Message from Hatonn through Mark Stearn: “Beloved hearts it is vital like never before at this time that you spend as much time as is possible in silence and deep meditation as you can. This will assist you in getting used to personal and planetary change and will deepen your connection with the creator.”

Message from Hatonn through Mark Stearn.

By Mark Stearn.

28th October, 2009.

Greetings my dear friends,

We watch your earth with much care at this time. Unexplained events seem to be a natural order of the day and much appears uncertain. It is time now like never before to look to the light within and to allow it to guide your every step. You are a master and it is important not to forget this. You have all the power within you to create that which is your deepest desire whether it be connection to god or whether you seek more everyday gifts, know it is all at your disposal.

Another year draws to a close and we are in amazement at your progress. You are whethering the changes so well. Never before has there been more assistance there for the Earth. We of the command continue to man our ships and watch and assist your Earth like never before. Much insight comes from the creator about how we can more readily be of assistance to you. We are very busy right now working with your Dna and upgrading it. This is to prepare you for the coming changes and it’s advent is the solstice in december.

As Sananda has allready shared so well this solstice marks the beginning of a new planetary cycle that is going to mean planetary change worldwide. You are going to see major changes in the world’s systems especially your monetary system that is so troubled at this time. Your weather patterns will also continue much change as the earth moves with the growing sway of change from the heavens. We are working with you like never before where we are present with you the entire time as you move forward in your changes.

Sananda shared much about the Mushaba platinum from Mark’s message of yesterday and this light is what is bringing much benefit to the world at large. It comes deep from the source of creation and fills the earth in it’s most troubled spots. It enters your energy fields and fills your energy centres and cells and brings life force to any areas of challenge that you may be experiencing. We are of the opinion that not enough is known about this wondrous light at this time however this will all change as more hearts awaken to this wondrous light.

The Mushaba platinum light is also a transformative energy that breaks down old worn out energy patterns and introduces a new light into your being and that is the life giving force of the creator. The Mushaba light is extremely powerful when used in personal growth and change for it moves to where it is needed automatically and benefits those centres as required. The five main keepers on planet earth of this energy are working powerfully at this time to spread the message of this wondrous light and it is our hope that all hearts in the light community will know of it’s miracles before long.

Beloved hearts it is vital like never before at this time that you spend as much time as is possible in silence and deep meditation as you can. This will assist you in getting used to personal and planetary change and will deepen your connection with the creator. Ashtar will be speaking in Mark’s next message of first contact. We know that many of you anticipate it’s arrival and we are aware that many of you are worn out with the empty promises that abound at times however do know that it will happen when your world is truly ready to know of it’s miracles.

I won’t say any more for now but will allow my beloved brother to speak of it’s nature in Mark’s next message. Until then beloved friends fond blessings from my heart to yours and know that I will speak again before long. Thank you for taking the time to witness this message. I have a deep love for you all and am delighted that there are so many hearts on the earth that can witness our voice and make it known to the population at large. Know that there are more hearts awakening all the time now and are coming to this vital information like never before.

We feel it is important that you be kept updated and informed and we are delighted at the oppurtunity to do so. Until next time beloved hearts from me to you fond blessings,

Radiant love of the creator to you all,

I AM Hatonn.

Blessings, Mark.
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