In the ten years since the MURDER of Princess Diana
and her fiancée Dodi Al Fayed, the incident has not
gone away because ones in the know have let it be
known that it was no accident. The princess was
going to “get back” at how her former in laws treated
her. The driver and Dodi were killed instantly by the
laser pulsed (flash) weapon fired from the missing
“white Fiat sports car”. Dodi was sitting behind the
driver in line of sight of the weapon which killed them
Diana survived the crash, along with the body guard
(who was ordered not to speak of what he saw under
penalty of “DEATH” under the British Official Secrets
Act), and witnesses reported seeing her in “perfect
health” aside from a few bumps and bruises—not life
threatening. When the ambulance arrived, it had
already been waiting for them BEFORE they left the
Assassins inside the ambulance were there to make
sure that she did not reach the hospital alive.
Bystanders at the tunnel’s mouth saw her being
forcibly manhandled and thrown into the ambulance.
Once inside, she was strapped down and given an
injection containing a “brown fluid”. This fluid was
injected directly into her heart causing it to stop. (This
is a CIA poison that is untraceable when absorbed into
the bloodstream. Marilyn Monroe was “finished off”
in the exact same manner. The pills at the scene were
there to give the appearance of a suicide.) The
ambulance then drove around in circles taking more
than forty-five minutes for a less than fifteen minute
ride to the hospital.
British Intelligence’s MI-6 (Military Intelligence) and
MI-5 (England’s equivalent to the American FBI)
planned the entire operation. French Intelligence (the
SDECE, now the DGSE) and the CIA carried out the
logistics. The MI-6 agent in the white sports car had
the Laser Flash Gun and is “rumored” to have been
killed himself later, à la Lee Harvey Oswald, though
CIA/Russian KGB man Oswald did not shoot
President Kennedy. And never would he have used
such an imbecilic rifle!
How insiders can KNOW this was carried out by
Queen Elizabeth’s top, most trusted personal security
team of knights, centuries old—the Royal Order of the
Garter—is that the queen’s flag (and not Diana’s
family flag) was draped over her coffin at the funeral.
British police commissioner Lord John Stevens said
both MI-6 and MI-5 opened their doors to him and
allowed unprecedented access to files and reports
proving to him that no conspiracy was involved. And
did anyone with half a brain expect otherwise? Why
would British Intelligence shoot their own foot in an
investigation naming them as the culprits? And as for
DNA testing for blood alcohol levels of the driver, the
results of any test of that sort are routinely “doctored”.
Ask the hundreds of innocent Black males locked up
because of this very test when even victims AND
witnesses have proven otherwise. Remember the
Tuskegee syphilis experiment that deliberately infected
Black men with the disease JUST TO SEE WHAT IT



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  2. Tell the truth and be considered as Mad.
    As aforesaid in scripture.
    The UK is regarded as the centre of Little Horn. Controlling the World Health Organisation and the UN. It is full of deceit. The whole system is corrupt. The only country I know where if someone breaks into your home and you give them a good hiding, YOU go to jail.
    An UnGodly Nation.

  3. Amsterdam, August 30, 2010 – Exactly 13 years after the fairytale was sent out in the world that Princess Diana, Dodi al-Fayed and their chauffeur Henri Paul were killed in a fatal accident in the Alma tunnel in Paris, a L’Atelier de la Liberté film now provides more information about what really happened that fateful night of August 30, 1997. Unlike the films and books about the alleged assassination of Princess Diana, she was was not killed, but kidnapped, and indeed, according to Slobodan Radojev Mitric, World Director of Reserve Police International and author of the book “Help! They’ve kidnapped me! Lady Di “, she is still alive, albeit enslaved.
    Since this “book of the century” was published in March in Amsterdam by the Willehalm Institute Press foundation, the publisher Robert Jan Kelder has traveled to the London Book Fair and Book Expo America in New York with an exhibition banner that above and below a photo of the princess reads “Lady Di Lives … Be It Enslaved” with underneath that showing a picture of the title page of the new Lady Di book. On August 29 this year, this exhibition banner was enfolded by the publisher and attached to a lamppost at the Amsterdam Uitmarkt (fair marking the beginning of the cultural season) at the Rijksmuseum square, not far from where the prologue of the book starts: on a bench at the medieval gate of the garden of the Rijksmuseum, where two members of the British secret service MI6 on September 4, 1987 meet with the Director of the Reserve Police International and want to find out from him what really happened that night of August 30.
    The reason for making the L’Atelier de la Liberté film (see links to YouTube and 123Video) was the fortunate circumstance that a camera crew of Dutch television RTLNH filmed the location of the Lady Di exhibition banner, and with a short interview in their reportage of the day on the Uitmarkt broadcast it. To this segment of 23 seconds is added a number of relevant photos and a commentary by the publisher that ends with an urgent appeal to the readers to respond to the supplication of Princess Diana “Help! They kidnapped me! “. This cry for help written with her blood was after all the content of the bottle that a few days before her “funeral” was picked up from the sea of Sardinia…

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