Haitian Earthquake: Hatonn, Jan 15, 10

Haitian Earthquake: Hatonn, Jan 15, 10

The people of Haiti that died were the original clan that lived in that area of Atlantis. They were the ones who were more prosperous than the rest of the continent, and because of that the Annunaki put more presence into the clan. They used their persuasion to temp the clan for the purpose of gaining their strength and overpowering them. That is when the energy of the clan began its downfall and would not share their prosperity with the rest of the continent. They sequestered themselves from the rest of the people and therefore caused a rift between them and the others. That added to the energy of falling away from the purity that had been their namesake. It was part of what led to the eventual destruction of Atlantis.

All of those who were in the original clan, and their multiples (aspects), returned to that area in this lifetime to absolve the karma. That is why they were such a poor nation. That area of Atlantis had been imbued with the energy of that fallen part of the people’s of Atlantis. That is why there had to be an earthquake. The energy of karma was so strong it was imbued in that part of Gaia. It was regenerating the former energy and creating the resolution of the karma not only for the people, but for that area of Gaia as well. Now that area is cleared and can rise again with a new resonance. It can now rebuild with the potential for a newness of being that is pure and ready for the new energies. In effect, it is now ready for the final preparations for ascension. All of earth is being prepared, some in this way, some in other ways. Those people have all returned to themselves and are free now to come back to earth or to go on to another destiny.

Thank you dear Hatonn,
Love Nancy




2 thoughts on “Haitian Earthquake: Hatonn, Jan 15, 10

  1. If this is true, then I presume that a similar scenario existed for those children that perished in the Sumatra tidal wave. I grieve for all of these good folks, but this would help us to understand how and why the Divine allows these things to happen. I do not question anyone’s credibility, but I say this in the spirit of not blindly accepting anything, but being discerning. May all this “equalizing of karma” stuff soon be over, so we can press on to the “good part”.

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