HATONN: “Racist”, “anti-Semite” and “Racial discrimination” are three of the worst “smears” used. They are actually never defined, so that the victim has no way of defending himself against the accusations hurled against him.



1/19/91 HATONN
Double standards on the question of Race are now so common they no longer evoke surprise. Discrimination has become a moral sin in this age, but can be perpetrated by anyone, anywhere, and with absolute impunity–as long as it is against Caucasians. Whether or not a “thing” is “deserved” rests solely upon the decision of those making the judgement. Before coming again into the sanctuary of Holy God in HIS kingdom–you will cease this butchering of brother–for God recognizes no race or color!
Look at that which has happened regarding racism. When a white man or woman practices his right to be with other white persons or desires his “own kind”, he is immediately labeled as a “Racist monster”. When practiced by anyone else, anywhere in the world against the white race, not a single organization, be it Black, Jew, and most churches, will condemn it. Is this not somehow a bit unbalanced? I condemn any inequality practices by any race against that of another–but you of Earth human draw sides and act in deplorable manners. You have, even as a white race (which is no effort on your own part that you are pale and another dark) have literally become brainwashed into feeling guilt and allow being stamped by smear terms, which are part and parcel of the psychological (psychopolitical) warfare whereby millions of white persons are now being intimidated. You have been made prisoners of your own self-induced fears , ALL of you, in all races, allow that which is evil to prevail so as to “…NOT APPEAR PREJUDICED–AGAINST ANYTHING, RIGHT OR WRONG, MORAL OR IMMORAL AND SO FORTH.”
“Racist”, “anti-Semite” and “Racial discrimination” are three of the worst “smears” used. They are actually never defined, so that the victim has no way of defending himself against the accusations hurled against him. Instead, most “brainwashed” people simply assume automatic condemnation without trial and refrain from again using whatever term brought the blast.
Correctly defined, a “racist” is a person who approves of their own race; who maintains respect for his own kin, and prefers to live among his own kind. It does NOT imply hostility of any kind toward others who differ from them.
According to this “correct definition”, most all of humanity are “racist”. Yet, what do you find today?
The true racist, who loves what he considers “his own people and cultural uniqueness”, is immediately smeared and persecuted for no other reason than that he has the desire to defend his own native kin, and who is determined to follow God’s Natural Law according to his own definition of “kind” and practice his cultural traditions. Are the traditional Jews, for instance, not “white”? Are the fair-colored Blacks not “white”? and thus and so? So, what are we actually speaking to in this discussion? The man-conjured unacceptability of being that which you are in freedom and equality!
I speak of this “thing” grown like a cancer upon your societies which pull you apart in every direction because you have fallen prey to the intent of exactly that cause. If I speak the word “Zionism” you instantly thrust back “anti-Semite” at me when I speak not of Jews at all. Is it not interesting that the Mormons also are often called Zionists? Do you begin to understand my point? You believe anything that is fed to you through careful psychopolitical means. You are told that the term Zionist is “racist” and wrong, and therefore you are required to stop the usage of the term. And yet, the very ones who instigate the requirement set up their own organizations called World Zionist Organization (W.Z.O.) and Zionist Occupation Government (Z.O.G.), etc. and announce they are Israeli organizations and yet, when another citizen speaks the term–they are cast as bigot and racist. This is for the purpose of causing you to allow the taking over of your own government and placing it in the hands of the ones who began the “trend” in the first place.
Your leaders and advisors base policies of “reborn” and “revolutionary change” on the assumption that racial differences are “skin deep”, that races are potentially equal in mental ability, and that belief in racial differences exhibits a superiority complex which is shameful and evil–in other words, it requires self-hatred no matter what color or creed you bear.
All races may be fundamentally the same intellectually if given identical set of circumstances–but all have differing concepts, needs of societal traditions and cultural uniqueness. Somehow this is unacceptable and causes one who feels “superior” to murder all who he feels is “inferior”. The facts are that you have no facts! You do not know of that which you cast forth–for you are not given to know differences in genetic structure which gives discernment in that matter. You are further inundated by the mass media, as they saturate the gullible public with scientific fraud whose aim is not that of compassion for others, or a search for truth, but for the mongrelization and collectiveness of Mankind. This reduces the individual to a “nothing” state of being which allows for total enslavement of the multitudes.
The question of “racism” boils down to the fundamental right of all peoples, brown, yellow, black, or white, to preserve themselves, and fit themselves into their natural forms of tradition, family, life-styles, even nations and specific civilizations. It does not preclude equal respect and justice.
“Race” differences are factual. A man cannot change that which he is, nor should he desire to do so for any reason–the very uniqueness is a wondrous gift of Creator. That which he IS–he IS. To deny Race is to deny self. Race is not merely a kind of popular superstition, it is one of the most crucial, yet least understood subjects in your world. It means not equality of soul–it does represent differences in physical presentation. To deny such differences is neither sound nor sane and those who emphasize and press this denial, for the most part, have ulterior motives for so doing and usually intend to somehow gain control over the group in point.
Intellectual dishonesty on the part of your politicians, educators, and most surely the clergy is fundamental immorality. To ignore the forces of race, nation, family, and the immense powers of tradition, history, civilization, and religion is to make oneself guilty, not only of intellectual dishonesty of the worst kind, but of suicidal folly. For, in ignoring these facts, one becomes an instrument of destruction–which, of course, is the intent of the ones who train you to think in these patterns.
It is as with the Iraqis and Arabs in general. Seven months ago it was wondrous to be an Iraqi–today the world spits upon the blessed Iraqi, and Arabs are shunned and investigated in your own “free” and “beloved” land. …How easily you are duped and trained into the bigoted teachings of your puppet-masters.
Seven months ago Saddam Hussein was a beloved friend of your nation–within one day he, somehow, became an Arab Madman!
If you cannot see this process being thrust upon you and taking place before your eyes, it is because you have deliberately shut them to the truth!
Your political and religious leaders refuse to recognize publicity that the world-wide campaign against racial discrimination in the halls of tradition and justice comes from deliberate calculation on the part of the Zionist/Communist combine, whose aim it is to arouse anger rather than reason, and to inflame the Black and all peoples of color against the whites, or any other grouping for that matter. The ultimate end of eradicating all “races” and nations of the world is in specific intent to bring about Global Control. It is, again, the matter of apples and bananas–they are both fruit of a plant–but they differ. A Black is, at least in appearance, different from a Caucasian. Does that make one superior to the other? No, only different. Calling the “White man” “Oriental” does not change the circumstance of the fact.
This is a most dangerous thing you ones of Earth have going on herein for it sets you against your brother and these are the most heinous wars ever brought forth–race against race.
…I would have you take notice of something important. It is the Jewish population who scream “anti-Semitism” and “bigots” against those who speak out; yet note, please, it is the Jews who have moved within the Zionist culture (and the Zionist Khazars are not Jews) who are the most racist of all races. They are fanatically race conscious–more so than all other races on your globe or in all of history. That, in itself, should tell you the truth of the facts. You cannot pronounce yourself a “RACE” if you are not. Jews are a Race, so to speak–Zionist Khazars are not. They are of the lineage of Mongrel, Nordic and Russian.
It is further interesting to note that in Talmudic Judaism (not Hebrewism of the Old Testament), these ones are taught that they alone are human beings. Isn’t it interesting to note that the Native Indians of America were also pronounced to be non-human??? Please now, surely you do not think GOD gave forth such a bunch of lies. The spokesman for the Zionists, Samuel Untermeyer, most modestly put it to words in the early 30’s. “We are the aristocrats of the world!” Their very religion teaches that they were made by God to rule the world and that all non-Jews will be their servants and slaves! Do you actually believe that God projected such a thing?
Religion and Nation have become so closely fused with Judaism and Zionism that no one today can say where one ends and the other begins. They are fiercely race conscious for themselves while being just as fiercely against race consciousness in the “goyim”; Goyim being anyone who is not Jewish/Zionist.
This is a very difficult subject to discuss in any manner what-so-ever because of the psychopolitics involved and because of the repulsive and radical supremacy groups who are heinous in the oppression. These are the very things which Man must rise above to move, again, within the balance and Truth of God’s laws. These, however, are the fundamental differences projected upon you as world citizens to divide and, through diversion, you as a civilization are captured and lost to freedom. Anyone who controls a man’s thoughts and perceptions, controls the man–and you are there, my friends–you have just proven as a nation that you are there. You, as a nation, now commit those very acts which you claim to disallow. You have become United States of America, the world’s most blatant aggressor. The other nations of the world no longer spend much time “laughing” at your ignorance–they now hate you for your villainy and pronounce you “suckers” and “stupid idiots” who are controlled by that very thing you claim to deny. So be it–if the shoes fit, my friends, you are destined to wear them. ACTIONS PRONOUNCE TO THE WORLD THAT WHICH YOU ARE –NOT THE WORDS YOU PROCLAIM FROM BEHIND THE GUN! May God have Mercy upon you blinded lambs who have fallen to the rhetoric and harangue of the puppet-masters. You have been sorely deceived as a world civilization and too late you come to see of it.
We offer our hands in support and assistance–but you must take of them for none shall force of another into Truth–that is a path to be taken for self. Salu.
Hatonn to move to stand-by, please. Good day.
[End quoting]



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