10/23/08 from ATON-jonur
I am Aton—that which you of my children call God of the heavenly realms. There are many who do not know nor recognize my name; I suggest that you research to your satisfaction in that you at least have some comprehension.
“God is within,” you have been taught. Yet, no one as yet has understood what that means. How do I know? Because you have not used that power to create a planet of love and balance WHICH REFLECTS GOD’S OMNIPRESENT LIGHT. What you HAVE created is a world full of fear, hatred and murder. These reflect the evil influence of those entities who do have control at this hour. You of my children share this emerald and blue “paradise”—and it was a paradise in the beginning—with the fallen ones.
Why did I allow them to come and be placed on this earth in the first place? Why did I put you here? For the experience. “Earths”—and there are many of these places in my kingdom—are the school grounds for my creatures to learn responsibility and grow into their Divine Heritage. Hear me well: “you” are not the physical body that you see with your eyes or can touch with your hands. You are a fragment of mine own vaporous essence—“MAN” IS SPIRIT, HE IS NOT FLESH AND BLOOD. It is THE BODY OF MAN, what temporarily houses him, that is mistakenly thought to be the man.
This play is not yet finished. There are many things that will come to pass in a short period of time. You ARE, however, at the end of a great cosmic cycle in the evolution of this planet. And then the new cycle will begin. It is important to comprehend exactly what you are and your relation to God. You can no longer fumble around in ignorance while having no clue as to what you are truly capable of.

How many cars, trucks, gold necklaces and diamond rings can you buy? When does the thrust go from “all that glitters” to “finding God today”? Look very closely at television—a non-stop barrage aimed at your senses. Visible AND INVISIBLE pulses of electromagnetic radiation (Light Waves of different frequencies) filled with nothing but nonsense. A complete waste of time so you do not begin to listen to the still SILENT voice within. I speak to you, not in Russian or French or Sanskrit; I communicate in the Universal Language of Light. That means it is the soul that does the talking—the invisible QUALITY only you can understand. No one else.
God is inside your minds, precious ones; My mind and yours are one and the same. You have not been allowed to know that all-important FACT. Because once you begin to suspect such an intimate connection with your creator, all fear, all doubt about your salvation evaporates. When you dwell within the promise of The Lord you can do anything. Overcome any obstacle, triumph through all adversity—this is WHY you were put here. Each of you, individually, must learn that one lesson: that my power IS your power.
As long as the focus of the world and your daily lives is on how much you can glean for self in purely greed-oriented TAKING (and not GIVING), the evil entities can manipulate the people through the control of money. Like the donkey and the carrot on the stick, the followers of Lucifer have led your America The Beautiful to the edge of total economic collapse. They are waiting to finish the job by “fixing it” for you. By nationalizing all your banks (you can thank the British crown and the Zionists for that) and putting you all on DEBIT/I.D. CARDS, the Biblical prophecy will be fulfilled—just as John The Revelator saw all those long centuries ago.
You as a country do not yet realize that ALL of America’s remaining wealth is IN THOSE “STOCK MARKETS”. That includes RETIREMENT SAVINGS and MEDICAL INSURANCE SURPLUS—OF WHICH THERE ARE NONE! AIDS has emptied that out, you just have not been told. Even during the stock market crash of the 1930s, no one saw the market in greater turmoil. That should show you that the New York Stock Exchange is nothing but a façade, an empty cardboard front that was used to steal from middle class America. For it is the economic strength of this middle class that made the United States the land of the free. And now the so-called “SOCIALIST TAKEOVER” has begun. What follows next is “Communism” as outlined by none other than Karl Marx himself.
The rest of the picture is not pretty, as you know from what happened in Russia, China and elsewhere when evil was given full control. And that is what is happening right now as “the treaties” are being signed. Your only hope is God, and a Goodly and Godly man to stand WITH YOU to face the den of vipers in the temple from Esu Immanuel’s (Jesus’) time. Indeed, for they are the same ones. You have a chance to build a Republic of The People for the first time in the history of the planet. Join with President Obama and take back your land from the Jews of Magog.





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