Oprah Winfrey is part of the Zionist push to utilize
FEMINISM to “destroy God” (as they put it) and the
male race and to facilitate the final downfall of the
United States of America. This is a biggie, friends, for
the global conspirators KNOW that if they can destroy
the concept of the family unit, they can murder
civilization as a whole. This is the Jewish Zionist
thrust in gaining full control of a planet.
When Oprah went to Africa to build a “School of
Leadership” for girls only it is meant to leave behind
the African male counterpart and further kill off his
lineage. This is the reason she is “allowed” to spend
forty million dollars over there in the first place.
Anyone else who tries such a thing has a negative
media campaign launched against them, their passports
MURDERED! Ask Mr. Cosby, Minister Farrakhan or
Mr. Qaddafi what happened when they efforted at
helping the African people—WITH THEIR OWN
MONEY! The Khazar Jews and John Cecil Rhodes’
cult of Rhodes Scholars have decreed that Africa is to
be “cleansed” of Black Africans in the name of
Rhodes’ “NEW WORLD ORDER”! Go look this
up, chelas; this is organized genocide AND the
structured takeover of America.
Oprah is given her Talk Show and all the money she
needs—as long as she promotes to the world that
Black men are useless dogs that should be shot in the
streets. This is the agreement that she and her feminist
cronies have with the Zionists. This is why her films
ALWAYS depict the Black male as a loathsome, nogood
character that no woman—Black or White—
would want to be with. In one portrayal Halle Berry
actually shoots a Black man down, foaming at the
mouth with rabies, after he saved her life during a
hurricane from the same dog that infected him in the
process. The talk show circuit is THE MEDIUM that
goes directly to the minds of young children at home.
Rosie O’Donnell, Ellen (Degenerate) DeGeneres, Bisexual
Hilary Clinton (Vince Foster’s murder was
about a lot of things, all concerning his knowledge and
affair with her) and especially Jerry Springer—these
ones are being used to wipe out the Christ-values of
the nuclear family. Once you kill the family circle,
you can kill the nation. Homosexuality is how it is
done and by teaching your children on these NONREALITY
smallest detail—they come to believe this is how the
world is.



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  1. This is an appalling collection of mumbo garbage. It is eveident that black people are continuing to be discriminated against and the plans for Africa are no doubt of great concern.

    However, I’m surprized Dieter that you’d post such awful prejudice against gay people. We communicated earlier that “God” is a fraught idea (a delusion). Hatonn speaks through his hat I see. All fundamentalist religious fanatics see homosexuals as fair game and fodder to blame for the ills of society and their own inadequacies. Most homophobes are homosexuals in denial, who go along with the agenda of the status quo, as they are too gutless to be themselves.

    Your God (who doesn’t exist) created all and everything you believe. He (sic) therefore created homosexuals in his image and after his likeness. However ‘God’ doesn’t exist and we look forward to the end of religious fundamentalism and fanatical point so view. Gays are real – God is delusion.

    Please remove me from your postings, which up until now I’ve generally found helpful, apart from the God claptrap.

    Good luck with your negative points of view. The future is for everyone.


    • Luke, I believe God, Hatonn and myself LOVE homosexuals, and appreciate their presence on this planet….after all, homosexuals wouldn’t be here UNLESS GOD ALLOWED IT. All behaviours however have consequences. Perhaps if this subject matter didn’t emotionally trigger you, you’d be more respectful of people like myself and God even, who don’t conform to YOUR ideas.


      • god makes a great excuse to be prejudice. anyone claiming (such as you, dieter) to know they are on god’s side, isn’t. you’re a fascist.

    • well said. the references for this web site are of the JONUR version of hatonn (fake hatonn) and does not represent the AUTHENTIC ORIGINAL MATERIAL.

  2. I have collected info. from devine sourcses over the last three years (including your site) and have crafted Devine affirmations! I have been asked by these very high Masters to share these Affirmations with the people! Would you consider reviewing these and displaying these in an appropriate way?
    Jeff Craig
    Triad Systems
    185-10 Boyd Road
    P.O. Box 563
    Mossyrock, WA 98564-9608
    Phone: (360) 983-8887
    E-mail: jacraig@tds.net

      • I believe this to be true…this day in age is hard to be a mom and stay together as a family…I have a hard time to stay at home and take care of my children when everyone wants me away from my kids to go “work.” Work is what i do at home…cooking healthy meals, taking care of my kids health, praying, meditating, and Smudging with my kids…you know what I do when my kids get sick? I don’t take them to the doctor for poison…I cook them chicken soup from scratch…if i was working outside my home you think i would have time to do all that? I applaud moms who can do it all…but most moms are overworked and tired…and who suffers? the children….what working mom has time to cook meals from scratch with healthy, organic, whole foods….most working moms rely on processed food or else take out (McDonalds)…i know because I was once a mom who worked outside my home …my childrens health suffered and i my health suffered…i was obese, sick constantly and overwhelmed emotionally and mentally…i had constant fatigue and would fall asleep at work and as soon as i got home…my house was a mess and i had absolutly no time for friends or family…my life is much more in balance now, my kids and i are healthy, and we spend time together playing in the sun, eating meals together, going to Ceremonies, laughing, singing, hugging…wake up people…why else would they want moms away from kids…to feed them lies, keep them sick…but also to keep the moms so busy not being able to have balance and connection with Creator…our kids are our love…without our children we are nothing…they want us away from our love…to forget why we are even here in the first place…I hope parents remember why they all overwork themselves in the first place…God first, health and family next, work last…but work comes first in our society…what order does God, health, and family come then

      • Hallo,
        Peace to you all.
        I am at odds with myself and others and need clarification on this topic. Topic being eating slain animal flesh. Im vegetarian now after a long while of mental denials and and am noticing the effects of dairy products, white flour, sugar, eggs and cooked foods on my system and am aware of the rampant cruelty of mass produced animals and seperation and exploitaion of dairy animals. I have considered the animals point of view. How can there be love and peace…from an enlightened position, if the animals have to give up [correction: have taken] their lives. It does look and sound like pain and anguish when they are murdered and it doesn’t make me feel good about it. Starting to feel the same about root vegetables … destroying life to maintain mine seems a lie. I have a problem with addictions and self love/confidence yet making progress. I understand that culture is not natural and our form is not that of flesh eaters. Is fruit the only offered physical food…in logic.
        I want to recieve the given, not take the cherished. Done enough of that sadly. Yet if I am correct that means many others are not. I do not believe I have to pay another money for my sustenance either. Where are the fruit trees at? Sweet and juicy, colourful and appealing Vs Bloody and violent, dark and disgusting. Am I insane and seeing the world wrong? Somehow? In logic I can take any path of this topic down to its end and it all ends in favour of the Golden rule so yeah, sanity or nay?!

      • Ideally, we are moving towards not eating our brother and sister animals…. however anything can be a catalyst for the Light at this time, including meat eating.

        Peace and pure veggies…


      • That is the problem I am having…the differing perspectives…..if you can in logic explain it, if not, this is ok. Seek and thee shall find right?
        If anything can be a catalyst for Light ….violence?
        Please do not agree with that one, but is there a difference in the killing of animals for mere food and the slaying of an innocent person for their…whats an alternative to their flesh..their wallet maybe, see where this is leading….The motivating factors [hunger vs povety]are different but the act remains the same [violence, because cutting short a creations life cannot be good when we do not know its purpose [arrogance][law of non-interference]. We cannot become ignorant of all the acts involved while looking only at the outcome, all behavioural steps should be self judged to be sure the verdict arrives in logic.
        I am against the veggie slaying remember, it kills the plant and there is alternatives.
        Just want what is offered, being loved and all I am sure there is an offering of sustenence.
        Frugivorous man [until all cultivated to living on Light]…awaken to your form!!! No claws/no appeal/no speed/need of tools that the creator gave to all the animals inclined to such activity/all animals consume their foods raw exept man and his companion animals and lookout, it is man and his domesticated [eaters of cooked, non form related foods]animals that get sick..in comparison.
        May the powers that be leave noone lost and lead through education those who are lacking in goodness towards it.
        Brother I believe that as long as people are entertaining this habit it will leave shortcomings in their understanding and heart wheel.
        I have been accused of speaking/typing a little to bluntly at times and hope I have not offended anyone for I merely wish to bring light to this topic so I also may expand my awareness. Also falling on those who do not partake of flesh foods is the ideal “what are we few right and all the masses wrong?!” Seems arrogant, thats why I need to know, from most high
        Peace Dieter, and fellow readers

        PS: I am aware that the People went about the act with the greatest respect for the animal, wasted little if any and was in accordance to available populations. I know I must not judge individuals but the actions I can and do

      • We are incarnated here on Earth where there is an ecological system in which certain species eat other species thereby maintaining a balance. We must accept this even if we do not want to kill another to sustain ourselves, because we are part of this system. We are expected to play by the rules to some extent.
        If it bothers you, you probably cannot call this planet your home. We are indeed out of place here. The question comes down to “Why are we here?” I don’t think our purpose is to save every antelope from being killed by a leopard, so to speak.
        Death and life are sides of the same coin. Life costs death here. It is an intricate circulation of life force, like the circulation of water, or any other matter, for that matter.
        If it weren’t for death, species would grow out of proportions very quickly, spreading and spreading and spreading. Or if they would not, there would be no little ones, only a limited number of grownups who live forever. And what would they do all day? Certainly not hunt and search for food. They would probably play all day. The antelope and the leopard playing catch-me-if-you-can. And all the other “predators” too, but never going beyond simply tagging (gotcha).
        But then one would still wonder, “Why those big fangs, those long talons, and hooked beaks?” Or why the mouth at all? Or why the entire gastrointestinal tract? Why the sharp eyes, the keen ears and nose? And for the spider, why make those interesting webs? For what purpose? For flies and bees to admire? As works of art in an exhibition.
        How do you imagine paradise on Earth?


      • “”We are incarnated here on Earth where there is an ecological system in which certain species eat other species thereby maintaining a balance””

        This is true but you have missed the point of what I said and have rationalised to justify your actions. You do not understand your form and have kept yourself unaware of the cruelty that becomes a HUMAN when partaking of these food sources. Are you aware of the true healing and unobstructed energy gains when following a vegan diet as evident by our form and nature. Not the nature of conditioned man, believing in lack and scarcity and bondage to animals in a cruel and limiting way. As they say, do as you will, but reap the consequences of that which you sow. I am created by Source so I have qualities of same and am in a higher placement than the animals. Spend some time in a slaughterhouse and dairy farms where they take the cows young males away and confine them for “tender” veal and put the females of the species to the same enslavement as their mothers for the purpose of drinking milk that was DESIGNED for the offspring of its mother. Understand the economics of resources and you will see past what we have been conditioned to believe. If our Mother Earth that gives us our physical bodies is the destination of paradise, then I imagine that a fish hook in a fishs’ mouth will not be paradise for the fish, nor will the children understand these cruel ways, but they WILL conform to these ways, which is called conditioning and that was my point all along. I see the intention and it is not peace that this viewpoint subscribes to, not physically, emotionaly nor mentaly, to you, the animals, or those seeing these actions.


        I am becoming more aware of individual choice however but cause and effect will bring this full circle. I am trying to get through to the wheat, not the chaff which will be consumed into rebirth until wheat. Gal 4:16

        Please do not become angered, it is just that we do not know the animals purpose and we have alternatives to cruelty, more colourful and tastier alternatives that are sprung forth faster and with less impact on our Mother. Food does affect conciousness and look at the world, its condition and the mentality of the masses.

      • “”Death and life are sides of the same coin. Life costs death here. It is an intricate circulation of life force, like the circulation of water, or any other matter, for that matter.””

        This is true also, but trees do not eat the animals while the animal is alive and in animal format. They must decay and the tree is taking these animals into its being in a way that is true to form. I eat animals but they have gone through the process of death and have been reborn into a source that brings health to the body and peace to the mind … fruits and veges baby :)

      • Genesis 1:11 “And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.”
        Genesis 1:29 “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb-bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.”
        Genesis 3:18 “… thou shalt eat the herb of the field.”
        Psalms 104:14 “He causeth the grass to grow for the cattle, and herb for the service of man.”
        Proverbs 15:17 “Better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stalled ox and hatred therewith.”[24]
        Revelation 22:2 ” the river of life proceeded to flow from the throne of God, and on either side of the bank there was the tree of life, and the leaf from that tree is for the healing of the nations”

      • The leopard has a duty, according to its placement as does all the other examples you mentioned. According to form. Form fits function, obviously. To digress is to function outside of form and this has consequences. Unloving ones not true to the placement.

        If the aliens are going to zap up anyone and everyone then what was the point of the many rebirths of the Masters and the sacrifices they made to grow in awareness and spirit, when we can all just devour whatever suits our tastebuds without regard to the consequences and we wil be recieved with love and put in a higher placement?? What is the point of being here if not to learn and be accountable for OUR actions?

      • God bless you Stan,
        Instead of just takeing specific verses from the Bible that seem to support your views, maybe you should read the entire text (chapter/ book) inorder to gain the entirety of what was really being said. A lot of the legalized views of food and what is considered edible in the old testament where either changed or resolved after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Amongst believers ofcourse, but true. We have been created in the image of God. The Lord gave us dominion over the animals. Thus meaning We can Eat them if we want to..

      • I apologize for the abrupt way my communications have been delivered, I am still learning and I must be more humble…..yet:
        It [the eating of dead animal flesh] can be justified anyway we like, as we do, with references to books written and translated and rewritten by men, or by the heart that is inside of us. It was my assumption [probably in err] that most are readers of the Bible, hence the quotes. It is not even a case of obedience or understanding of the spiritual scriptures, its the effect you receive from the cause, hence the teachings. The liberation from the knife and fire, is of value to the mind, emotions and body. It was not my view [that I was conscious of at the time]. I seen the merit in the views of others and I would not like to be killed and eaten, especially when there is alternative foods that suit the disposition of compassion and love more so than killing. In the past I have been needlessly cruel to our plant and animal friends for no purpose other than ignorance and the seeming regard of cruel associates so I guess I am driven by motives of atonement. Killing offends my senses. All of them. Now that I am maturing and thinking for myself, no more. Dieting on dead animals is acidic in nature anyway, alkalize or die. Legalized …. strange that you use that word.
        Thank you for your blessing, though there are more deserving than me that need it.
        I have read the summations of the gospels from G.B Shaw, J. Krishnamurti and others more intellectually and spiritually suited to the task and able to grasp that it is the message, not bickering over the messengers, that matters.
        Each to there own. Investigate the clinical successes in healing of Dr. Robert Morse with a raw frugivorous diet. Fixing those mostly on a diet of animal products has been his work for 40 years. And fix them he does

  3. I must say that I too, am shocked and dismayed at Hatonn’s fear mongering. There is much much more to the story of human sexuality then plain reproduction and family values. A more apt description would be the loss of humanity in giving our bodies without forethought and loving kindness. The ascended masters advise that there is no dark and light, that we must integrate these qualities within and those that cause fear are seeking to keep them separate by manipulating people into believing that this world’s evil is outside of themselves when in fact they are an outward manifestation of their own inner darkness.
    I don’t believe you, Dieter, or Hatonn would want to cause fear amongst us lightworker types but some things are translated differently in our own heads when we hear words like murder and killing in relation to sexuality. I understand what is being said but as they say the message is in the medium.
    Take care.

    • Kelly….by your own logic, if you are shocked and dismayed, isn’t this your own inner reaction?…..by your own logic, isn’t Hatonn’s “fear mongering”…in fact your own inner darkness?

      As we learn the truth, it does at times feel like somebody is saying “boo!”….I wonder who that somebody is?


  4. Oh definitely you are right, Dieter. I am not going to throw stones when my heart has been corrupted by media and society, I am still on the journey. It is humanities cross to bear that we can be appalled at our members behaviour and yet fail to free that darkness within. But I am learning even if it feels two steps forward and one step back. I was just trying to remind us all of the power of words and how they trigger alot of deep reactions from people. No offense was meant, I appreciate all that you are.

    • Thanks Kelly….Hatonn is only doing what we should be doing for ourselves….which is, to each other to be conscious of the world we have created for ourselves and the Universe…..we are All One….Dieter

  5. I already posted my shock at the raw, ignorant, hateful anti-semitic rubbish Hatonn wrote above.

    I also pointed out the simple truth that Christianity has been responsible, more than any other religion in the past 2000 years, for the senseless death of human beings.

    Christianity was the cause behind Europe’s invasion of the East (remember the Crusades?), the invasion of China (the Opium Wars to allow Christianity into China), Christianity was behind the bringing of the slaves from Africa (remember the “civilizing” movement). Christianity was behind the voyages to the “New World” (America) and the subsequent genocide of American Indians (in the name of the British crown and expansion of the Christian empire).

    Yet you removed my facts and left the hateful anti-semitic garbage.

    That says quite a lot about you. I guess its easier for simple minds to just blame Jews.

    I challenge anyone to a reasonable debate to find any religion in the world more guilty of human misery than Christianity.

    Don’t worry, I know you’ll simply erase this post. That’s all you can do when you have run out of excuses and scapegoats. Oh, the Jews did it! (HA!)

      • sorry about your loss…just wanted to thank you for your comments, they were really encouraging and it lets me know that there is still hope for people…

      • Thank you…..together we are taking back this planet with our power in collaboration with God…..time to celebrate! Dieter

    • haha.. i love the jews..and i hate they way the suffered but Christians werent responsible for the killing of the jews..if i remember correctly, it was the germans who killed millions of jews in the genocide…and every time i remember how the indian- americans were killed, it hurts me..christianity is a religion of peace..and the basis of christianity is the belief in Jesus Christ..its all about Jesus..you cant use the actions of those wicked people who claimed to be Christians as a judging criterion..You should use the life of Jesus..i see any other thing as a pervesion and a lie…the Bible talks alot about the Jews but they rejected Jesus and they are still looking for ways to get to God when Jesus is the only way..

      • Hitler had the backing of the Pope. So, Christendom had a significant part in extermination of Jews during WWII Germany and before. Remember the pogroms? A papal bull from the 1400’s announced that the lands across the Atlantic populated by the ‘sons of Ham were up for grabs and encouraged those who had the resources to go and subdue those lands for Christendom. Which brings up another point-the migrants who crossed over the Bering Straits were not the descendants of Ham. Ham was black, that is Negroid, not Mongoloid. Now we are ‘educated’ (edited-dictation) to believe that blacks were brought to the new world and were not already indigenous to North America. Black people populated the planet before plate tectonics (Gen. 10:25)

    • some one who uses anti semitic accusation is ignorant or part of it,most jews aint even semitic.Jews have a lot to answer because of the talmud. Some say that most jews are not even aware of the talmud. I would say that if so then they are idiots. having a major book the rabbis allways debate about and having the many rules jews go by it isodd they would not be aware of their holy rule books. What is containmed in the talmud is enough to convict them in the high heavans of going against all humanity,Most jews are silent on this and,it wasnt even translated truly until the 1930’s.Many people dont even reralizer soem are jerws as they bury it and name change, lyndon johnson had staright jewish lineage from family in texas(that could expalin his actions in the ship Liberty massacre.Granted not all jews are of such caliber but too many are silent and reap the benefits of their deviousness to put it mildly.any one with a intres in history of jews and cares enough to look into it will find them under every slimy rock in recent history,try bernard baruch for starters,

  6. Also…Sorry about the parts of my post that were “personal.” You obviously had more important things to think about and I judged you too quickly. That was wrong.

  7. I am always open to checking new things out. Will do.

    Most cultures in the world (Jews included) believe there is something more after this life has passed. I hope you may take consolation in the idea that your mother is in a new realm and looking at you with pride in your efforts.

  8. hi all,

    Just wondered if anyone knows anything about why the Galactic Round Table was taken offline? I guess beth finaly packed it in.. .. I have a good friend in there, and I think she may be here as Kelly Solanas.. Kelly if you are here, I love to hear from you.. greetings to everyone here also.. and hope all are well.

    • Hi Paul if you like you can add me as a friend on facebook though I do warn you I am rarely on it these days and haven’t come out yet as a lightworker :) ha ha no Spaceboy comments on my pics if you please lol.

      • Hi Kelly, thank God you exist :o) ..I’m so happy to see you here :o) .. and thank you for the facebook invite, y’know, i’m gonna join face book this week, I know, its terrible (never been on facebook) .. I guess I’ve got a load of catching up to do .. but i’ll get around to it this week and get my page going in there :o) ..y’know, I cant seem to get the hang of the law of attraction at all, because no matter how much I visualise, I seem to be attracting diddley squat.. I heard the expression ”ask and you shall recieve”.. well, I’ve been asking.. but so far all I’ve recieved is rain, gray skys and a sore arse from tring to get into the lotus position,it makes my arse really boney especially when I stand up, so from now on, I’m only going to meditate standing up.. and I wouldn’t recommend the lotus position after you’ve eaten a curry in an aromatherapy workshop, I made that fatal error last weekend in a group meditation.. but its all healed now haha .. they even blessed the room afterwards hahaha

        Hope all is well for you and see you in facebook (and here)..
        love onwards..
        your brother and true friend,
        Pan :o)

      • Hi Kelly.. I left a message for you here earlier today.. but its dissapeared??? surely..it wasn’t deleted from this website?? ..you can reach me at psykomm@hotmail.com anytime… see you on facebook soon aswell dear..
        love.. as always,
        Pan :o)

      • oh silly me.. there it is.. I didnt even see my own message because I didnt scroll down the page enough.. typical, I’m the kind of person who walks into glass doors thinking there is nothing there.. I can be as daft as a brush, anyway.. heres to UFOs any moment now… ( pffff.. yeah.. and my granny is in a gang)

  9. Oh my gosh it’s so nice to see you here! You will enjoy it Paul, can I call you Pan? That one was my favorite lol. Yes I think Beth has changed the format to invitation only; it’s still off line I got a brief page that said invitation only membership before it froze. I’m going to miss a few people there but I don’t think I’ll be returning…it’s not the same without people like yourself shaking things up and has taken an angry turn of late…
    You should check out the archives here, Dieter has had some great articles, I found this site looking for info on the photon belt but was drawn in by the music and wisdom. You’ll find that Drekx Omega is a wonderful contributor to this site but does not follow the Ashtar phenomena as we know on GRT, you can decide for yourself how you feel about what you learn here. I look forward to hearing more of your wit with more room to play :) Take care, ever in the light, my friend. :)

  10. For a number of years I’ve had a feeling that Oprah did not respect black men. On one of her shows her they had a segment where wives wanted to give their husbands a wardrobe makeover. They had a black couple on there. And Oprah ripped into the guy everytime he tried to defend his wardrobe choices. Oprah made disparaging comments to him and about him to the audience. It was an eye opener for me, but it was subtle enough that there was no big reaction as fallout later on nor did the couple react. It was odd. I felt like it was only me that witnessed the underlying sentiment to Oprah’s comments to a guest on her show and to a member her own race who just happened to be a male.
    Also I saw Elton John being interviewed a few months after he had been knighted (at Her Satanic Majesties request) and he got off subject to get on a soapbox to talk bad about Pres. Mugabe of Zimbabwe. and how badly he was treating the white farmers who chose to remain in Zimbabwe. Mugabe pales in comparison to the genocidal atrocities perpetrated by John Rhodes (Zimbabwe was changed to Rhodesia and now back again to Zimbabwe) in Zimbabwe and by Leopold of Belgium in the Congo, etc. Elton was calling for U.N. intervention, boycotts, etc. He was obviously being a spokesperson for illuminati interests. The Illuminists think that by knighting pop figures, thereby co-opting them into their services, that these already accepted media figures can better spew out a poison that is more palatable to the blind masses. I mean, come on now…Paul McCartney (they knighted the double for his service), Mick Jagger (didn’t the Rolling Stones put a 1960’s album called, At Her Satanic Majesties Request and now Mick Jagger is being knighted?)and who knows what else! They were obviously in collusion from the start. Thank you for this website, it puts so many things into perspective!

  11. why do you keep saying you know what god is and what god wants. and why are you giving this god so-called human qualities. pathetic. people are so bloody sure of themselves when they proclaim they got some “god” behind them making everyone else wrong if they don’t beleieve what they do. i’m right, and you’re wrong, i believe and you don’t. fact is YOU DON’T BELIEVE IT, you just say you do and you are insane clinging to hatonn crap. doris was prejudice, homo’s were always the target of any divisions. it happens in nature, also in humans, how is that un-natural. dorris can go jump in a lake. i hope EJ gets his.

    • additional: once again dorris had grouped “homosexuality” into a GENERAL GROUP. Which is like saying all blacks are the same. Or that any “group” is all the same. Incorrect. Not all hetero’s are the SAME. No. We are full aware of the homosexual promotions through media and child tv shows (spongebob etc) and that whole agenda to do with Eugenics and whatnot. I think there needs to be clarity in what is genuine and what is propogated through not very well meaning agencies. I don’t care the sexuality, or the color, the race, etc… what are the MOTIVES of the individual?

      i’m done. i will not end this with “bless you all and love and light” and all of that as THOSE WORDS HAVE BEEN WELL POURED OVER ANYTHING LIKE GRAVEY. so farewell will suffice.

    • You have one snapshot of the world at one time, what is true today wasn’t true under OTHER conditions.

      If the planet was cleaned up of toxins, all behaviours are affected and become more in tune with God.


      • how to clean this all up though? i HAVE heard through grapevines this is entirely possible, through a number of ways, some even practically literally overnight. But with this covert aerosol chemtrail agenda in full effect, at this point, it seems highly unlikely. Who knows what’s goin’ on with the COMMAND (if it even exists) when it comes to intervention and interference with nuclear “mishaps” (but they were deliberate). Seems only a LARGE SCALE FULL SHUTDOWN OF THE PLANETARY AND SOLAR SYSTEMS HARMFUL ELECTROMAGNETIC GRIDS WILL DO. So be it… shut it all down… let ALL electronics go into failure… that includes A.I. “dust”…

  12. I have to agree with the other comments here about these Hatton stories..They all seem very Emotionally charged & full of blame (oddly).
    I just read an old one from 1992 saying Saddam Hussein had Nuclear weapons !!!
    Total Bunk – Don’t we know it NOW…

  13. That wont happen because the leaders of zeonist are being used by America.America has its own mission to turn away people from GOD and to prepare the way for antichrist.Mybe Oprah is used by America one way or the other.

  14. This is true, and all who don’t believe are nothing but victims, who have been brainwashed and deceived into the NWO. Here’s the deal. Sin is what keeps you from God. God is Holy and we are filthy sinners, God’s word says we drink iniquity as if it was water. We run away from God, seek our own pleasure, and are an ENEMY of God. God been the Holy God He is, can NOT let ANY sin go unpunished or else He would be a corrupt God. You have broken His ten commandments and more. Answer the following honestly to yourself, have you ever told a lie? Yes ? So your a liar. God gives clear indication that liars go to hell.
    Ever said the “omg” word or used God’s name to express anger or shock? He granted you life and you used His Holy name in vain.
    Ever taken something which does not belong to you? Have you ever had premarital sex? Have you looked at a woman/man with lust? Yes? According to Christ, you are then an adulterer at heart. Ever been so angry at someone that you had thoughts of hatred for them? That makes you a MURDERER in heart. A liar, a thief, a blasphemer, an adulterer, and a murderer in heart, you lust, you covet worldly objects. All these things are worthy of hell. Jesus said “But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man. 19 For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies: 20 These are the things which defile a man” (Matthew 15 v 18-20).
    All these worthy of hell where the worm NEVER dies, a place of darkness, of weeping and gnashing of teeth, a place where the fires burn the sinners soul for all eternity where the sinner is bound in everlasting chains of torment.

    We are enemies of a most high loving God, it’s not God that has forsaken us, it’s us who has forsaken a Holy God. The bible says our hearts are desperately WICKED. Face it, you assume yourself to be a good, person, but been in the presence of a Holy God, you have shattered His moral laws and thus God HAS NO choice but to punish you. The bible says, he will NOT let sin go unpunished. Solution? Is Christ, who is God, God’s Son who was with Him from the very beginning. God said “This is my beloved Son in whom I am WELL PLEASED”. God had to pour all His wrath upon Him, and crush Christ for sinners like us. Moreover Christ did on WILLINGLY for sinners. He is now raised and at the right hand of God, and has a set day where He will judge the earth in righteousness. The bible says the world stands guilty before God.

    So we deserve NOTHING but condemnation. We are self seeking monsters, who are an enemy of God, and the only thing which can reunite us back to a Holy God, is the death of His own Son, who the world HATES, and can not receive unless God pours His GRACE upon us, takes out our STONY heart & gives us a heart of FLESH, and that requires the inner working of the Holy Spirit. God owes you nothing friend, NOTHING. By right we should ALL condemned to hell. But God has chosen a people for Himself in His everlasting mercy, if you are one of them HEAR His call, repent, and hearken to His voice. The bible says “let the wicked forsake His way, and the evil man His thoughts, and let Him return unto the Lord”.
    Future obedience can not make up for past transgression, we have broken the law already, the horse has bolted, but Christ’s blood can wash you clean and make you a NEW creation in Christ. Let old self seeking person go, the one who seeks mans praise, the prideful, sinful self, and take heed to Christ’s call, calling you home. REPENT THE KINGDOM IS AT HAND.

    If however you reject this Jesus, be ASSURED the fires of hell lay in wait, ready to engulf your soul and there remains then no more forgiveness of your sins, but only the fierce & righteous anger of God. A place from which you will NEVER escape, but a place of torment and darkness where the coal shall never be put out but burn against your souls FOREVER and EVER and EVER , and EVER and EVER, because you have broken God’s Holy moral laws (God’s word is clear on this matter, God has declared this). Thus you NEED Jesus as in Him the punishment is already taken for you, that means you must forsake all your old sinful ways, turn 180 degrees to Christ and place your faith and trust in HIM and live for Him, been washed by His blood and been made a new creation through the Holy Spirit. Remember EVERY tongue will confess, and knee WILL bow that Jesus Christ is Lord as God has promised in His word. If you are one of His lost sheep take heed to your shepherds call today, Jesus said that He came to seek and save that which was lost, God’s chosen people in Christ. Are you one of them? If you are his sheep then you will stop and take heed to his call. Therefore REPENT and BELIEVE while it’s still the day of mercy for the day when mercy will be cut off is near, judgment upon us, knocking at the door.

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