HATONN: Only one president refused to “play ball” about the secret (UFO) cover-up and funding thereof: John F. Kennedy.

HATONN: Only one president refused to “play ball” about the secret (UFO) cover-up and funding thereof: John F. Kennedy.

This is where it starts, precious ones, the grandest cover-up in the history of a planet. And, believe it or not, this happens time after time on all planets where human beings live who have Free Will Choice. And once again it has taken you two-thousand years—just like Esu Immanuel/Sananda (“Jesus”) told you—to bring yourselves to the brink of destruction. Chelas, believe me, it takes a lot of mischief-making to self-destruct a planet. My, how busy you have been.
“Jesus”, God’s Hosts, AND YOU ARE EXTRATERRESTRIALS! You still seem to think the universe revolves around this little blue-green emerald of yours in space (heaven). Friends, you still think the world is flat. You do not know that there are in your own Milky Way galaxy, where your sun and planet swims, 187 BILLION INHABITED PLANETS WITH BEINGS ON THEM LIKE YOU! What do you think this knowledge will do to your earth if it were made known? All those who control you through money, religion, wars, RACE CONFLICTS—they would lose their power overnight. And that is something your adversary is not willing to do without a fight.

Books (several dozen!) have been removed from your Holy Bible, ancient writings and picture-texts have been hidden from you, AND PEOPLE HAVE BEEN BRUTALLY MURDERED to keep the secret of secrets from you. And why not? It is just your souls and spiritual salvation at stake. “Jesus” came here to tell you that. The secret scrolls and the clay tablets you found in BAGHDAD(!!) tell you that. And you thought it was just over oil. Those planes flew straight to Baghdad to bomb the places those Sumerian texts were being kept so you ones wouldn’t see them.
The entire drug trade is for funding to keep UFOs out of the public awareness except the image that the elite (your deadly adversary) wants you to have. You have many portrayals of UFOs and extraterrestrials in your visual and print media, but there are two portrayals you are not allowed. The first is of humans like you flying SILVER DISCS like the ones portrayed in the motion picture “The Day The Earth Stood Still” and the 1960’s television show “Lost In Space”. That is a no-no concept for you to have because it will be harder to fool you into thinking only “little green men from Mars” do that.
The other portrayal not allowed is of “Jesus” riding to Syria inside a “metallic light orb”, or “Silver Cloud”, and “Chariots of Fire” parting the Red Sea. The church would not stand for such a truthful blow. Are the lights starting to come on? Or at least flicker a bit? Your adversary is controlling you through fear and superstition. You see, you-the-masses are no different from the “bush people” you manipulate and frighten with your airplanes and modern technology. This is why you have “secret governments”, so that masses can be fooled. If David Copperfield showed you how he does his magic, no one would PAY to see it. Your whole world is a carefully crafted illusion to get you under control. And it has worked, to now, in perfection.
There are man-made UFOs (German, American, Russian) and those of the Hosts. Very big difference. The first difference is numbers: the Hosts of Space Command have over a million craft in the vicinity of your earth—one is larger than the planet itself. That particular craft was called the BETHLEHEM two-thousand years ago. There is much, I’m sorry to say, that you did not learn in Sunday School.
That “mother ship”, if you will, is now labeled the Phoenix. Your government knows all about that, and so too do the Russians—who, by the way, are far out front of you in the U.S. regarding space and DEWs (Directed Energy Weapons). This too is not to be told to the American people under penalty of death! This, dear ones, is not neat wording—there are U.S. Executive Orders signed by all your presidents since Eisenhower. Only one president refused to “play ball” about the secret cover-up and funding thereof: John F. Kennedy.


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