GOD ATON: “The Anti-Christ is aware of how this works and will do any and all things to keep you in the dark. When man comes into true knowledge of what he is and how the universe functions, he will usher in a new age of enlightenment that will be the dawn of Cosmic Man who is read to join his brothers”

4/24/07 from ATON-jonur
Judgment Day is a day Mine ones recognize as a day
of ATON-ment come upon all My creations. What
have you done to merit a favorable verdict upon
thyself? I come in the Light of that which birthed
you into what is termed the physical dimension.
You are here in this mode of experience so that you
may progress in your understanding of how it is in
My universe of the cosmos and the Laws set forth by
Me and the Creation. Man in physical form cannot
return into My spaces of universal oneness until he
has learned the lessons of how it is. Not how the
fallen one has taught you in falseness.
It has been a long time since you have come from
that which I AM, to descend to the physical plane
called Earth—and other “earths” like this place—to
grow as a seemingly separate fragment of God. Man
has no knowledge of what it means to be of Me and
comprehend what that means. You have no
understanding of the realization that there is only one
MIND and one THINKER experiencing in seemingly
infinite bodies of expression. Your limited senses do
not allow for the full 360º vision of My reality of
experience. Man only senses the forward flow of
My projection of thought and not the reverse
reflection back unto Mine source.
You do not perceive the backward flow of that which
is called “time” which cancels out its forward flow.
Time and space do not exist; they are merely an
illusion of the manifested play created for your
experience and your lessons. There is no more
“reality” to the physical world you live within than
a motion picture projection of moving lights and
matching sounds which spring from those lights.
Even the very lights themselves do not move; they
only seem to. Just as your dreams have no physical
substance—yet you have movement, lights, sounds
and great drama—they have no mass and no
existence beyond the instant you experience them.
Thus is man’s entire life stream the same.
When you are living within the dream, you are as
sure of its surroundings as you can be of any reality
yet known to you. However, once you awaken you
become instantly aware of the FACT that it is merely
an illusion. That is all Mine creation is. There is no
reality to it whatsoever. The entirety of all My
creation, in all the perceived universes above, below,
and beyond, is nothing more than the thinking of My
knowing. What I KNOW I create. Mankind must
come within the truth of what I AM. Your adversary
manipulates you from the standpoint of the physical
world and that which is limited in perception of your
understanding of the nature of reality. He is
manipulating your dream and sealing you inside a world
where you assume you have no power.
This is why you have a dictator (president Bush and the
British Israel Zionists) instead of a Republic of the
People. Your dream is being controlled and
manipulated by the very energy forms your Holy Bible
tells you are the Anti-Christ. The very concept of what
evil is eludes you, and you now worship the thing you
should fear the most. Even though “fear” is evil’s
number one tool utilized against you, it is this emotion
man has to learn to conquer. For it is fear of religion
and fear of government that has locked your souls into
mortal bondage.
Therefore, fear of war and fear of a wrathful god of
vengeance has become the prison of the souls of men.
Do you not see that the assault is in the minds of
humanity? The prison of thine enemy is a self-imposed
prison of mind manipulation through fear. And thus
has it been from the beginning of thy creation from Me.
The fear of what you do against the Laws is what
molded the prison bars that hold you tightly today.
And yet, a mere thought of realization frees you as the
bird from the gilded cage.
The adversary to Mine creations comes in the form of
all who force “time” upon thy consciousness so that
your life has no room for anything else. When the
banker threatens to take your property, you are enslaved
by him through nonpayment at the prescribed time.
When you do not tithe at the church, temple or
synagogue on the Sabbath Day (whichever day they
choose), your divine salvation is in jeopardy. The rush
to keep you struggling from one “deadline” to the next
is how the prison wardens keep track of those locked
tight within the prison. The thought of losing
something you do not even have is why your bondage
is so bitter.
You have evolved into children of the lie and you are
ruled by the Anti-Christ, just as the evil ones told you
you would be. The world you exist in is an illusion,
but that illusion is being controlled by the evil one
himself. However, understanding and realizing that it
IS A DREAM, it can be changed in an instant. You
have been taught to fear such as hypnosis, and to sneer
and laugh at meditation, yet it is through these Godly
tools that freedom can be yours once again.
Your evil adversary to Godliness has taken control of
all so-called “Mental Sciences” to convince you that
you are “crazy”. Mental unbalance is the final thrust
the Anti-Christ will utilize to enslave the remainder of
My people in total. That is why the big thrust will be
to remove your slings and arrows (GUNS) for self and
national “homeland” defense by mental incompetence.
You may say, that is fine for I am not mentally
unbalanced. No? Your adversary sees you in a very
different light.
The criteria the Anti-Christ has placed in your legal
books for what stands for mental incompetence is not
what you envision at all. You are going to be shocked
to find that almost all Americans who have taken
prescription medication of any kind, paid income tax
and applied for a refund, opposed any war or any
official in any branch of federal or state government
(and a host of other “ordinary” citizen privileges) will
be guilty of violation of EXISTING GUN LAWS
already “on the books”. No trick has been missed;
enough of you have been inside a courtroom to know
that squires (lawyers) know how to cover all their
bases to get the judge (also a squire) to rule against
you. And if you do not know this by now—The Anti-
Christ profession of choice is LAWYER.
The original Thirteenth (FULLY RATIFIED)
Amendment to the United States Constitution
This says it all, does it not? A lawyer will see to it
that you are “guilty” of a crime even though no crime
has been committed. The proverbial serpent in the
garden of what you view as the first of My creations,
Adam and Eve, were fooled by an esquire in the
embodiment of a snake. Your evil adversary is
represented by the serpent because it is from these
unGodly actions of deceit and trickery that he is
known. By the “fruits” of a man shall ye know what
is in his soul. From the very first day of man in Mine
image was birthed the evil that was to tempt and
corrupt thee.
Man and womb-man (woman) were equally taken in
by the snake in the garden. No one is more innocent
nor more guilty than the other. Each chooses for self;
that is why you were created by Me to experience in
the first place. To learn to be LIKE GOD, you must
have free will choice as do I. However, as you are
babes, I cannot allow thee to go forth untested and
unlearned into Mine universe to disrupt those of
My other creations who have learned the universal
laws and who live by them in peace and harmony.
Does it make sense that I would allow you who wish
to participate in evil to bring that behavior out into
“Heaven” among us?
Like it or not, Heaven IS the cosmos of space. Both
inner “space” (mind knowing) and outer space—they
are connected. The micro cosmic universe goes out
into infinity to become the macro cosmic universe that
comes back to you as manifested thought, made
PHYSICAL. When Einstein said a line starts from
one point and comes back to that same point, after
traversing space and time, to intersect where it started,
that is what he was trying to describe.
All things begin with the thought of Me and end
within the thought of Me. That thought is
UNCREATED THOUGHT. However, when a
fragment of Myself—My thought—goes out into the
great void of My thinking, it comes back to you in a
form that you can perceive. When you are perceivedas separate from Me, you perceive thought as a moving
extension so that it resonates with your senses. That
resonated movement of thought registers as a light
particum or a photon. And with those tiny particles of
thought-in-motion, you have the “building blocks” of
so-called “matter” for your illusion to come into being.
They appear to your senses as flashes of microscopic
light or giant macro cosmic light. Respectively they are
called by you an atom or a sun (star). These two light
particums are exactly the same and function on exactly
the same principle of motion, only differing in size.
I did not create one set of laws for miniature suns
labeled “atoms” and another set for the “suns” of the
galaxies and the solar system. The tiny suns make up
the bodies and environment of your everyday illusory
world of experience called life. while the large ones
create the heavens from whence all things of the
Creation are birthed, even that which I AM.
The universe of The Creation is a holographic
thought projection projected on the “screen” of cold,
black space. Just as a click of a switch turns on a
television vacuum tube and pinpoints of light flash on
and off to create drama and sound for your
entertainment, so too does the cosmic vacuum tube of
space operate likewise. However, instead of coming
from electric current flowing through the television, the
electric current of My thinking causes the suns/stars and
atoms to flash on and off. An atom’s life span is a tiny
fraction of second. Its identical, but gigantic counterpart
called a star/sun takes billions of years for one cycle of
an “on/off” flash. Yet, with the single exception of size,
micro cosmic atoms and macro cosmic suns/stars are
This is what the universe is comprised of, moving lights
in motion controlled by thought. Nothing more.
Through this movement, however, the reflections and
refractions and varying vibratory frequencies of these
moving lights of two-way-motion, the elements of
“matter” are brought into being. These also are nonexistent
conditions, but when they interact with your
senses (also comprised of moving lights), the “friction”,
if you will, registers as a force or field of resistance, and
it is interpreted as “solid mass”. And as long as it is in
motion, it will remain a seeming solid particle. Groups
and systems of such particles, held together in a thought
DNA/RNA pattern, create the shapes and forms of the
three-dimensional universe.
All manifested things in all universes—seen and
unseen—unfold from moving light pairs interacting with
each other. That is why all things are seemingly
separated in mated pairs and opposite conditions. It is
merely the result of these two-way light particles
interacting in myriads of combinations that form the
thoughts of My imaginings. Likewise, you of My
creation as man bring into manifested existence the
thoughts you co-create with Me. That is all the universe
and creation is. What you KNOW, you think, and what
you think, you create.
Therefore, control your thoughts and you can control
your environment. If you know but very little, you will
create a little, insignificant life. But if you know a great
deal, you can not only create a magnificent life for
yourself, you can change a world. Your inheritance is
mighty for I am mighty. You are a fragment of Me
and can utilize as much power as you know how to
use. Therefore, it behooves Mine ones who claim to
be in My service to study and become knowing and
wise so your circumstances can change. You have
the advantage because you may utilize the light of
your Father, who loves you. Your adversary does
not know My grace, so he only manifests that which
is of low energy. He cannot “create”; evil must
utilize that which is already created.
The Anti-Christ is aware of how this works and will
do any and all things to keep you in the dark. When
man comes into true knowledge of what he is and
how the universe functions, he will usher in a new
age of enlightenment that will be the dawn of
Cosmic Man who is ready to join his brothers. Your
ancestors are here in My Name to hold of thy hand
as you stand on your feet to reclaim thy planet in
Light and God/Goodness.
May ALL know My presence in these final days and
awaken to their tasks. Thy time of choosing is at



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