Galactic Federation Of Light Sananda March 22 2010

Galactic Federation Of Light Sananda March 22 2010




7 thoughts on “Galactic Federation Of Light Sananda March 22 2010

  1. 6/2/2010

    I ask for this message to be sent to the Galactic Federation Of Light if
    this can be done by you. You know about the Gulf oil leak that has not
    been stopped by humans? Mother Earth is being polluted and is in grave
    danger, wildlife is being killed. Men working on cleaning up the oil spill
    are becoming deathly sick. All life on Earth is in jeopardy. I realize that it
    has been caused by all of humanity that continues to use oil products.
    And yes we need to find different cleaner ways of powering our machines.
    Solar, wind, and hydrogen powered technologies need to implemented,
    For the sake of the Earth, and all life that lives upon Her. So here I am
    seeking out a way to get this call for help message to The Galactic Federation
    Of Light. I don’t feel that President Obama is taking this matter seriously.
    It is said that The Galactic Federation has offered to help the government
    before, but that they refused the offer. I am just one man trying to get this
    call out for help to the Universe, and to God Himself. If You can channel this
    message, or know some one who can please do so.
    Charles J. Moix

  2. Thanks for your comment. It is good that they recieved my message.
    But that is only one way communication. What I desire from them is
    actual feedback that I can hear, or see in this reality. I desire a 2 way
    communication with them. That they hear me is good, now I desire to
    hear them, or see their communication back to me. I know in my heart
    that this is possible, and in these troubled times I need this 2 way
    communication re-established. For too long have I lived my life
    seemingly cut off from higher communication with Beings which
    are there for my assistance. I get inner urges, and hunches from
    them yes! But that does not replace Being to Being communicaton,
    like when one person talks to another on Earth. I know that they
    exist, but I can’t actualy see or hear them in this physical dimension.
    This is why we feel separated, or isolated on Earth. This is why we
    feel alone, and unsupported. Well, like you say they recieved what
    I’ve just thought and typed up. Things need to change. Open
    communication needs to start, especially now that Mother Earth
    is in this present oil spill mess, with BP personnel trying to futiley
    stop the oil leak with robotic toys, because humans can’t physicaly
    go down 5,000 feet put a hands on operation on the problem.
    It’s like knowing what the problem is but not being able to do anything
    about it, in any real physical sense. The Galactics say that they need
    our permission to intervene on this at the physical level. Well, they
    have mine! But I AM just one part of humanity. How many of us do
    you need to hear from? Well, thankyou Dieter for responding and
    allowing me this space to get my thoughts out where I can see
    them on a physical level. Namaste, and I hope that the galactics
    will communicate back to me in a way that I can comprehend
    in this dimension. Please subscribe my e-mail adresss to recieve
    your blog.

    1. Charles…. it’s us who are learning new ways to communicate not them…. that’s what we need to be open to…. we heading towards telepathy, and then beyond…. into things we can’t get our 3D minds around even.

      Enjoy and thanks for your contributions….


  3. Hi, greetings all, I have read about the GFL since speaking to my mom that something that looks bigger then a star, that moves, that comes and goes wherever in the sky I feel is watching me for about 2 months now every few days or every day. Last night for instance, (I am in Zitouna, Algeria) I was speaking to my father in law about the Tassili cave drawings in the Sahara, Tamanrasset and talking to him about what I have been seeing, and I haven’t seen it in 1 week, since the end of Ramadan, and we go outside and it suddenly appeared over the mountain, got bigger, as we watched it moving closer, then as quick as it appeared it left. Tonight, I said to it, if you are good and come from God, give me a sign, if your bad do not contact me and sure enough, it came appeared, and left as soon as my sister in law came to find me. It is like I said just looks like a big bright light moving. Now why contact me? I am definitely spiritual,but far from well educated in this UFO field, and who is this that is contacting me, could it be the Annunaki? All I know is I know it is watching me for some reason, and I have communicated straight, I will not follow an anti-Christ, I am a Child of God and I will not bend or believe in another Messiah, and I still do not trust the Annunaki, cause Nephilim are simply Nephilim, bad angels cast from heaven. I also wonder if the GFL is really good, cause the implanations I have read they plan on giving people for gaining knowledge sounds to me like the mark of the beast? Furthermore the notion of currency? Anyway I just really wanted to ask someone with some knowledge about the Federation if its possible they are the Ones contacting me, if I am on the right track, and if you can answer any of my questions. Thank you, Tamara

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