4/9/07 from ATON-jonur
I Am! I AM the LAW, the TRUTH, and the WORD.
I AM THE SOURCE from which all things emanate.
I have sent My “Heavenly” Hosts to give Truth to you
of the planet Earth (called Shan) and I have sent the
WORD in that Mine reflections—YOU—may know
that the hour has come for thy choosings. As you
look around the wondrous creation of your placement,
you can see that Shan is full of the vile and evil
doings of a Luciferian-influenced humanity that knows
no reason of actions or a communion with Me.
The constant warring and killing and stealing of each
other’s things and properties do not, in any way,
reflect My nature. Man has forgotten his Creator.
When you flail about in your carnage and go to war
against whoever and whatever is thrust in front of you,
you have lost the ability to discern God in all things.
Man’s reason is gone when he kills his neighbor and
sends his children to faraway lands to kill and die for
kings on a whim. When life no longer represents
Love and is not worthy of respect, that is the sign that
humanity has lost its soul connection to My Soul.
Murder has become your new religion. Every soul is
birthed knowing My Laws—THOU SHALT NOT
KILL! And yet, even your babies are trained in
killing, through all forms of programming, before they
even attend introductory schooling.
Electronic “games”, “toys”, animated make-believe
characters and dinnertime local news broadcasts have
stolen your final generation through unimaginable
VIOLENCE on the minds of humanity’s children.
They were to be your caretakers and leaders of
tomorrow, and look what you have sown for your
All things of My Creation come from the seed and
refold back into the seed. This constant repetitive
process of Nature is absolute and unchanging. By
breeding violence and murder within the human
species, you are breeding out the soul of your Creator.
Every generation has become more evil than the one
before, and every terrible crime against thy brother has
become more heinous. You have become a race of
murderous barbarians who lust after blood and
dismemberment of the human body. When surreal
fantasy of murderous human beings gone mad
slaughtering one another in a frenzy is accepted as
normal entertainment, you have a glimpse of
yourselves as a whole. This is what man of Earth has
become. You have become an evil people who no
longer desire to “find” God. One day of seven does
not put you in touch with anything—especially when
you sit and know not how to even pray. Most, while
in the temple/church, fantasize of the next “sin” they
will commit when they are released by the preacher.
There is no true worship and reverence of who you are
anymore; that has all but been bred out of you.
Blessed are those few who have held onto that still
Light of knowing within their beings, even against
what has come to be called “the norm” (which is
actually mine evil adversary), and did not let their path
be swayed, for theirs shall be MY KINGDOM. The
proof of My presence is in your inner peace and
strength of character while you attend your lighted
works. The volumes of that which you manifest in

Godly intent in service, product or business is far
greater than which you would produce from yourself
alone. It is the DESIRE to commune with your
Source that allows the flow of creative spirit to move
through you. Man must strive to save himself and his
species, and he must desire to do it with Love. I am
as near as your breath you draw, yet you know Me
not. You pretend with the lips to follow Me and to
heed My WORD, but your actions are of another
character. What you speak and think, you must also
match with what you do. The evil upon thy placement
will not go away and leave you alone. You must tend
thy needs and see to it that you and the rest of My
people make it through.
I have given you the information and I have shown the
way. My Hosts are here to hold your hand—this is
how you make it through the wilderness. You have
never been alone and never shall you be alone.
Because of where your lessons are this time, it seems
impossible to perceive My presence, but be still and
listen and you will get your confirmation. You must
learn to KNOW My presence and that of My Hosts,
for your adversary is allowed to try and fool you if he
can. Free will is part of the lesson plans, and you will
have to come into the realization that, once you begin
to see past the illusion, you can never be fooled. This
is what the journey is all about, learning the difference
between Goodly behavior and evil actions (sin). You
KNOW the “right answers” now; however, it is in the
application of what you know that makes the grade.
My Celestial Sons and Guardian Angels of Light are
here to be on your side as guides and teachers—
(PLANET) ON FIRE. Begin to reach out for them;
they walk with you and can be seen readily in your
nighttime skies—get to know them. For you can tell
what is happening by their movement and/or stationary
signaling. The Wise Men and Kings who followed
“the stars”, as well as most of your Biblical
happenings, knew of the Sky People and of their
coming before Me. It has always been this way; part
of your lesson is to not allow the adversary to cause
you to forget. But look to the heavens—is that not
where you expect to see “Jesus” followed by Myself?
Is that not where ALL of My Hosts are supposed to
come from?
The lessons are not hard in the sense of not being able
to figure them out, only difficult in the manner in
which your adversary tries to deceive you about what
your heart/soul knows beyond a shadow of a doubt.
Hold to that inner knowing and ask for the Truth to be
shown to you, and it will be revealed.
May the Light give you protection and selfillumination
in that you see the state that the Earth is
in and act in time to turn your circumstances around.




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