasons for crumbling relationships; chemtrails; independence from external sources of information; distractions from important things; DNA changes; the Holocaust in universal context; indications of light within souls; disarming fear
June 2, 2007
US budget bill vote; presidential authority executive order; wildlife deaths; cetacean souls, energy; poisoned pet food; dreams of violence; say “no” to fear; amended soul contracts; health risks from cell phones and other products; examples of belief systems’ effectiveness; marijuana; “fast track” education for young children
May 3, 2007
Virginia Tech shooting; how souls help each other; effects of energy magnifying characteristics, feelings; everyone’s contribution to the light valuable; importance of balance; honeybees’ disappearance, Devic kingdom assistance; status of war, troop withdrawal, future of Iraq; FDA control of nutritional supplements; effects of fear; Global Love Day
April 3, 2007
Peace demonstrations add light, don’t continue polarity; reasons for free will; encouragement, being prepared necessary; sending light; biblical Jesus, global warming controversies; no heavy-duty attack on Iran seen in energy field of potential; “The Secret”; importance of color, tone; race called Sasquatch and Yeti
March 22, 2007 – Part 1
Slumbering souls; first part of “God: More of Who I Am” chapter in ILLUMINATIONS FOR A NEW ERA
March 22, 2007 – Part 2
Continuation of “God: More of Who I Am” chapter in ILLUMINATIONS FOR A NEW ERA
March 22, 2007 – Part 3
Continuation of October 26, 2000 conversation with God, from “God: More of Who I Am” chapter in ILLUMINATIONS FOR A NEW ERA
March 22, 2007 – Part 4
Conclusion of “God: More of Who I Am” chapter in ILLUMINATIONS FOR A NEW ERA
March 4, 2007
Observations about “the Oscars”; collective consciousness; “Believe in yourselves!”; unconditional love; US presidential candidates; more evidence of crumbling Bush administration; soulmates, twin flames; causes of dying animal species; parallel and probable lives; records disproving the biblical story of Jesus
February 3, 2007
Iraq war escalation an Illuminati decision; no full-scale war in Iran; ET technology reducing worst effects of pollution; global warming leading to moderate global climate; guideline for trusting intuition; love, key to all healing; benefits of monatomic gold; adverse effects of vaccines, prescription drugs; tribal use of hallucinogens; helping animals end suffering; goddess energy
January 7, 2007
New energy momentum for peace; Illuminati influence, control waning; energy that delays progress of change; young and older leaders appearing; power of words; importance of monatomic gold in bodies; de-evolution of DNA; origin of Earth’s spirit world; soul contract possible reason for illness; future potential for people in health care fields; this lifetime is last opportunity to complete third density karma on Earth; outlook for world economic changes; souls’ name identification beyond current lifetime; some incorrect claims about future events; helpful visualization technique
December 5, 2006
True NESARA explanation; soul-to-consciousness communication; developing discernment; soul contracts, primary missions; dreams; animal souls; current world update; summary of previously covered information; question guideline; Christmastime’s highly mixed emotions
November 9, 2006
US election results in universal context; moving out of third density thinking; how love-light works
October 13, 2006
North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan; Earth’s ascension on target despite lingering darkness; higher frequencies magnifying feelings, October 17 light event; Israel, Zionists; Ecoli no scare; US political scene; reptilians; purpose of SDI; dementia, ADHD
September 11, 2006
Special message about September 11, 2001
Special NESARA Edition
Explanations of NESARA from Hatonn and Matthew and an enlightening message from God
August 13, 2006
Plane-bombing plot more ruse, deception; NO nuclear war in Lebanon; Zionists don’t represent most Israelis, Jews; economic outlook, resources reallocation; geophysical events, “global warming”; repeal of unjust laws worldwide; Matthew’s requests regarding questions; cremation, burial; US November election; effects of feminine/goddess energy; illness, aging outlook
July 15, 2006
No all-out war Israel-Lebanon; factors behind Mideast violence; prevention of NYC subway bombing a “tall tale”; original, amended soul contracts; Fitzgerald, Plame/Wilson lawsuit; discernment, trusting intuition imperative; some channeled information from dark sources; Buffet’s “generosity”; Adam, energy healer; “ultimate encouragement”
June 19, 2006
Reaction is a choice; results of fear; advice to energy healers and telepathic receivers; light workers, light weavers; Rove result “skullduggery”; likely course of truth emerging; celestial activity; we’re innately prepared for transitional “bumps”; military draft outlook; ELM effects; immigration reform in US; Feng Shui; key to relationships; archangels, other spirit helpers; prayer
May 23, 2006
No tsunami as predicted; don’t lapse into fear; importance of discernment; frenetic energy when dark lies revealed; indictments coming; Moussaoi trial; “hooker-gate”; loyal CIA vs. Illuminati-controlled faction; darkness in the Vatican; religious devout reactions; telepathic communication; mass consciousness; Morgellons disease
April 28, 2006
“Bird flu” movie to be on ABC network; inoculations; no comet-Earth collision; Iraq war; Illuminati membership, activities; Muslim religion; soul contracts of people affected by depleting uranium; sending light; health situations; meat in diets
April 7, 2006
Incursions into Iran possible, no full-scale war; dark force field gone, influence of Earth puppets waning; global warming leading to moderate climates globally; souls from other civilizations completing third density karmic experiencing on Earth, “volunteer” ETs also on planet; majority of people are adding light; global economy; everything in the universe has consciousness level; appearance of albino animals heralds peace
March 18, 2006
Matthew’s information sources; life in spirit; gods and goddesses; Illuminati power base shattered; Bush et al seeking legal means to stay in office; spiritually-based organizations; soul contracts re: ascension with Earth; US spacecraft; inhabitants of “hollow” Earth
February 18, 2006
World is being fixed; great challenge will be reeducating adherents of religions; dark forces step up efforts to infiltrate souls; people most vulnerable to dark influence; how to recognize dark souls; protection from darkness; guidance for telepathic communication and checking sources
February 11, 2006
Energy generated by Olympics and Super Bowl; UFOs over Torino; Illuminati behind cartoons of Mohammed; state of the world, no WWIII; getting past fear; guideline for spiritual pathway; anti-christ, Maitreya; Findhorn Community
January 19, 2006
Indictments served Bush, others; other lawsuits adding to energy momentum; more defectors from dark agenda joining light workers; purpose of media’s focus; DO NOT FEAR; use discernment in channeled information; chemtrails; bodies healed in higher densities; AIDS; obesity in spiritual context; John Lennon and MLK; happenings in sleep state, dreams
January 4, 2006
Significance of new year; Holy Grail is the soul; difference between Creator and God; Hatonn’s clarification of NESARA
December 11, 2005
Brilliant light of hope and gratitude; reforms momentum continues; participation in Earth’s ascendance a tribute to our soul evolution; “String Theory”; technological devices; “Little Greys”; easing into the continuum; sex, sexuality, relationships; animals’ evolution, emotional range
November 17, 2005
No bird flu, nuclear detonations in space, or land/sea mass changes; light-dark battle is for souls; the Illuminati; soul messages; Bush administration crumbling; barter; star gates; organ transplants; religion vs. spirituality; being spiritually prepared; “11s”; life in the Golden Era
November 1, 2005
Libby indictment; no “bird flu, martial law or new warfronts; warmonger is the Illuminati; truth of “9/11” will come out; “purest” truth is within each soul; Fitzgerald protected; “peak oil” a dark contrivance; changes during planet’s transitional phase; linear time collapsing; beloved animals ascend with Earth
October 17, 2005
Don’t fear lab-made bird flu virus; mainstream media reporting anti-administration news; climate changes leading to Earth’s restoration; Asian earthquake: volunteer souls aid planetary cleansing activity; re-educating adults about “new world”; changes ahead in children’s education; suggestions guidance for parents of children with autism or ADHD; the economy; therapy for healing psyches; love in action
September 22, 2005
Levees in New Orleans detonated; emotions in the higher vibrations; what is behind Rita; wise leadership by year end; Katrina death toll; war troop casualties; FEMA; “All my love”
August 31, 2005
Hurricane Katrina; karmic completion for souls who transitioned; Iraq’s near future; invasion of Iran delayed; military coup in US unlikely; universal language of souls to body cells; tonal absorption
August 13, 2005
Status of potential Iran invasion and US mainland terrorist acts; fear factors; importance of steadfastness in the light
August 5, 2005
Invasion of Iran potential; indictment of Bush et al status
July 26, 2005
Addendum to July 16, 2005 message; message from Hatonn about NESARA
July 16, 2005
Bombings in London caused by CIA; light momentum unstoppable; major changes by year end; send light to all souls
June 21, 2005
Positive changes in US and other countries; everyone chose role in this unprecedented time; Sol and sunscreens; Michael Jackson fairly acquitted; spontaneous human combustion; diets and nutrients; current entertainment; underground lab experiments; the importance of music
May 23, 2005
Status update; war with Iran may be avoided; DU and other toxins; light-generating activities; reality vs. illusion; monetary system change; stem cell research; cell phones; global warming; inner Earth inhabitants
April 26, 2005
Pope Benedict XVI; Moussaoui “confession”; sacred sites; ascension of mentally ill, prisoners; White Brotherhood; The Da Vinci Code; importance of sound and silence
April 5, 2005
Be discerning in all information; Pope John Paul and Terri Schiavo; Nirvana, a multilayered realm; Earth steadily on ascension course; Codex Alimentarius; the eyes of dark souls; economic outlook; animals’ spiritual awareness; no bioengineered pandemic
March 13, 2005
UFO TV program; ET assistance, landings in Himalayas; Bermuda Triangle; moon landings; photon belt; dolphin and whale beaching; spiritual preparedness; “Second Coming” and “First Contact”
February 16, 2005
Some causes of current physical, emotional conditions and helpful suggestions; cellular changes; economic situation; vitamins, diet supplements; melting polar regions; Indigo, Crystal children; walk-in souls
January 17, 2005
Extent of geophysical events; fear intentionally created by US legislation; prayers for Iraq and its people; emotions of high light beings related to ours; ET life on moons in our solar system; increasing light intensity will be exposing more deception; possibility of ET visitors by mid-year
December 30, 2004
Aftermath of earthquake and tsunami; reception of souls who perished; 2005—a year of transition
December 13, 2004
Unstable US economy and logical expectations; NESARA’s economic reforms; incoming goddess energy; souls to include in holiday thankfulness
November 12, 2004
Difference between Creator’s cosmic laws and God’s universal laws; how laws have been “broken”; massive ET assistance to Earth starting about 60 years ago; ask ETs for individual help; how ET assistance will help us
November 4, 2004
Light intensity greatly heightened by voters; two vital reasons election outcome is advantageous; harsh times will continue until dark energy runs its course
November 2, 2004
Election outcome: candidate whose Illuminati faction won the infighting; voting created light; keep faith in the light
October 20, 2004
ET light beings vigilant; pre-election activity from high light vantage point; “energy bump” after election; individual and collective karma still in effect; dire environmental predictions will not come to pass; why we must ask for ET assistance beyond Earth’s own requests
October 6, 2004
Purpose of no specific dates in channeled information; “flashlight” method to send light to people who do abhorrent things; examples of reform initiatives; life forms in first and second densities; essence of love-light
September 6, 2004
Hurricanes in Florida; much higher death toll than official count; weather technology; ET technology ameliorates effects of geophysical events; power struggle between Illuminati’s two factions, each backing a major party presidential candidate
August 22, 2004
“Recalcitrant” souls; more about 2012; destructive politics; release of small funds; restoration of Earth—changes to anticipate; soulless clones; ET assistance during and after Earth’s ascension into fourth density
August 9, 2004
Illuminati control of mainstream media beginning to crack; the President Bush seen publicly is a clone; infighting of the two Illuminati factions in US politics; recent entertainment showing “quest for truth”; minor funding changes starting; love will eliminate oppressive aspects of cultures and religions; discernment of all information essential; geophysical events to continue; the importance of sending love-light to all souls, judging none
July 16, 2004
No US election postponement seen; Illuminati will determine presidential victor; Matthew’s service throughout galaxies; significant development: Earth will ascend at desired pace, not wait for all dark souls to embrace the light; reforms in NESARA going ahead without its announcement
June 18, 2004
Scientific evidence of changing DNA; comments about 2012; we chose to participate in Earth’s ascension process; knowing truth prepares spiritually for changes
June 5, 2004
Do not go into fear over fear-filled reports; manipulation of economies; US bankrupt; ETs’ technology prevents major terrorist threats; reasons to suspect US administration in 9/11
May 28, 2004
Creating fear the objective of publicizing terrorist threats; CIA “Black Ops”; dire predictions invalid; animals on Earth, just as in Nirvana, will live peaceably together; significance of Venus in alignment with Earth; planets are evolving souls
May 7, 2004
Why NESARA is controversial; progress of its intent without announcement; many cases of torture and killing are chosen karmic lessons; ETs within, on and surrounding Earth; more about 2012; how the dark forces control; more geophysical events to come
April 20, 2004
Dark forces’ fear causes desperate acts; light increasingly exposing deceit and corruption; light and dark reptilians on Earth; NESARA’s intent; negativity caused by inhumane treatment of animals; transitional steps to a better world; microchips; ET prevention of major terrorist attempts
March 1, 2004
Complexities of getting NESARA announced; off-planet reptilians control Illuminati; process of changes and reforms globally; collapse of linear time; illusion vs. reality; Ralph Nadar; Dennis Kucinich; President Bush and John Kerry are Illuminati; Hubble telescope—Mars; “The Passion of Christ”; remedies for temporary physical and emotional discomfort due to effects of higher frequencies; harmful effects of prescription drugs
February 20, 2004
US presidential directives and legislation regarding national emergencies; purpose of fear tactics

February 8, 2004
No nuclear detonations in space; intent of Illuminati; fate of dark souls; ASK space beings for help; journey of the soul
December 31, 2003
Iran earthquake natural, not manmade; accumulation of negativity in Mideast; real Saddam Hussein not “captured”; potential terrorist alerts; purposeful media diversion; laboratory-made diseases; no disease in higher frequencies; dark forces fight NESARA; media blackout for Dennis Kucinich; telepathic connections opening




One thought on “Hatonn Confirms Mass Decloaking in NYC on Oct. 13, 2010

  1. I am so greatful for this info. Ive always known that there was much more to this universe than what we were actually taught. My own life experiences are evident of this. Nature / trees have always held a certain mystry for me. I would look at beautiful trees and greenery and feel a calm come over me. Ive always felt that there is life out there that is unseen to the human eye. I am now so curious, I cannot stop reading. Ive also taken the step of eliminating anything I consider pleasure, that does not benefit me and this in turn is causing me to to live my life on a different plane. Ive always believed that there is much more to God than what we know. Thank you. I feel as if Ive just awoken from a deep sleep.

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