Patrick Bellringer: Who is Hatonn and God Aton?

As Hatonn says, he is Creator God but for people to understand and accept his message he “squeezed” himself into 4D, and chose to appear to us in 3D, as a Pleiadian Space Fleet Commander. In his Higher-self he is Creator God Aton of Light. If you have noticed in the English spelling of “Hatonn” the beginning and ending letters “H” and “n” can be silent when the name is pronounced. Thus, we have “Aton” or we can pronounce it with the “H” as “Hatonn”, which I prefer to do.
So, we have Hatonn aka Aton, and when we realize this, the Phoenix Journals take on a whole new meaning. Creator God Aton of Light uses the name Hatonn, as a disguise, to keep Truth hidden from those, who scoff and disbelieve, but for those, who have eyes to see and ears to hear and hearts to believe, the Truth becomes quite clear, indeed.
Truth is always revealed to those, who sincerely seek it!
In Love and Light,
Patrick H. Bellringer


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